Mobile App Development

We develop beautiful IOS and Android mobile apps with UX as a primary focus.

Efficient solution that fits any domain

We develop mobile apps for startups by launching products within 3 months and budget constraints. We leverage existing API and bring mobile presence to already functioning web applications

Full-cycle iOS and Android app development

Purrweb is a team of full-cycle development that builds mobile apps from scratch: we lead your project from the idea to release
in the App store and Google Play.

  • iOS app development — mobile
    applications with great performance
    for all Apple

  • Android app development — advanced mobile applications optimized for any Android device

Custom iOS
and Android

We are ready to help both business owners and startup entrepreneurs. By building mobile solutions that back the brand identity and meet market needs, we encourage business expansion and MVP success.

  • How to build an app like Tinder

    Dating apps serve to connect people with certain interests — be it romance, casual sex, or friendship. The core functionality includes push-notifications, APIs, and match-algorithm.

    2 532 hours 5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to create a meditation app like Headspace

    Meditation apps have become a must-have to download on smartphones. People tend to allocate more and more time for this ‘breathe in, breathe out’. Be ready to create a player, set a meditation library, and add payment options.

    2 353 hours 5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to build an on-demand delivery app

    Food delivery services are mediators between a hungry customer and a restaurant. To release such an app, you’ll need to implement food catalogs, APIs, chat with push-notifications, and payment options.

    2 455 hours 6.5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to build a stock trading app

    A stock trading app is a user-end platform where stocks are being bought and sold. Onboarding, personal account, dashboards, trading functionality… Read our guide to find out details!

    2317 hours 6 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to create a messaging app like Telegram

    Social contacts and established communication are super important attributes of our lives. With the help of chats, you can keep in touch with family, friends, find out the latest news, or make an appointment with a doctor. We have prepared a checklist of features from must-have to nice-to-have for your messenger — check it out!

    4 600 hours 10 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to Develop a Peer-to-Peer Payment App

    No one wants to waste their time on making financial transactions. These are the things you want to do in 2 clicks — no matter if it’s about chipping in a gift for a colleague, paying a bill at a bar, or transferring money for work, it is easier to do through a single app. The guide to the world of financial apps, their monetization strategies, and key features is here!

    3 000 hours 8 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to develop a social media app

    A social media app is a platform where users can communicate, create photos and videos, and share them. The most important features for such an app are profiles, chat, content creation functionality, push notifications — check the article for more

    5 200 hours 10 months
  • How to develop a marketplace like Airbnb

    A marketplace is a platform where users can trade goods and services. Let’s see how to develop a marketplace on the example of Airbnb: search, wishlists, chat, payments, notifications — read further in our guide

    2 800 hours 7 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to develop an app like Clubhouse

    The Clubhouse is a social media app where users can find different discussions with experts, celebrities, and general people. Why Clubhouse is so popular? Let’s dig into the key features of the app: audio, invitations, push notifications, search.

    1 900 hours 5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to start a streaming service: Purrweb guide

    A video streaming service is a platform that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and game streams in real-time. To develop such an app, you need a cloud storage, recommender systems, and a payment system — read our guide for more!

    3 500 hours 10 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration

How much will a mobile app

Choose the features of your mobile app and receive the project cost estimation. Right here, right now.

calculate now

Please, note that the estimation is based on limited information. Therefore, it is possible the final cost will vary when our managers receive all information and discuss the project with you.

Estimated cost
  • core elements
  • Operating systems:
    Apple IOS, Google Android
  • Devices:
  • Design:
    Full brand design
  • Subtotal $30,000

Cases of purrweb

  • Saidali app screen Saidali app screen


    App that helps to find medicine available in pharmacies nearby, pay for them right from the app and get them delivered.

    view case
  • Wristband app screen Wristband app screen


    All in one system to host events. Includes several applications to be used specifically at open air events with big audience.

    view case
  • Health app screen Health app screen

    Lytic Health

    Web and mobile apps for patients and doctors to automatically determine preliminary diagnosis and schedule the appointments.

    view case
  • Talentum app screen Talentum app screen
    Talentum dialog screen Talentum dialog screen Talentum dialog screen


    Talentum is a food delivery app that allows to order custom meals from professional cooks to meet any taste and cuisine preferences.

    view case
  • Health app screen Health app screen

    FitForce App is a mobile application for health and fitness trainers that helps them to achieve their professional goals while delivering an engaging and rewarding customer experience to their clients.

    view case

What do we mean
by mobile app development?

  • Project examination

    True experts will never get to code right from the beginning — any app needs a coherent outline on how to move forward. In order to set objectives for the project management roadmap, we gather and analyze project requirements. This helps us get a clear understanding of future work and consider all potential goings-on.

