eCommerce development services

eCommerce development services

We'll help you create the website or a platform your business needs. We're an eCommerce development company with expertise — we can help you simplify customer experience and drive engagement. In turn, you'll grow revenue and boost sales.

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Some of
the eCommerce
we provide

  • Project discovery

    We are invested in your product's success just as much as you are. This is why some of our services concern aspects other than development.

    We help startup owners validate their ideas without initial development. When you have a business hypothesis, but don't want to try your luck and go all in with the implementation, project discovery is a perfect choice. Before starting development, we'll help you refine the idea for a diversified eCommerce platform to make it commercially viable. To do that, we'll analyze your users, their needs and current competitors.

    You'll know their strengths which you can integrate into the platform. Faults, too — we'll tell you what to avoid to outshine your competition.

    Aside from that, we'll provide you with a mind map. You'll see for yourself how your killer feature can be elevated by other features — and you'll know exactly how the eCommerce platform will work.

  • UI/UX design

    We'll make the visual look of your eCommerce app from scratch — app's logic and branding included.

    We'll help outline the app's logic — and create a mind map accordingly. With it, you can see every choice a user can make within the app at a wider scope. For example, how the user navigates through the eCommerce platform and adds items to the shopping cart.

    After you approve the mind map, we use it to create wireframes. They're essentially barebones versions of the platform's features. You can check out where the user will access future product cards, place orders, or contact support.

    When that's settled, we pick out 1-2 wireframes and finalize them in line with your branding strategy. You'll be able to see the perfected design and provide suggestions if something feels amiss. After we complete every single screen, our designers prepare a UI kit — a bundle of icons and buttons which make development simpler.

  • Development

    We're a full cycle development company, so you can rest easy knowing you'll get a fully functioning product from scratch.

    We work primarily with React Native and React.js. This ensures your eCommerce platform works on any device — and your users get a seamless experience: switching from a laptop to browsing your shop on a phone.

    We'll be with you every step of the way: from developing your eCommerce idea to releasing your platform on mobile app stores.

    After you launch your eCommerce platform, we'll help make it even greater. If you want to integrate a new feature into your shop, we'll accommodate. And if there are any malfunctions, our eCommerce developers will get rid of them — and make sure they don't reappear.

  • Content marketing

    We'll create compelling copy and help integrate some digital marketing tools to boost your sales.

    Developing a worthwhile platform is half the trouble. To make sure your users stay and keep buying from your platform, you need content that drives customer engagement.

    Our team can help with digital marketing — by writing intriguing copy. With it, you can attract more customers to your platform. From fun pop-ups and buttons to helpful onboarding tips, your users won't leave the platform prematurely. Instead, they'll share it with their colleagues and friends — and you'll get even more customers.

    Thanks to worthwhile content and good digital marketing techniques, you'll increase customer retention and promote your different sales channels.

  • Consulting

    Thanks to our experience with eCommerce development, we can guide you to create a platform with a great product-market fit. We'll happily share our knowledge and expertise to give you a competitive advantage.

    Want to integrate a potential new feature? We'll tell you whether it's a good idea. Want to use a different monetization model? Our project managers will say whether there are any fallbacks to it — and what to choose instead if there are pitfalls. You'll get advice that saves money and time — and we have a sizable portfolio to back it up.

  • Prototyping

    We'll give you access to a prototype before a full-on release. You'll get to see how your eCommerce platform works in action. This way, you'll know just how sound your “killer feature” is — and whether it's enough to attract a solid customer base.

    At the same time, you'll be able to provide your own feedback: what features to keep and what should work differently. Either way, we'll listen to your suggestions — and implement them to create a successful eCommerce platform.

  • IT outstaffing

    As any eCommerce software development company, we have a pool of developers, designers, testers, DevOps, analysts, and managers.

    If you need a specific specialist for a project but don't have the resources to hire and fully support a new team member — outstaffing is for you.

    With the outstaffing services, you can choose any specialist from that pool and hire them to work on your project. You get to pick and manage the specialists, control how they spend their time, and assign tasks. They will become a part of your in-house team and work on your project while we take care of all the bureaucracy and HR worries.

  • Web design

    We create intuitive, user-oriented, and responsive web designs for eCommerce projects of any kind and complexity level. Our goal is to help startups strengthen their online presence and attract new clients.

