Online Library App

Hi! Check the new shot — Online Library app! This is a library where the user can read books, listen to audiobooks and podcasts 📚

The first screen is the main page of the app. The largest block in the app — the book area, where the user can pick a book. There are also book recommendation system in case users won’t know what to read 📕

On the right — the short description of the selected book, also there is a side menu with user’s account and navigation ↘️

The main colors — white and deep blue, we picked these neutral ones to not distract users from the content ⚪️ 🔵

The accent color is blue. Blue is usually associated with peace, clarity, and spirituality, and higher self, which matches well with the app concept 👀

There is a recommendation system — users can always find something interesting. Navigation by content types (books/audiobooks/podcasts) is in the header, the rest of the functionality is hidden in the side menu 📓

P.S. If you want to gain insight into UI/UX design trends, check out our article!

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