  • Feature prioritization

    By putting aside all non-functional extras, we help a client get a better vision of a future product. Our managers use the MoSCoW method and plan a vital set of features. Thus, dispose of features users are not interested in and reduce the cost.

  • Mobile-focused UI/UX design

    We create wireframes and build low and high-fidelity prototypes screen by screen. If the client wants to get a universal interface — we’ll deal with it, if the client wants to have two custom versions for iOS and Android — it’s always possible to implement the specific elements of each operating system.

  • Qualified development

    According to Scrum, we split the development process into sprints — it allows us to present intermediate builds to a client, therefore keep them in the loop. We use TestFlight and Google Play beta releases, which makes it possible to test a product on real devices.

  • QA testing

    We use quality control and management system to deliver high-quality products. Combining manual testing and automated testing technologies (RSpec, Capybara), we cover a wide range of conditions and scenarios, so a client could be sure a product won’t have any flyings out of control.

  • Release and Maintenance

    We ensure mobile apps that we work on are accepted and published in the App Store and Google Play. To make sure all bugs are fixed and the product steadily works, we provide post-launch support and further scale-up if needed.


  • What is the pricing model?

    At Purrweb, we work based on the Time and Material pricing model.

    Our project managers carefully plan each sprint by setting up tasks and man-hours needed to finish a product. As soon as we receive an advance payment, we commence working on the product. Thanks to the Time and Material approach, it’s possible to supplement additional sprints if you want to scale up functionality or change the design.

  • How much does it cost
    to build a mobile app?

    You can use our calculator to get an approximate cost of your mobile app. If you want to get an exact evaluation for all features and UI/UX design, feel free to contact us. Our managers will establish a project scope, prepare a strategic outline, and deliver precise estimation.

  • How do you develop
    a startup MVP?

    If you need to validate your business hypothesis fast, we will deliver an MVP just in 3 months. We use the time to research a market, determine user needs, define development roadmap, and build a solution.

  • Do you use any specific
    to deliver a product?

    We use the Scrumban approach — a combination of the most popular Agile frameworks. It helps to deliver the product in time and be flexible if any changes appear down the road.

  • Can I get post-launch

    In order to keep your entire software running smoothly and efficiently, we can provide cohesive post-launch maintenance. Once your product is released, our project managers will reserve work hours of a developer from the original team. Depending on needs, it may be 20 or 40 hours per month. These hours will be spent on supervising the code, keeping up with further updates and requirements form Apple and Google, and fixing bugs that may pop up occasionally.

  • What is a custom
    mobile app?

    Custom app development is building a whole new app with unique functionality as well as UI/UX design from scratch.

  • What is a cross-platform
    mobile app?

    Cross-platform development is the creation of apps for both iOS and Android with a single code base. For this purpose, we mastered React Native development.

  • Can I ask Purrweb
    to deliver a cross-platform mobile app, if I have a working web app?

    Yes! If you already have a web app and API, we will connect to the existing database and develop a mobile app that will be synchronized with your web version.

  • Can I be sure there won’t
    be problems with releasing the product in the App Store and Google Play?

    The Purrweb team has considerable experience in publishing a product on the App Store and Google Play. Thanks to following the Apple and Google guidelines, we know how to get a product submitted fast and flawlessly.

  • Who is on the team?

    The team line-up may change depending on the needs of a product yet usually it consists of project manager, UI/UX designer, 2-3 developers, and QA specialist.

What our clients Tell about us

  • Video preview

    Thomas Walczak

    Head of Product at EventIgnite - Digital Signature Software

    7, November

    Purrweb team helped us reach and serve new customers all around the world.

    How we simplified life for event organizers
  • Video preview

    Lou Severine

    CEO at contentplace - Content marketplace

    18, February

    Purrweb was the perfect solution for us to build the utmost viable platform. The way they worked helped us in building and designing our platform — better than we could have ever expected. We recommend Purrweb 100% for any of your developing needs.

  • Video preview

    William Angel

    CTO at Personalised — wellness app design

    22, March

    Purrweb is one of the fastest agencies if not the fastest one that I’ve ever worked with. In terms of budget, the cost was very affordable — not too much more than you expect from a typical freelancer yet the quality level that you’re buying for that is definitely kind of top end. I'd love to mention that we originally planned to build MVP design but the design that we got is much more better — the guys from Purrweb weren’t just a yes-man, they were challenging some of our ideas with constructive feedback and the product we ended up with as a result is very high quality.