    At Purrweb, the web design services focus on creating visually neat, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly interfaces. We combine aesthetics with the best usability practices to craft digital platforms that resonate with target audiences and drive conversions.

    Web design services include wireframing, prototyping, and responsive design implementation. Attention to these steps will help optimize the overall user experience and maximize the online business potential for your version of the enterprise solution, just like in Shopify development or Magento development.

  • UX audit

    We'll evaluate the performance of your existing product and find opportunities for optimization and improvement.

    Regardless of what eCommerce software development company built your solution, our experts can take a look and identify the areas where you might have issues. The UX audit service addresses problems such as poor user retention, a low conversion rate, confusing navigation, or a cluttered and chaotic UI.

    Our advantage is the team of UX researchers with experience in eCommerce. They'll give recommendations backed up by successful case studies and 9+ years of practice. You'll know how to improve your design and make your competitive advantage shine through in the interface.

  • Quality assurance

    We can help you ensure the reliability and security of your eCommerce platform.

    During the development, our QA specialists take control of looking for all possible bugs. They do it by forecasting even the most unbelievable user behaviors, writing automatic test cases, and conducting comprehensive manual testing after each development iteration.

    Rigorous testing is crucial for the success of the project. If you identify and rectify any bugs or inconsistencies early on, you'll have time to get rid of them and ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of performance and user satisfaction.

    With the QA service, startups can mitigate risks, enhance customer trust, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

  • Post-release maintenance

    The development for startups doesn't end with its launch. There are several types of post-release maintenance our team can provide, depending on your needs.

    Whether it's corrective maintenance like fixing bugs and correcting the code, preventative maintenance to revise the codebase, or emergency maintenance when things all of a sudden go wrong — our team can help.

    Our goal is to help startup owners grow and scale up their products without worrying about hiring a whole team of developers. We offer flexible types of collaboration, depending on your needs and your budget.

  • MVP improvement

    We're an MVP development company with a long-standing track record of building, designing, and pivoting enterprise solutions.

    Our MVP improvement service includes iterative enhancements to an initial product release based on user feedback, market research, and performance metrics.

    Our team addresses user needs and optimizes product features to enhance the overall value proposition. This approach helps clients adapt to evolving market demands, validate product assumptions, and achieve sustainable growth of their eCommerce platform over time.

Roll out your custom eCommerce
solution on schedule

For custom eCommerce solutions, we typically create them in about 4 months — it costs roughly $40,000. Other companies may have their own figure. But for our price, you'll get a platform which is guaranteed to get loyal customers and increase user retention.

Our latest eCommerce
development projects

We've worked with a variety of founders creating different eCommerce-type products. Some of them are akin to classic shopping platforms. Others are hybrids. They share features of some of the most notable eCommerce projects. At the same time, they have distinct functionality based in their business niche — from food deliveries to content websites. Our eCommerce development services can help your idea come to fruition — however complex and unique it is.

  • Tunetank


    This is a marketplace app where users sell tracks for licensing. We helped with visual design — our specialists tried to make the app user-friendly and sleek. Our developers also used Elasticsearch and integrated a “Prerender” API — this ensures that Tunetank stays as the top query in search results.

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  • OrderUp


    This is a platform for ordering food. During our work on the app, we listened to our clients' wants and added them to the product: e.g. integrating three-column screens. We also made a customizable dark theme: it's easy on the eyes, and food companies can change certain colors to match their branding.

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  • ContentPlace


    This is a marketplace for selling and buying video content. We helped our client save money by integrating an AWS. This way, when users upload videos, the content gets compressed all the while. The smaller the video, the less money our client has to spend on processing.

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Will my company
benefit from your eCommerce development services?

The scale and type of your business are practically irrelevant, so long as you've got an eCommerce platform idea in mind. And if you're in doubt, take a look at some of the companies we routinely help:

  • Startups

    Make sure your early adopters love your eCommerce platform — and keep buying products on it long after their first visit. And if your project shows remarkable, tangible results, you'll be able to show them to investors — and scale your business to something greater.

    Development cost: $70,000

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  • Corporations

    Get a working eCommerce platform and save resources. You can keep working on your own projects while we take on development — so you don't need to allocate your staff or hire new personnel.

