Travel app development

We develop travel applications which replace travel agents, allowing to find interesting places, plan your trip, book tickets, hotel rooms, excursions and restaurants in just a few clicks.

Clients we work with

  • Travel agencies

  • Travellers

  • Tour operators

  • Airlines, airports, hotels, car rentals and railways

  • Hospitality providers

Travel App Development services we provide

We’re open to new ideas and always ready to provide the client with the best technical expertise!

  • UI/UX for travel apps

    At Purrweb, we take care of not only what the app looks like but also how it works. Get a great-looking and user-friendly UI/UX design for your future app!

  • Travel Mobile App Development

    Our main focus is MVP development. To help you quickly test waters, we set a $30 000 cost limit and 3-month deadline.


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Project’s we’ve built

Technology is deeply embedded in the travel industry. At Purrweb, we’re eager to make travelling efficient and comfortable for all the parties involved. Check out what we’ve done so far.

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  • TripChron app screen

    Travel Map Builder Development TripChron

    Tripchron is a platform where travel enthusiasts can share their routes and follow like-minded people.

    view case
  • Campagram app screen

    Instagram for Camping lovers Campagram

    Campagram is an app where true camping fans can upload their craziest and funniest adventures and share these pics with each other.

Not sure about what to include in your future travel app?

Let us help you out! Share the details about your project idea. We’ll thoroughly study the info, define the main flows and a basic feature set, and then come back with a detailed project estimation.

Why work with us

  • Timezone-aligned work

  • Constant communication

  • Clear MVP roadmap

  • 6+ years of experience in product building

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

  • Quick start. Hire
    in 24 hours


  • Do you provide travel mobile app development services?

    Yes, of course! At Purrweb, we provide mobile app development services for a wide range of industries — including the travel sector.

  • What are the stages of travel app development?

    The entire process consists of: project analysis, UI/UX design, development & QA testing, and support.

    Analysis: gather and analyze all the project requirements and documentations.

    UI/UX design: create wireframes, prototypes, and design the app screen by screen.

    Development & QA testing: build iOS and Android apps using cross-platform framework React Native paying attention to proper QA-testing.

    Support: publish the game in the App Store and Google Play. Plus, provide post-launch support if needed.

  • Hiring a super-professional and reliable travel technology company — is it a must-have for creating a travel app?

    Yes, of course! A company’s skill set and experience in developing travel apps — this is out of crucial importance. The better your product team understands the niche, the more market-related issues they had to handle in the past, the more apps they already delivered — the better the final result will be. At Purrweb, we’ve been working in the travel market for over 5 years. One of our recent achievements is TripChron, a social travel platform.

  • How much does it cost to build a travel app from scratch?

    Regardless of the kind of travel app you want to create, we recommend that you get started with an MVP. Speaking of a minimum viable product, we suggest limiting the production timeline to 3 months and sticking to $30 000 as a budget limit. Within that budget, you’ll create a travel app that your users can start paying for.

  • How to manage a project team who’s working on a travel app?

    You’ll be provided with a project manager working as a part of the development team. At Purrweb, we work according to the Scrumban approach: plan sprints and deliver demo-versions and results at the end of each.

  • Can you complete my Travel App Development with a proper UI/UX?

    Sure thing! Purrweb is always ready to help your app get a beautiful and well-thought-out user interface.

  • What features can you implement for a travel app?

    We can implement everything you need to release your product. Study our portfolio and see what amazing things we can do — or contact us directly and get super-detailed questions to all feature-related questions:)

  • Do you make custom travel software?

    We offer a wide range of engineering services including app development from scratch and add-on development.

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