  • Video preview


    CEO at Fintech Startup

    4, February

    Purrweb helped me very much by designing our app. And the whole process from the beginning of the first contact to the delivery of the final designs was really satisfying so I can recommend work together with Purrweb. I'm really happy with them!

  • Video preview

    Niko Argeroplos

    CEO at - Site-builder

    15, March

    Working with Purrweb was an incredible experience from start to finish. They’ve always been responsive in no time, and the design skills of the team are evident: it’s really great quality work. I am happy with everything that we received from them. It was a pleasure working with Purrweb. Thank you!

  • Video preview

    Brian Stark

    CEO, Stark Systems - Fintech app

    10, September

    I’m absolutely satisfied with Purrweb services - they deliver excellent quality, and are customer-friendly

  • Video preview

    CEO of Gallivant INC

    Founder and CEO of Gallivant INC.

    6, July

    Purrweb really know what they are doing. So, throughout the process, these guys thought about what each part of the concept meant. They walked me through the mindmap and figured out how this project should work. And as we started building the product they guided me through it and gave the sense of confidence. When we did this, I said: 'Cool, that looks really good!' I recommend Purrweb to solo founders who don't have 100% design expertise. It is really important to invest time and money in design.

  • Video preview

    Weilin Meng

    Health Research App

    20, August

    My name is Weilin and I contracted Purrweb to do a health data application. My experience has been wonderful. Purrweb’s entire team has been easy to talk to, really fast response time. They take the time to understand your project, they suggest ideas as well, and help you to think about things that you really haven’t thought about. They create a price point as well. So I will highly recommend Purrweb.

  • Video preview

    Chen Shi

    General manager of Shaoke Logistics

    11, August

    Hello, this is the general manager of Shaoke Logistics, we are focusing on last mile delivery. Purrweb designed a pretty good logo for us, we also asked them to develop our website. We liked this logo and the main color very much and updated our office based on them. Purrweb’s team has done a very good job, they are real professionals. I recommend them to such companies like us.

  • Video preview

    Nipun Virmani

    Founder of RIA Insurances

    03, August

    Hello! My name is Nipun Virmani. I’m the founder of a startup called RIA Insurance. It’s an insurtech company focused on health. We asked Purrweb to design the logo and the website for one of our health and wellness programs called Spark. I would happily recommend Purrweb. They’ve done a good job for us. We liked working with the team. They are very professional in terms of communication. The designers did a great job with the logo. And we continue to work with them beyond this as well.

  • Video preview

    Lisi Lai

    Branding Director at VIWO Internet of Things

    14, July

    Hi, I’m Lisi Lai, the Branding Director at VIWO Internet of Things. For the past several months we’ve worked with the Purrweb team on the design of a company’s website & logotypes and the development of a mobile app. I appreciate the Purrweb team for their work and recommend them to you.

  • Video preview

    Mariano Ponce

    CEO, Moon Sun Fire Limited - Health & Fitness Startup

    12, September

    I’m very very happy with the work done by Purrweb. They helped us to improve and achieve our goals

  • Video preview

    Domien Van Eynde

    CEO, Daiokan - Marketplace for photographers

    20, March

    Purrweb helps you think how to approach your project, offering alternatives which would be better for the end users. That was crucial in our case, since we didn’t know everything ourselves, and they had many years of experience.

    Photographers, $250,000 of investments, and 300 screens of ‘some sort of’ design. Purrweb’s case
  • Video preview

    Alfredo Seidemann

    Founder & CEO at Viatu AG - Travel Platform

    20, March

    The communication was really immaculate right from the start. We got responses really fast, and I was able to hope to a voice call within a couple of hours. I am thankful so much to Purrweb for the continued support and for the great work!

  • Video preview

    Michael — FoodTech development

    18, May

    Hi. My name is Mikhail, I'm a founder of — a project that provides restaurants with a service that allows owners to place orders online. Guys from Purrweb helped me with the MVP design and development. I definitely recommend other startups to work with this great team

  • Video preview

    Aivis Ruza

    Vendify - application for vending machines

    25, May

    Hello, my name is Aivis. I'm a Co-founder & CEO of Vendify. Our project is technically complicated, that's why it was important to develop a mobile app. We hired Purrweb for the full-cycle development of our app and did enjoy this cooperation. The result is great, we liked how the team worked on the design as well as the solutions they offered. The work process was flexible: we could complete tasks in either common or unusual way. For instance, we met online to discuss and make changes on the fly.

  • Video preview

    Anton Mironenko

    Founder Flint - dating app

    21, October

    Hello, my name is Anton Mironenko. Currently, Purrweb is developing a dating app for me. The team works in lockstep, meets all deadlines, and always coordinates all actions with clients. I would like them to increase proactivity and go into more detail about what the client wants. Thank you for your work and cooperation.

