SMM Planner

Hey-hey! Wanna see our recent shot? It’s a web app for SMM guys who manage social media accounts. With this app, they can plan future posts and view statistics 👀

What’s on the shot?

On the left, user can switch between menu sections, on the top — between accounts (for example, TikTok or Instagram) Also, there is a calendar that allows users to see all the posts and plan new ones 📆

Above the calendar, there are info cards and an ‘edit’ block where users can change the image, description, time, and data 👩🏼‍💻

The shot shows the dark theme of the app. The accent color is purple, which helps to focus on the main thing, evokes inspiration, and associated with creativity 💜

In this app, all accounts are at hand. The user can select the one in the top panel and see everything they need 😎

P.S. We prepared a checklist of 11 best UX practices for your startup, check it out!

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