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  • Lytic Health

    Healthcare System

    Web and mobile apps for patients and doctors to automatically determine preliminary diagnosis and schedule the appointments.

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  • Eye Buy


    App that allows businesses to sell goods through online streaming and attract popular stars, bloggers, or influencers to the streams.

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  • PetBuddy

    Pet App Development

    Petbuddy is an app that lets users make pet’s records, calculate the amount of food, search for a vet nearby. If you need MVP development services, get in touch!

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  • PAD

    Real Estate App

    Mobile app that allows users — whether they need a flatmate or a room — to find what they want. It matches tenants and landlords based on the geolocation and personal preferences.

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  • No Tab


    System of apps that minimizes personal contact, helps to manage money flows and eliminates queues at a bar counter.

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  • Healthcare System
  • Live-Stream-Shopping App
  • Pet App Development
  • Real Estate App
  • Independent Ecosystem For Nightclubs


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