  • Video preview

    Vlad Samarin

    Energo — IoT development

    24, May

    Hi. My name is Vlad Samarin, I'm a CEO of Energo — a service for power bank sharing. We've been working with Purrweb for several years. Purrweb provided full-scale mobile app development, which allowed us to raise a round of investments and earn a government contract.
    I want to thank the team working on our project — they all did a great job. There was constant communication, they were proactive in providing feedback and implementing my suggestions. I would especially like to thank Sergey Nikonenko, COO of Purrweb, Elena Farberova and Alexandra Rumyantseva, project managers working on my project, and the dev team led by teamlead Alexandr Purtov. Thank you!

  • Video preview

    Artem Ryabichko

    Merch design for an Instagram blogger

    19, May

    My name is Artem. I came to Purrweb with an unusual request: to design merchandise for me. I didn't found ready-to-use solutions and decided to do everything the hard way. Despite the fact that the task was experimental for both me and the team, everything went great. The team was very productive and delivered the result with minimum edits and efforts. In addition, they were always positive. Thank you!

  • Video preview


    Co-founder of Kadex Enterprise LTD

    2, July

    Hello there, my name is Andrew, I’m a co-founder of Kadex Enterprise LTD. We’re working on investment solutions for the cryptocurrency industry. Couple months ago we partnered with the Purrweb team. We requested them to redesign the users’ accounts interface along with the landing page. I’m happy with how the interface design turned out: eye-catching and beautiful. Purrweb takes a responsible approach to work. They care not only about the beauty of the design but also about how frontenders will implement it.

    What I really like about Purrweb team? They are young, smart, open-minded, and customer-oriented. They are very receptive and open to feedback.

    I am always glad to get in touch with the team, to discuss some work tasks. All told, it’s really awesome to work with these guys.

  • Client

    Gil Benjamin

    COO, Appswiz - app building tool

    Purrweb provided us with a complete design solution for our customer-facing platform. I recommend them to everyone who looks for an awesome UX/UI team. They are extremely talented, as well as upfront and honest. Their attention to detail, and care on a whole, was of the highest level - Purrweb is a very client-oriented team.

  • Client

    Corey Whiting

    CEO, Baseballcloud - Sports web application

    Purrweb design team worked on the redesign of our project. They were responsive to my feedback and provided good ideas on some parts I had not considered. Thanks for the great work!

    Check out the result
  • Client

    Tigran Papazyan

    CEO & Founder, - music marketplace

    The guys wrote the front- and back-end for our web app. The project turned out to be quite big and difficult in the implementation of certain elements, but the guys exceeded my expectations. The team is very responsive, explaining to me all the work in detail, and in some cases advised me how to do better :)

    Check out the result
  • Client

    Conway Solomon

    CEO, WRSTBND - Event Hosting System

    Purrweb successfully built the platform, satisfying expectations. They were easy to work with, making the collaboration flow smoothly. Their detail-oriented approach was a hallmark of their work.

    How we integrated wristbands Check out the result
  • Purr Cat

    CEO, Lead Generation Company - B2B software

    Unlike other developers I’ve worked with, Purrweb genuinely cares for our project, and they delivered a product that has successfully launched and attracted thousands of daily users. Selfishly, I’d like to keep Purrweb to myself, but their team is fantastic, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a web development team.

  • Client

    Deborah Baid

    Co-Founder, Mayuri - Accounting Platform

    I have been working for one year with Purrweb. The communication is very smooth and the quality of their design is excellent. I warmly recommend you this agency.

  • Purr Cat

    CEO, Fitforce Inc - Fitness startup

    The app is going through beta testing, and user feedback has been mostly positive. Purrweb established a collaborative and effective process from the beginning, while their expertise and responsiveness to feedback helped them deliver a top-notch product.

    Check out the result
  • Client

    Ilia Felonin

    Co-owner, ENT Group - VPN service

    We worked with Purrweb team, they made brilliant web and mobile design for our project, everything was great and we really enjoyed working with this agency. Communication was excellent, they assigned a project manager, and for us it was great since he translated our ideas into design perspective and actual tasks for the design team. Also, they’re not so pricy.

  • Purr Cat

    Anna Barkovskaya

    Project Manager, Loophole Technologies - healthcare startup

    I can highlight easy communication, they were very responsive (even despite the time zone difference). Clear timing and even done a few extras free of charge. Purrweb team seems to have experience of creating apps and looking at the task from the long term perspective even if they were not responsible for that. Value for money indeed and personal approach.

