Sleep App

Hey! If you have problems with your sleep, our new shot is waiting for you💤

It’s a service with game elements that helps people with sleep problems to get professional help of doctors🌀

The main screen shows analysis of user’s sleep and upcoming doctor’s appointments🩺 

Also, there is a profile and user’s level. In the profile, users can see the number of coins and all their achievements💰

On the main screen, users can push the button when they fall asleep and the service will analyze their sleep🛏

💙💜Light shades of blue and purple help to relax before users fall asleep

Users get achievements when they make an appointment with a doctor — for example, a hand-shaped pillow or even a cube-shaped pillow.🥱

In this service, there is a domestic currency and the user can get a discount on doctor consultation👨‍⚕️

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