From household budget monitoring and wallets, to banking apps, ERP systems and trading platforms — we develop fintech apps that bring convenience
and transparency to financial systems
of any scale.

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Fintech App & Software
Development Services

Broker app

Create a place with us where your clients can freely trade and make their income. Whether you make a platform aimed at industry professionals or amateurs, they will appreciate a clear and intuitive UI/UX design with a handful of must-have features: real-time quotes, updates of market indicators, and payment systems integrations

Banking app

With the digitalization trend blooming everywhere, the banking services cannot stand aside. Making an app with us, you can offer your clients quick transactions, assets monitoring, and easy access to your bank products like card statements or issue of new cards. Add friendly interface design, and your clients will become loyal to your brand.

Wallet app

Although called wallets, these apps are more of personal financial assistants. They help to monitor assets and control one's spending. The users enjoy how wallet apps help categorize their finances, set goals, and achieve them. With a thought-through user experience design, we'll make a wallet app that your clients open every day.

Cryptocurrency exchange app

The crypto investment and trading is on the rise and keeps attracting more audience. And the apps are in demand, too. The must-have features here are real-time updates, exchange integrations, and secure verification. Combined with high performance and intuitive UI/UX, the product we help you create will win your clients' attention.

Custom financial app

If your business needs something innovative that does not fit into any of the existing app types, we are here to assist. Combining our FinTech expertise with your creative ideas will bring value to the end user and profit to your business.

Wealth management app

Today, most people manage their financial assets by using their smartphones, which explains the increased demand for fintech apps. Wealth management platforms are a type of investment app, often aimed at high-profile clients with a sizable net worth. We can develop your wealth management app, and integrate it with useful features such as smart investment advice and budgeting tools

P2P mobile payment app

Mobile platforms for fast P2P transactions are on the rise, with platforms such as Revolut and Wise expanding their reach every year. These apps prioritize user-friendly design, making them accessible and easy to use. We have the expertise to build an engaging P2P mobile payment app with an eye-catching design

Crowdfunding platform

Considering the massive success of platforms like Kickstarter and Patreon, creating a crowdfunding platform can be highly lucrative. By taking advantage of our fintech software development services, you’ll be able to launch a user-friendly crowdfunding app that will attract a diverse audience

Regulatory compliance platform

Navigating the complexities of business laws and regulations can be challenging. That’s why regulatory compliance platforms are getting increasingly popular. These apps are used by businesses to ensure compliance with government standards. By employing our fintech app development services, you can build a user-friendly and cost-effective compliance management platform in no time

Main features

Credit calculator

This feature is useful for insurance and loan apps. It can be used to calculate the final loan amount based on the interest rate, credit score, and other key factors

Push notifications

Today, almost every app uses this feature, but it’s absolutely essential for fintech apps. Push notifications will update customers on the status of their bank accounts and provide other important info, right when something has happened

Investment portfolio optimization

By implementing this feature, you’ll allow users to maximize their investment returns through portfolio diversification and rebalancing. This will give your platform long-term credibility and increase customer trust

View quotes in real time

Used by every prominent investment and trading platform. This feature allows users to get the most accurate information on current stock prices in real time

Conversion and currency exchange

An essential feature for any currency exchange platform, including crypto-trading platforms. It automatically calculates currency rates during the exchange, saving your users time and money

Dashboard with tools and statistics

Every fintech app will benefit from this feature — after all, statistics are essential when it comes to finances. A comprehensive dashboard will display every important metric in one place, improving the user experience

Calculation of ROI, ROR, and other metrics

This feature is invaluable to any professional investor. It provides them with all the relevant performance metrics, allowing them to increase their investment profits

Replenishment and withdrawal from the account

This feature is important to get right — it’s essential for any type of payment or banking platform. To be useful, a fintech app must allow users to deposit and withdraw funds

Accounting of income and expenses

A must-have feature for any expense tracking and budgeting app. It will allow your users to assess their spending habits at a glance and align them with their budget

