SMART TV App Development

Let’s conquer the TV app market by developing a cross-platform Smart TV app — with intuitive UI and well-thought-out UX.

Why use react native for Smart TV
App Development?

To meet the demands of today’s TV market, we recommend React Native.


Being supported by work, this promising technology lets you create a high-quality streaming solution for Apple and Android TV users. By delivering a cross-platform Smart TV experience, you can expand your reach, reduce project costs & timelines.

Clients we work with

  • Content providers
  • Telecoms
  • Media brands
  • TV network operators
  • Advertisers and publishers
  • Content producers

Key Features

We’ve formed a list of core features
that can be applied to most Smart TV Apps.

  • Login with QR code

    Provide added value by letting users scan QR codes on the TV screen with their cameras. The easier it is for them to get access to content, the better.

  • Content search

    Ensure ease of search by letting users find content not just by movie or TV-show name, but also by actor, genre, year, country and other helpful categories.

  • Recommendations

    To capture details about viewers and provide content based on their tastes, past viewing or purchase history.

  • Playback position remembering

    Let your users resume from where they last left off. Simply because it’s deadly annoying to search for a place where you’re at when opening up the app again.

  • Feedback feature

    We heavily rely on feedback — fact. Boost users’ experience by giving them the ability to rate content and write reviews.

  • Favorites

    Enable the ability to save movies and shows users are into. Be it a romantic drama with Ryan Gosling or a Walt Disney’s cartoon they want to add to Watchlist.

TV APP Development services we provide

Purrweb team knows exactly how to turn ‘dumb’ television into a Smart TV!

  • UI/UX design for tv apps

    Our professional UI/UX design team creates impressive and user-centric interfaces for Smart TV apps

  • TV App development including

    Apple TV App Development. Leverage tvOS capabilities and create fully-functioning solutions with seamless UI/UX design.

    Building solutions for Android TV. React Native is what helps us deliver a highly-personalized viewing experience for Android users.

Not sure about what
to include in your future Smart TV app?

Let us help you out!

Share the details about your project idea. We’ll thoroughly study the info, define the main flows and a basic feature set, and then come back with a detailed project estimation.

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  • What is Smart TV app development?

    Smart TV App Development is the process of building solutions for smart TVs. Two most popular smart TV operating systems are tvOS (apple TV) and Android TV.

  • What Smart TV app development service do you provide?

    We provide you with project analysis, UI/UX design, development & QA testing, and release support.

    Analysis: gather and analyze all the project requirements and documentations.

    UI/UX design: create wireframes, prototypes, and design the app screen by screen.

    Development & QA testing: build tvOS and Android TV apps using cross-platform framework React Native paying attention to the testing of code.

    Release support: provide post-launch support.

  • How much design is enough for TV App development?

    Just like with mobile, web or desktop apps, UI/UX design for a Smart TV App has to be intuitive (because we hate cluttered, confusing interfaces) and aesthetically appealing (because we judge a book by its cover). Our dedicated designers are here to help you out.

  • How to manage a team of software developers in TV App development?

    You’ll be provided with a project manager working as a part of the development team. At Purrweb, we work according to the Scrumban approach: plan sprints and deliver demo-versions and results at the end of each.

  • Do you develop custom Smart TV Apps?

    At Purrweb, we offer a wide range of engineering services including app development from scratch and add-on development.

  • What features can you implement for a Smart TV App?

    We can implement everything you need to release your product. We suggest studying our portfolio or contacting us.

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