  • Client

    Rohan Dixit

    Founder, Lief Therapeutics - healthcare app

    Purrweb has helped us on numerous design initiatives and always followed-through quickly and with lots of interaction with us. They really make an effort to understand their customer's needs and create solutions that are thoughtful and delightful. I highly recommend them!

    5 rules for mobile health apps
  • Purr Cat

    CEO, Investment Banking Firm - Fintech App

    Purrweb’s involvement has moved this once-stuck solution toward launch. Their developers are the most skilled I’ve worked with in recent years, and they work at a fair price. The testing phase has drawn positive feedback from user groups. Expect a partner who takes initiative to move the project forward and works efficiently to meet deadlines.

  • Purr Cat

    Kirill Starodubov

    CEO & Founder, - Interior Design Tool

    Before Purrweb we have dropped a few other suppliers and when we have started to work with Purrweb we found out that they have a strong customer support focus, always keep deadlines and help us move our products forward. I’m 100% sure that working with Purrweb will make the journey to your goals easy and secure.

  • Purr Cat

    Founder, Adveli - Learning Management System

    Purrweb’s CTO is a good Ruby on Rails developer and I enjoyed working with him. He was a big benefit to our team since he made suggestions on workflows etc. and helped us improve them. He cares a lot about keeping a customer satisfied and he has the ability to keep an overview about the whole project. I will definitely work with Purrweb again.

  • Client

    Mohammad Albatat

    Founder, This for That - Sharing-economy startup

    I always find myself coming back to this company for my design work. They surely know how to give an idea life and make it reality. Very professional and friendly.

  • Client

    Alimukhtar Aliyev

    COO, Appliance Repair - Electronics Repairing Services

    These guys are awesome, would recommend to anyone who wants good quality service.

  • Purr Cat

    Product Owner, Digital Health Application

    Perfect communication and response times. Always professional. Really took the time to understand our vision and contribute to that creatively. Went the extra mile and did not do just the minimum. Accomplished everything within budget.

  • Client

    Filip Ivancic

    Co-Founder & COO, PatchAI - Healthcare Platform

    Great and professional team that delivers exceptional design on time and within the scope. Would recommend them to anyone.

    5 rules for mobile health apps
  • Purr Cat

    Anton Lopanitsyn

    CEO & Founder - B2B security service

    Purrweb has an impressive portfolio of really beautiful UI/UX works. I also love the way they were working with my feedback and comments on the work done. The improvements were quick and the result is perfect.

  • Client

    Alan Davies

    Director, Gaming & Events Company

    Purrweb have incredibly talented designers and a team of excellent communicators around them. They provided project updates and presented the latest work and they were very responsive to feedback. We have been more than satisfied with every element of their work.

  • Purr Cat

    Yousef Alotaibi

    CEO & Founder at Weteach

    I know that 10 out of 10 exists only in a perfect world or a vacuum, however these guys are really close to it. They even exceeded my expectations.

    It was maximum 2 hours to get a reply from my PM. I know usually designers don’t like modifications, however this wasn’t the case with Purrweb - they were very patient and comfortable to work with. They made the price and project stages very clear, and I was aware of everything happening on the project.

  • Client

    Anastasiya Seregina

    CEO Mamado - Parents’ app

    It was a non-standard project, since they didn’t have to start it from scratch, and they had to work together with my team. What I particularly liked and would like to point out directly - is that their manager Svetlana did a great job and helped us easily connect our teams and collaborate efficiently. This is a long-term plus, because now I know that whenever I need extra hands, I can contact Purrweb and get all the help I need.

    Along the way of work we’ve changed the working process and adopted the Agile methodology with sprints - this helped us pull things together and speed up the development.

  • Purr Cat


    Product Owner at PayPay - Payment Service Provider

    Purrweb team completely reworked the way navigation works and streamlined the core user flows, which made our service more intuitive and convenient for the users.

    Purrweb’s manager had carefully studied our competitors, created a detailed mindmap, and spent hours discussing interface elements with us. I was impressed by their attention to detail and proactive communication - when something wasn’t clear enough they were asking questions in order to avoid mistakes.

  • Purr Cat

    Artem Puzikov

    Artem Puzikov - Head of IT department at JSC Gazstroyprom

    The tool Purrweb are building for us has already helped our Security and Analytical departments to work with personnel profiles 20 times faster!

    I admire the flexibility of the Purrweb team. The guys had kindly accommodated all our requests delivering even more than they’d committed to. I also love the transparency of the working process - I’m always aware of project status and I get an instant reply to every question I ask.