Mobile App Development

We develop beautiful IOS and Android mobile apps with UX as a primary focus.

Efficient solution that fits any domain

We develop mobile apps for startups by launching products within 3 months and budget constraints. We leverage existing API and bring mobile presence to already functioning web applications

Full-cycle iOS and Android app development

Purrweb is a team of full-cycle development that builds mobile apps from scratch: we lead your project from the idea to release
in the App store and Google Play.

  • iOS app development — mobile
    applications with great performance
    for all Apple

  • Android app development — advanced mobile applications optimized for any Android device

Custom iOS
and Android

We are ready to help both business owners and startup entrepreneurs. By building mobile solutions that back the brand identity and meet market needs, we encourage business expansion and MVP success.

  • How to build an app like Tinder

    Dating apps serve to connect people with certain interests — be it romance, casual sex, or friendship. The core functionality includes push-notifications, APIs, and match-algorithm.

    2 532 hours 5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to create a meditation app like Headspace

    Meditation apps have become a must-have to download on smartphones. People tend to allocate more and more time for this ‘breathe in, breathe out’. Be ready to create a player, set a meditation library, and add payment options.

    2 353 hours 5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to build an on-demand delivery app

    Food delivery services are mediators between a hungry customer and a restaurant. To release such an app, you’ll need to implement food catalogs, APIs, chat with push-notifications, and payment options.

    2 455 hours 6.5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to build a stock trading app

    A stock trading app is a user-end platform where stocks are being bought and sold. Onboarding, personal account, dashboards, trading functionality… Read our guide to find out details!

    2317 hours 6 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to create a messaging app like Telegram

    Social contacts and established communication are super important attributes of our lives. With the help of chats, you can keep in touch with family, friends, find out the latest news, or make an appointment with a doctor. We have prepared a checklist of features from must-have to nice-to-have for your messenger — check it out!

    4 600 hours 10 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to Develop a Peer-to-Peer Payment App

    No one wants to waste their time on making financial transactions. These are the things you want to do in 2 clicks — no matter if it’s about chipping in a gift for a colleague, paying a bill at a bar, or transferring money for work, it is easier to do through a single app. The guide to the world of financial apps, their monetization strategies, and key features is here!

    3 000 hours 8 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to develop a social media app

    A social media app is a platform where users can communicate, create photos and videos, and share them. The most important features for such an app are profiles, chat, content creation functionality, push notifications — check the article for more

    5 200 hours 10 months
  • How to develop a marketplace like Airbnb

    A marketplace is a platform where users can trade goods and services. Let’s see how to develop a marketplace on the example of Airbnb: search, wishlists, chat, payments, notifications — read further in our guide

    2 800 hours 7 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to develop an app like Clubhouse

    The Clubhouse is a social media app where users can find different discussions with experts, celebrities, and general people. Why Clubhouse is so popular? Let’s dig into the key features of the app: audio, invitations, push notifications, search.

    1 900 hours 5 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration
  • How to start a streaming service: Purrweb guide

    A video streaming service is a platform that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and game streams in real-time. To develop such an app, you need a cloud storage, recommender systems, and a payment system — read our guide for more!

    3 500 hours 10 months
    App theme illustration App theme illustration

Cases of purrweb

  • Saidali app screen Saidali app screen


    App that helps to find medicine available in pharmacies nearby, pay for them right from the app and get them delivered.

    view case
  • Wristband app screen Wristband app screen


    All in one system to host events. Includes several applications to be used specifically at open air events with big audience.

    view case
  • Health app screen Health app screen

    Lytic Health

    Web and mobile apps for patients and doctors to automatically determine preliminary diagnosis and schedule the appointments.

    view case
  • Talentum app screen Talentum app screen
    Talentum dialog screen Talentum dialog screen Talentum dialog screen


    Talentum is a food delivery app that allows to order custom meals from professional cooks to meet any taste and cuisine preferences.

    view case
  • Health app screen Health app screen

    FitForce App is a mobile application for health and fitness trainers that helps them to achieve their professional goals while delivering an engaging and rewarding customer experience to their clients.

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What do we mean
by mobile app development?

  • Project examination

    True experts will never get to code right from the beginning — any app needs a coherent outline on how to move forward. In order to set objectives for the project management roadmap, we gather and analyze project requirements. This helps us get a clear understanding of future work and consider all potential goings-on.

  • Feature prioritization

    By putting aside all non-functional extras, we help a client get a better vision of a future product. Our managers use the MoSCoW method and plan a vital set of features. Thus, dispose of features users are not interested in and reduce the cost.

  • Mobile-focused UI/UX design

    We create wireframes and build low and high-fidelity prototypes screen by screen. If the client wants to get a universal interface — we’ll deal with it, if the client wants to have two custom versions for iOS and Android — it’s always possible to implement the specific elements of each operating system.

  • Qualified development

    According to Scrum, we split the development process into sprints — it allows us to present intermediate builds to a client, therefore keep them in the loop. We use TestFlight and Google Play beta releases, which makes it possible to test a product on real devices.

  • QA testing

    We use quality control and management system to deliver high-quality products. Combining manual testing and automated testing technologies (RSpec, Capybara), we cover a wide range of conditions and scenarios, so a client could be sure a product won’t have any flyings out of control.

  • Release and Maintenance

    We ensure mobile apps that we work on are accepted and published in the App Store and Google Play. To make sure all bugs are fixed and the product steadily works, we provide post-launch support and further scale-up if needed.


  • What is the pricing model?

    At Purrweb, we work based on the Time and Material pricing model.

    Our project managers carefully plan each sprint by setting up tasks and man-hours needed to finish a product. As soon as we receive an advance payment, we commence working on the product. Thanks to the Time and Material approach, it’s possible to supplement additional sprints if you want to scale up functionality or change the design.

  • How much does it cost
    to build a mobile app?

    If you want to get an exact evaluation for all features and UI/UX design, feel free to contact us. Our managers will establish a project scope, prepare a strategic outline, and deliver precise estimation.

  • How do you develop
    a startup MVP?

    If you need to validate your business hypothesis fast, we will deliver an MVP just in 3 months. We use the time to research a market, determine user needs, define development roadmap, and build a solution.

  • Do you use any specific
    to deliver a product?

    We use the Scrumban approach — a combination of the most popular Agile frameworks. It helps to deliver the product in time and be flexible if any changes appear down the road.

  • Can I get post-launch

    In order to keep your entire software running smoothly and efficiently, we can provide cohesive post-launch maintenance. Once your product is released, our project managers will reserve work hours of a developer from the original team. Depending on needs, it may be 20 or 40 hours per month. These hours will be spent on supervising the code, keeping up with further updates and requirements form Apple and Google, and fixing bugs that may pop up occasionally.

  • What is a custom
    mobile app?

    Custom app development is building a whole new app with unique functionality as well as UI/UX design from scratch.

  • What is a cross-platform
    mobile app?

    Cross-platform development is the creation of apps for both iOS and Android with a single code base. For this purpose, we mastered React Native development.

  • Can I ask Purrweb
    to deliver a cross-platform mobile app, if I have a working web app?

    Yes! If you already have a web app and API, we will connect to the existing database and develop a mobile app that will be synchronized with your web version.

  • Can I be sure there won’t
    be problems with releasing the product in the App Store and Google Play?

    The Purrweb team has considerable experience in publishing a product on the App Store and Google Play. Thanks to following the Apple and Google guidelines, we know how to get a product submitted fast and flawlessly.

  • Who is on the team?

    The team line-up may change depending on the needs of a product yet usually it consists of project manager, UI/UX designer, 2-3 developers, and QA specialist.

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