Generation and export of reports, references, etc

Most banking apps have this feature, as it’s usually required for accounting purposes. The ability to create instant statements and reports will allow your fintech app to stay competitive

of Developing Finance App
with Us
Industry expertise
The crypto investment and trading is on the rise and keeps attracting more audience. And the apps are in demand, too. The must-have features here are real-time updates, exchange integrations, and secure verification. Combined with high performance and intuitive UI/UX, the product we help you create will win your clients' attention.
Full-cycle development
Our team takes your idea and turns it into a digital product. At our agency, we have business analysts, UI/UX designers, mobile and web developers, QA engineers, and project managers — every professional needed to launch the product.
Flexible approach
Purrweb works by two-week sprints, which allows our clients to change the development plan and set new priorities when needed. We're open to new ideas and will help you validate them instead of sticking to a rigid SRS.
Transparent communication
Our clients always know what we're doing. Working with us, you will get weekly reports, product demos biweekly, and access to the design and development environments.
MVP development
We have helped over 200 startups test their business ideas and launch minimum viable products. With 3 months and $40 000, you can get a working product that users will try and share their feedback helping you to improve your idea.


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We are proud of the fintech projects that we’ve developed.
Here are some of them:

  • Crypto Wallet

    Crypto wallet

    A “cold” crypto wallet with no backend

    Completely safe and anonymous to fully embody the inherent advantages of cryptocurrency. We took best practices in design while working in tandem with the client's designer and successfully integrated a tapestry of API’s for different functions

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  • Broex


    A cross-platform mobile app of a user-friendly crypto wallet

    We created a cross-platform app for the existing backend. Thought-through UI/UX design allows crypto-newbies to explore the field without fear. Working with a finished backend is challenging, but we optimized the performance and solved heating issues

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  • Fintarget


    A platform for brokers and investors

    With this platform, ordinary users can study investment strategies in detail, choose the one they like, transfer money to a trust manager and start getting passive income. For this project, we designed the key pages: e.g. the customer profiles and the FAQ

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  • Kaiju Labs

    Kaiju Labs

    A platform for developing games based on the Web3 technology

    We designed the visual style for the platform — this includes their crypto wallet, brand logo, and games. The results were impressive: since then, Kaiju Labs has gained investor support and attracted a significant audience

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The industry-leading tech we use to create financial apps


Creating decentralized platforms is one of the leading trends in the financial industry. As a fintech app development company, we have a lot of experience in building blockchain-based solutions focused on financial transparency and security. Blockchain services can be used by everyone, regardless of location, so they have the potential to reach a wide audience

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is often used to develop automated features for fintech apps, such as real-time chatbots and smart security mechanisms. By hiring our fintech software development services, you’ll get a cutting-edge financial app with AI and machine learning functionality

Cloud technology

Many prominent fintech apps utilize cloud computing to improve the user experience and increase their scalability potential. As a fintech app development company, we use the AWS cloud platform for building reliable cloud-based applications for all platforms


Fintech apps can greatly benefit from IoT technology. It allows developers to implement PoS terminal support and integrate biometric functionality into fintech platforms. By employing our fintech app development services, you'll be able to leverage cutting-edge IoT features to attract new audiences

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Modern financial platforms rely on automated features to provide clients with the most cutting-edge user experience. RPA will allow your app to quickly process payments, verify financial documentation, and identify fraudulent activity. Our fintech development services include integrating RPA features to create intelligent financial platforms


When it comes to integrating advanced tech into your financial platform, it’s worth looking at VR and AR. You can use these technologies to improve the UX of your app, for example, by developing AR data visualization features. As part of our fintech app development services, we can implement VR and AR on your platform to better engage your audience

How we develop fintech apps

Getting started on a project

When we start working on a project, our first step is to collect all the relevant info about your business. After you’ve gotten in touch with us, our project manager will invite you to an online meeting. They will ask about the goals of your business to get a full picture of the vision behind your project. Once the meeting is finished, they will contact you within a day and propose a project budget and timeline

