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A website only works in three cases:

  • it looks good

  • it can be found by search engines

  • it’s easy to use

Website redesign ensures
that all
these things are in order:

The design looks good and isn’t outdated

Redesign can make a website feel trustworthy and look like it’s cared for. If you put in the effort to make your website nice, it’s easy to believe that you do the same for all of your services.

The website is optimized for search engines

Redesign helps your company stay securely at the top of the search results. While other businesses rely on nothing but word of mouth and ads, you get more clients organically. Because of this, competitors’ customer reach pales in comparison to yours.

The UX feels nice and logical

Redesign ensures that the website is intuitive. Getting lost and becoming frustrated while using it is almost impossible. This means that more people do the things you want them to: place orders, sign up for subscriptions, etc.

Some of the website redesign services
we offer

We can help you integrate minor adjustments into your website, or create a landing page from scratch with an entirely different brand identity. Take a closer look at our website redesign services:

Lite redesign

Ideal if your metrics are fine, but you want to differentiate yourself from the competition

  • We’ll change minor design elements: icons, fonts, and colors.
  • We won’t change the general structure of your website or integrate new SEO-tools.

We’ll take minor design elements and change them to enhance the user experience. This includes icons, overall fonts, colors of some website blocks, and images.

Your website will look fresh and modern. In turn, your customers will think that your business practices are cutting edge. If your website looks sleek and new, it can seem like you follow trends in your business niche, too.

We won’t touch the general structure of your website and its SEO-tools. Instead, our designers will focus on the surface-level visuals. This is a great custom website redesign service to choose if your conversion rates and key metrics are fine, but you want to set yourself apart from other businesses.

Moderate redesign

Great if you want to improve your website metrics, like conversion and client retention

  • We’ll replace key design elements: icons, fonts, and colors.
  • We’ll change the structure of your website and the position of the UI elements.

This step includes changing key design elements: from icons and buttons to typography and the color palette.

We’ll take a look at the organization of your website and shake things up. For example, we’ll move product pages to a different place so that more people will see them and use your services.

Our focus shifts from superficial design onto the foundation of a website. We check if the UI elements are in the right order and the shopping cart is in the correct place.

Tis type of custom website redesign service will be beneficial if the key metrics seem off. If you want to increase client retention and convert more visitors to buyers, moderate redesign is a good starting point.

Complete website overhaul

Best choice if you don’t know where to begin and want to improve everything

  • We’ll recreate your website from the ground up.
  • Our designers will create a different user flow, and developers will integrate new SEO-tools.

We take your website and recreate it from scratch.

  • Our designers map out a brand new user flow that’s easy to navigate.
  • Developers check under the hood of the website to find reasons why the platform underperforms. They rewrite code and integrate new SEO-tools to boost conversion rates and make the website more popular.

This is a step where we go beyond the things that already exist in a website. We’ll add new pages and rework old ones if it’s necessary. Our main goal is to improve the UX as much as possible. An overhaul allows us to do this, uninterrupted.

This is a great step if there are many things that need fixing, and tackling them one by one isn’t feasible. We’ll take the preferences of your website visitors in mind. Our designers will use it to create a website that sells better and helps your business grow.

Our latest website redesign projects

We’ve helped many businesses with app and corporate website redesign. We’ve also created software from scratch for both entrepreneurs and worldwide corporations. You can check these out in our website redesign company portfolio.

Or look at these cases if you’re only interested in website redesign:

  • Cubbiq


    Shortened the development time by 80 hours

    A C2C website for renting and buying storage space. Users can find containers to store their items in and contact landlords.

    Our client wanted to release an MVP version of the website. But they settled on too many features in the beginning. We convinced them to keep key pages and discard the rest. This allowed us to meet the budget and cut development time by 80 hours.

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  • MyTherapy


    Created a website in line with the British medical insurance guidelines

    A website for therapists and their clients that has a companion mobile app. Users can schedule a therapy session, get on a video call with a doctor, and write down notes.

    We made sure the website adhered to British medical insurance regulations. Thanks to this, our client didn’t get into any unnecessary legal trouble.

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  • Net0


    Redesigned a website alongside our clients’ developers

    This is a website with readymade investment strategies. Users can look through them, pick the one they like best, and start investing with their help.

    We helped design key webpages for this project: e.g. customer profiles and the FAQ page.

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  • Lytic Health

    Lytic Health

    Built a website that accrued $400,000 worth of investments

    It’s a website with an app that helps patients get a preliminary diagnosis. To do this, the user inputs their medical history and symptoms.

    The budget for this type of project spanned $1,500. The founders, however, managed to get $400,000 worth of investments with this website.

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Professional website redesign process:
key steps

Analysis and audit

The team at Purrweb is going to look at conversion, engagement, and other metrics. To find the reasons why the numbers are low, we’ll pick apart your website. Piece by piece, our designers will find areas of improvement.

We’ll also look at your competitors and see where they excel and fall flat. We can use this info to make your website better.

If you only need recommendations, we suggest you get a UX audit instead of a full blown redesign. Your design team will get actionable steps they can take to enhance the website.

Content enhancement

The success of a website doesn’t hinge on design alone. A lot of it depends on the content. If it feels like an afterthought, clients won’t engage with it or stay on the website for long.

We’ll help you create good content that makes your customers buy more. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Analyze the target audience. Our content writers will find out the preferences of your customers. This’ll make it easier to generate content that is tailored to them. It’ll feel more personalized, and it’ll work better because of it.

Plan the content in advance. Some companies tend to publish content haphazardly. It doesn’t feel planned and purposeful, so it doesn’t work as well.