    Once we're done with development, your IT department can seamlessly take over the reins of the project. When making your eCommerce platform, we write clean code — so your staff doesn't have to waste time rewriting code so that it's easier to work with.

    Development cost: $90,000

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  • Small businesses

    You don't need to hire a team, pay their bonuses and salary to get an eCommerce platform up and running. Just let us develop the product for you — we'll create a ready-to-use app from scratch. You'll be able to generate revenue without maintaining employees.

    In case you want to add new features to your platform, no need to hesitate — we'll assist you with perfecting your eCommerce platform for all users.

    Development cost: $125,000

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Why partner with Purrweb for eCommerce development services?

We're an experienced eCommerce development company — we have projects, knowledge, and expertise to back it up. Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

Stay in the loop regarding eCommerce website development progress

You'll get daily and weekly reports with details on every aspect of development. We'll provide you with constant updates — be assured that the process goes as planned. And we'll be sending you a demo of your eCommerce platform every two weeks, so you can see the progress for yourself.

Get an eCommerce platform that excels in your business niche — no matter what it may be

We'll help you realize any eCommerce idea you may have: from a simple online store for a small business, to a global content selling platform. We've worked on bringing many ideas to life — our portfolio of 300 projects proves it — and there's no doubt we'll help you realize yours.

Suggest changes on the spot — and we'll implement them

Many things can happen over the course of development: the market, deadlines, or business capabilities can all change in the blink of an eye. We'll tell you how to circumvent them to deliver a stable, user-friendly eCommerce platform. And if you've thought of some new... features which can elevate your idea to greater heights, just hit us up. We work with an Agile methodology in mind and split the development process into 2-week sprints. There's a high chance we can take your suggestion and make it a reality.

Our eCommerce development
process: 9 steps

Over the course of many years, we've streamlined our process into tangible steps. If you're going to partner up with us, you'll know exactly how it goes — we're going to give you updates constantly. You won't get left behind.

Here are these 9 steps of our eCommerce development services.

  • Project kick-off

    We dive into the specifics of your business idea to create a timeline and budget estimates, so you can prepare accordingly.

  • Project planning

    To make sure the development process goes according to plan, we divide tasks into 2-week sprints and assemble a custom team with relevant experience.

  • UX design

    It's time to take a close look at your competition and create wireframes to ensure your platform will outshine other businesses in its niche.

  • UI design

    Here our focus is on the UI concept, fine-tuning some of the visual aspects, and preparing the UI kit with standardized styles, headings, icons, and other elements.

  • Development

    We develop your solution, implementing SCRUM and Agile methodologies in our business processes to make sure your eCommerce platform is released on time.

  • QA testing

    Routine checks and tests during the development help to ensure no bug or other malfunction seeps into the final version of the app.

  • Preparing for release

    Finally, we prepare your platform for deployment on all major devices, whether it's desktop or mobile — App Store, Google Play Market.

  • Rolling out the platform

    We know all possible pitfalls of the project launch, based on the 300+ apps we released for our clients.

  • Support and maintenance

    Release doesn't mark the end of development. We look through the feedback and make sure your eCommerce platform stays on top — by incorporating new features and fixing technical challenges.

4 factors that

the cost of eCommerce

Development cost can vary on a project-to-project basis, but there are 4 main factors that can directly impact the price of service.

  • Core features

    With core features, 2 details significantly influence the costs of custom software development: the number of features and the complexity level. Advanced functionalities like payment gateways and inventory management, can escalate the costs even more.

  • Project timeline

    The timeline is directly correlated with the costs of development. Tight deadlines require more resources, which leads to higher expenses. So, a relaxed timeline can help you save some room in the budget.

  • Platform choice

    Whether you want to cater only to iOS users or cover audiences with various OS and devices from the start, the choice is crucial for price. Native custom software development is more expensive than single-platform MVPs or cross-platform apps.

  • Hiring model

    The hiring model significantly influences the costs. Choosing in-house developers vs freelancers vs agencies will result in very different pricing brackets. If you're responsible for onboarding and training, it'll add extra costs to BigCommerce development.

Technologies we use to empower your
eCommerce business

At Purrweb, we prefer frameworks based on JavaScript, as we've worked with them for over 9 years and learned all the ins and outs. Thanks to our expertise, it's easy to add features like payment systems and payment gateways to eCommerce websites — without overspending.