Planning out the project

The project manager will plan out the design and development phases using the Agile approach. They will schedule two-week sprints to develop every feature. Then, based on the needs of your project, they will put together a team with experience in building apps for the financial industry

UX design

After the planning phase is done, it’s time to begin researching your main competitors. We’ll look at the strong and weak points of their products and make a list of dos and don'ts. Market research allows us to learn from your competitors' mistakes, which will ensure the success of your fintech app

Next, we’ll create wireframes — black-and-white screens showing all the key features. They represent a visual layout of your app's navigational structure. We use Figma for building wireframes — it allows for real-time collaboration, so you can offer edits and suggestions right in the file

UI design

After settling on a UX approach, our design team will begin working on the first UI drafts. We’ll make 3 fully finished UI screens, so you could provide us with some feedback. If you’d like to propose any changes to the UI design, this will be the perfect time to do it

After we’ve gotten your feedback, we’ll prepare a UI kit. This is a file containing every design element that will be used in your fintech app. Programmers and other team members will refer to it during development — this will make their jobs a lot easier

App development

By using the Agile framework, we can speed up development. We split up the project into flexible iterations. This allows our developers to introduce or remove features throughout the development process

This approach is perfect for fintech startups. It enables them to improve their app’s functionality by experimenting with new features on the fly

We’ll share with you a prototype of a specific feature at the end of each development sprint. This will allow you to test the app yourself

QA testing

To make sure your fintech app works correctly, we conduct QA testing alongside the development phase. Our experts will find and fix bugs to ensure your app is working flawlessly on release


We’ll publish your fintech app on any prominent store, including the App Store and Google Play Market. Check out the video-reviews from our client, we have a track record of launching applications on time — yours will be no different

Support and maintenance

Fintech app development doesn't end with its release. Every app needs to be updated and maintained — this will ensure its long-term success

Our tech stack for developing fintech apps

Our technology stack allows us to build cutting-edge fintech solutions quickly. We keep our tech stack lean to speed up development. Our development team knows every element inside out, allowing us to launch MVPs in record time

  • JavaScript

    Our main tool for building fintech solutions, JavaScript, allows us to quickly test and implement ready-made features. It’s used for both front-end and back-end development, making it highly versatile

  • AWS

    An essential cloud-based technology with data encryption functionality. Financial apps store all kinds of sensitive info, and protecting it is our top priority. AWS has a built-in key management service (KMS) that we use for improving the security of fintech apps

  • Node.js

    A solid back-end framework based on JavaScript. It enables our development team to build reliable fintech apps that can handle massive amounts of user traffic

Our models of cooperation

We offer a variety of fintech app development services tailored to each individual project. Whether you prefer to control every aspect of development yourself or entrust everything to us, we’ll adapt to your needs


The T&M (Time & Material) model will give you access to our team of financial app developers. This model is flexible and allows new features to be added during the development process. This can be especially useful for a fintech startup, making it possible to implement new features on the fly. When the project is completed, you'll only pay for the hours spent developing the app — this will help you avoid unnecessary costs


By outsourcing app development to us, you’ll get a fintech MVP in the shortest possible time without having to hire any staff. To ensure your app’s success, we’ll assemble a team of professionals with expertise in your specific field. You’ll receive updates from us throughout the entire development process. This way, your project will meet all the necessary deadlines, and the app release will go smoothly


Through outstaffing, you can hire skilled developers to expand your tech stack. We have access to 200 IT experts ready to take on a project of any size. That includes Flutter and PHP developers, as well as UI/UX designers and project managers. We’ll carefully assess the requirements of your project and select the right professionals for the job. Our experts will work under your supervision, seamlessly fitting into any ongoing project


  • How to ensure secure authentication of app users?

    Passwords are still the main method of user authentication, and therefore the primary target of cybercriminals. It’s better if you will provide multi-factor authentication in your startup to avoid a security threat. You can combine the login-password system with multi-factor authentication in your future app.

  • Which types of financial apps can you develop?

    We can develop payment services, investment and banking apps, and different types of wallet apps. We help fintech startups bring their ideas to life.