Landmark finder app

When you happen to be in a new city and don’t know which place to visit, you may ask strangers about that. But it’s hard to approach new people. It would be way easier to download a mobile app for finding landmarks nearby 🏯Check out how we designed such an app. 

1️⃣ st screen — homepage. Here the users can search the landmarks in the city, check the categories, and see the top picks based on users’ reviews 🔝

2️⃣ nd screen — a museum page. When you click on a museum page, you need to see the most important info:
📸 photo
🏛 address
⭐️ reviews
🚶🏼 distance
🌧 weather

⚪️ 🔵 We used a minimalistic style to not distract users from the content. The accent color is bright blue. The truth and intellectuality are the main associations that ancient sages had with these colors. Fits well for travelers looking to discover new cultures.

P.S. If you want to gain insight into UI/UX design trends, check out our article. 

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