If you want solid eCommerce website development — or you need a SAAS solution, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We'll get back to you in under 24 hours.

  • React Native

    It's a great framework for custom eCommerce development services — and mCommerce application development. Thanks to it, eCommerce businesses can roll out cost effective solutions — by making apps for both iOS and Android with a single codebase. No point in hiring two separate developer teams and eCommerce experts.

  • React.js

    A framework used by eCommerce web developers. With it, it's easy to release eCommerce solutions without bugs — and make sure they load up fast. At the same time, it makes eCommerce web development services a bit easier to offer.

  • Electron.js

    It's perfect for desktop custom eCommerce solutions. It's easy to make software that works on both MacOS and Windows while saving twice the time.

Among others, like:


And with these technologies, we can tap into some more unorthodox solutions in this niche

  • AR technologies Integrate specific tools so that your customers can better see your products. For example, thanks to AR integrations, your users can try on outfits from your eCommerce website right at home — by pointing a camera at themselves and looking through the screen.

  • Live-streaming-shopping related tech Utilize online streaming to boost sales of your products. The users can check out their favorite streamers. When clients see an item from your shop they like, leaving the live stream is unnecessary. Users can order it on the spot.

  • Logistics-related tech eCommerce and logistics are heavily intertwined niches — one can't exist without the other. You can integrate a platform for inventory management — this way, there'll be no clutter in organizing deliveries. Your users will thank you, and they'll order more products from your eCommerce business.

Attract more sales
with eCommerce development

The eCommerce business is booming — and it'll continue to grow. In 2022 alone over $3.25 trillion were spent on online sales — this number is expected to double by 2023.
Over two billion people used eCommerce platforms to buy online.

If you want to be one of the eCommerce websites benefiting from the trend, write to us! We'll help create the eCommerce store that generates revenue — and can later be grown into a full-fledged eCommerce ecosystem.

Let's get your project started!

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  • What are eCommerce development services?

    e-Commerce stands for electronic commerce. These types of apps and websites revolve around buying, selling, and exchanging goods and services. They act as a sort of link between clients and companies online.
    As for development, it entails several stages —
    in our case, 9:

    1. 1. Project discovery — research your competitors and the market
    2. 2. Planning — assemble a team of designers and developers from our staff
    3. 3. UX design — map out user navigation
    4. 4. UI design — create the visual look of your platform
    5. 5. Development — use code and frameworks to make sure your platform works
    6. 6. Testing and QA — check your eCommerce platform for bugs or other issues
    7. 7. Preparing for release — see whether your platform can be indexed properly — and if it adheres to app stores' guidelines
    8. 8. Release — roll out your app on most major app stores
    9. 9. Support and maintenance — listen to your clients’ feedback
  • How much do eCommerce website development services cost?

    From $30,000 to $60,000. Many factors add up to this price: e.g. the general eCommerce website idea, features you want to include, and design complexity. If you want to find out more about the price, read more in a guide on factors going into the cost.

  • Can you sign an NDA for my project?

    Sure! If you want to, we’ll sign an NDA.

  • How to find the best eCommerce development company?

    There are several factors which are important to keep in mind — when looking for a company keen on operational efficiency. Here are three most crucial ones:

    Experience A good eCommerce developer had a chance to work on many projects. Want to get eCommerce website design services? Choose a company that has projects similar to what you want in their portfolio. A contractor with cases which at least touch up on your business idea is a company worth doing business with.

    Reputation When looking for the best eCommerce development company, customer satisfaction is key. If a custom eCommerce solutions contractor has a lot of reviews, chances are they have a solid foundation. Try to discern a general pattern throughout the reviews — what do their clients like the most about the company? This’ll help you understand if the company can be of use to you after all.

    Transparency Greatest eCommerce website development companies are straightforward when it comes to price and process talks. They won’t beat around the bush — instead, they’ll lay every possible card on the table. Companies like this deliver good eCommerce websites on time — after all, they have nothing to hide when it comes to deadlines and other project details.

  • How long does custom eCommerce software development take?

    It would take roughly 4-5 months to deploy a working eCommerce website. This is our own figure — other companies have their own timeframes when offering custom eCommerce development services. Find out the exact development timing.