We’ll create a content plan first. This makes it easier to ensure that good content gets released on time.

Optimize content for search engines. In some cases, the content may be good, but the search engines don’t see it that way. We’ll seamlessly integrate keywords that make your content more palatable for Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

General search engine optimization

Content optimization aside, we’ll make sure to integrate key tools so that your website is indexed correctly.

One of the instruments we’ll use is Firebase. It’ll help pin your website at the top of the search results.

This way, your website is easier to find for others. You’ll get to attract more new users and earn money.

Design and development

If we’re talking about a complete professional website redesign, here are the steps we’ll take:

1. Start with a mind map. We’ll outline the key sections of your website first. If you have an e-Commerce storefront, we’ll include a shopping cart, a page with products, an about us page, etc.

Our designers will draw up the navigation between these pages. They’ll make sure it’s intuitive and easy.

2. Create wireframes. Our UX-specialists will take each page and draw its layout: button and icon placement. You’ll get black and white versions of the actual web pages.

3. Create a design concept. Designers will pick out three of these and finalize their visual look. They’ll add colors and correct typography. This way, it’s easy to see what the finished website is going to look like.

4. Compile a UI-kit. Designers create it by grouping separate design elements like buttons, headers, and icons. Specialists compile these into a UI-kit. It simplifies development and design, because there’s no need to draw each page and UI-element from scratch.

From here on out, development begins.

Testing and launch

We’ll comb through your website for bugs. This’ll help us eliminate unnecessary crashes and freezes. If these problems remain, some users stay on the website for long.

When the website doesn’t have any bugs, it’s not frustrating to use. Your visitors are satisfied, and they’re more inclined to use your services.

After that, we’ll pass the website to you. Our developers will get it back online themselves. You won’t have to worry about changing domains or other technical minutiae.

Why choose us as your website redesign company

Get unlimited access to our expertise
At Purrweb, we have over 200 specialists: designers, UX-researchers, developers, and project managers. They’ve worked on many different niches: from e-Commerce and healthcare to finance, travel, and real estate.

Be assured, you’ll get a redesign that actually works and doesn’t go against the regulations of your business sphere.

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Get redesign that makes your business more profitable at a cheaper price

A website redesign usually takes no more than a month. For a standard website redesign agency, the price of the redesign services varies from $10,000 to $60,000. It depends on the complexity of the redesign and the overall time it can take.

We’ve listed some of the factors that go into redesign services cost, take a look:

Are you planning to redesign some surface-level elements, like buttons or icons? Or do you want to go all in, change the underlying code, and add new pages? As these tasks mount, the budget increases.
Size of the website
If we’re thinking of a complete overhaul, it’s important to find out how much work needs to be done. A landing page is cheap because there’s nothing else to redesign. If it’s a full-scale online shop with a complicated backend and hundreds of web pages, it’s going to cost more.
Design complexity
The rule of thumb is simple: the more minimal, the cheaper the redesign. If the interface is uncomplicated and there are no animations, it’s going to cost less. The opposite is true, too. If you want to add 3D flourishes, custom animations, and intricate color palettes, it’s going to be expensive.

How you can benefit from website redesign

Increase conversion and other key metrics

We’ll make sure the website works as intended. Our designers will fix the website so that users buy the product and don’t get stuck somewhere along the way.

They’ll also improve key metrics, like monthly active users, lifetime value, and conversion rates.

Build brand awareness and create a respectable image

If you’re planning a brand identity overhaul, we’ll help make this process go smoothly. You’ll get a website that clearly projects the values your business embodies.

At the same time, the redesign will make your webpage more recognizable to others.

Stand out from the competition

Get ahead of the businesses with outdated designs. We’ll give you a makeover that differentiates you from other companies.

This’ll help catch the eye of their customers and sway them to buy your products.

Increase chances of attracting investments

A redesigned website is more likely to receive a generous investment. That’s because it projects an aura of freshness and novelty.

Investors like seeing businesses that have fresh perspectives and care for their customers’ satisfaction. It’s easier to win them over with a redesign.

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  • What are website redesign services?

    When you get website redesign services, you update its visual look or functionality. Most of the time, it’s not about changing colors or messing around with fonts. It’s about getting to the crux of the issue with the user flow and search engine optimization.

    Specialists find problems in these areas and fix them. They do this either by changing interface details or overhauling the underlying backend and website engine.

  • How much do website redesign services cost?

    It depends on the scale of the job to be done, size of the website, and the complexity of design. Take a look at some estimates below. Or contact us contact us in this form, and we’ll tell you a figure personalized for you and your situation.

    • $10 000 to $30 000 for a small-scale redesign,
    • $30 000 to $45 000 for a medium-scale redesign,
    • $45 000 to $60 000 for a large-scale redesign.

  • How can I tell if my existing website needs a web redesign?

    Take a look at these factors. Companies that have them can greatly benefit from website redesign:

    Poor metrics. Users aren’t buying the products advertised, or they don’t stay on the website as long as they should. The same goes for search engine optimization. The moment users look for the services the company provides, its website appears on the third page of the search results.

    Bugs and errors. The website freezes and glitches without rhyme or reason. When users want to checkout, the store shuts down and doesn’t allow them to do anything. It’s frustrating to use.

    Outdated design. It feels like the website lags behind. The page looks like it was created in the early 2000’s and the design is chaotic. On the other hand, competitors’ services look vastly different and are more successful.

  • How long do website redesign services take?

    In most cases, website redesign can take about 2 weeks — a month at most.