Marketplace app development

We develop marketplace apps that generate high returns and are easy to scale.

Clients we work with

Startups and MVP’s

We develop MVPs for startups — help our clients build a working solution from scratch within 3 months and a $30,000 budget.

  • Goods and products selling marketplaces

    eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Asos Marketplace, Steam Marketplace

    • Online groceries
    • Online markets for farmers
    • Home and garden
    • Consumer electronics
    • Health and beauty
    • Clothes
  • Information marketplaces

    Twitch, YouTube, SoundCloud, Yelp, Spotify

    • Video streaming
    • Gaming streaming
    • Music streaming
    • Social news aggregators
    • Reviews aggregators
    • Ticket sales and distribution
  • Education marketplaces

    Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare,
    Codecademy, edX, Mimo

    • Education universities
    • Masterclasses
    • Webinars
    • Online courses marketplaces

    Investment and crowdfunding marketplaces

    Robinhood, CircleUp, Xignite Market Data Cloud, IndieGoGo, Ulule,

    Financial data
  • Services providing marketplaces

    Uber.Eats, Lyft, Couchsurfing, UpWork, 99designs

    • On-demand delivery
    • Online workouts
    • Sitting services
    • Car sharing
    • Taxi
    • Freelance
    • Camping
  • Telehealth marketplaces

    Medtronic, Yandex Health, HeadSpace

    Mental heath
    Diet mentors
    Child care

    Real estate & rental marketplaces

    AirBnB,, Redfin, Pad

    Selling and buying property
    Flat & room renting
    Room renting marketplaces
    Finding a neighbor

This is just a small list of clients we help with marketplace app development. Feel free to contact us and learn more!


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We help to understand the difference between existing P2P services and release a top-notch niche-oriented product.

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) – a business model that focuses on selling products and services to other companies.


    During the initial phases of the COVID-19, Teams by Microsoft has rocketed past 75 million daily active users.

  • Business-to-Customer (B2C) — a business model that opens doors for companies whose customers are people purchasing products or services.


    Apple declared a blowout third quarter of 2020, with sales up 11% despite coronavirus disruptions.

  • Customer-to-Customer (C2C) – a business model that facilitates commerce between independent individuals.


    In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon made $75.5 billion in sales revenue. Net income of this revenue constitutes $2.5 billion.

Cross-platform marketplace development.
Cross-platform marketplaces have a single codebase for all products across the platforms. We are ready to develop your own web, mobile, or desktop marketplace.
89% of buyers use internet for vendor
selection and our developers use React Native, a framework by Facebook, to spend less time on development and save your budget.

Cases of purrweb

Check out marketplaces we’ve already implemented.

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  • Tunetank app screen

    Royalty-free Music Platform

    A royalty-free music platform where composers represent tracks for use in any video productions. Get in touch if you need MVP development services.

    view case
  • Baseball app screen

    Baseball App

    A platform that allows players, coaches, and scouts to compare and view players’ results.

    view case
  • Business app screen

    Business App

    An app for independent individuals and businesses to organize web presence and automate lead generation. Get in touch if you need UI/UX design services.

    view case

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We provide our clients with consulting, software development, and flawless implementation of their mobile, web, desktop, or cloud-based marketplace.

  • Analysis and estimation

    Our account managers meet the client to learn details of the project, study the niche they want to jump in, and find a perfect solution that will boostthe demand. We help the client reduce their expenses by putting aside all extra features and forming a clear picture of the product.

  • Planning

    When the project is analyzed and estimated, the client gets a Project Manager attached to it. The Project Manager gathers a team to plan the work process: think out sprints and manhours, prepare roadmaps for completing all tasks, schedule meetings to inform the client about the progress and get their feedback.

  • UI/UX design

    Once the sprints are planned, our designers set to work. Starting by creating wireframes and prototypes, they come up with the highest quality UI/UX design. Thanks to the efforts of the Project Manager, the client always gets what they want as they keep in touch over the whole process.

  • Development

    Our developers are always happy because we never allow a technically infeasible solution to be handed off to them. During the development step, we regularly provide the client with reports and demo-versions of the product so the client won’t ever be out of the loop.

  • QA testing

    Nothing gets by us because we’re constantly testing the code — from the very beginning to the very end. Our clients can be sure their product won’t have any bugs or lags.

  • Release

    At Purrweb, we know how to get the project submitted by the App Store and Google Play. Our marketplace app development company has extensive experience in releasing products of different industries that have unique features and require complex integration.


  • Do you have previous experience in developing marketplaces?

    Sure thing! At Purrweb, we’ve extensive experience in designing, developing, and launching marketplace apps. You can check out our recent project above.

  • What is marketplace app development?

    In short, marketplace app development consists of the following steps: project estimation, project analysis, UI/UX design, software development, and QA testing.

  • How much design is enough for TV App development?

    Just like with mobile, web or desktop apps, UI/UX design for a Smart TV App has to be intuitive (because we hate cluttered, confusing interfaces) and aesthetically appealing (because we judge a book by its cover). Our dedicated designers are here to help you out.

  • How to manage a team of software developers in TV App development?

    You’ll be provided with a project manager working as a part of the development team. At Purrweb, we work according to the Scrumban approach: plan sprints and deliver demo-versions and results at the end of each.

  • Do you develop custom Smart TV Apps?

    At Purrweb, we offer a wide range of engineering services including app development from scratch and add-on development.

  • What features can you implement for a Smart TV App?

    We can implement everything you need to release your product. We suggest studying our portfolio or contacting us.

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