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Let's conquer the TV app market by developing a cross-platform Smart TV app with an intuitive UI and well-thought-out UX.
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TV app development services we provide

The Purrweb team knows exactly how to elevate big-screen games and turn lifeless traditional television into dynamic Smart TV solutions.

  • Apple TV app development

    Want your content to shine bright on all Apple TV screens? Our team has you covered. We craft slick apps that leverage tvOS capabilities to the maximum. Intuitive design, rock-solid functionality, and an experience that will keep your audience hooked.

  • Android TV app development

    Our smart TV app developers know all the ins and outs of the Android OS. When building solutions for Android TV, we use React Native to deliver a personalized viewing experience for Android users around the world.

  • Project management

    Purrweb's project managers seamlessly coordinate design, development, and testing specialists from concept to launch. With a laser focus on clear communication and efficiency, we ensure every phase hits its milestones. The end result? A high-quality, user-friendly smart TV app delivered on time and within budget.

  • UI design for TV apps

    Our team will make sure your users don't have to get up from the couch to read what's on-screen. Whether they like to lean on the backrest or hunch over, we will consider different habits and the smallest details to create a readable and focused UI for your Smart TV app.

  • UX design for TV apps

    When it comes to Smart TV UX, our focus is always on the user. We make sure navigating your app is as easy and intuitive as scrolling through social media or walking around a familiar neighborhood. Our designers meticulously study how people actually interact with their TVs and craft intuitive navigation flows that just make sense — no Googling required.

  • Rigorous testing

    To ensure optimal performance and high quality, our team conducts many tests. Are the fonts visible from average viewing distances? Is the interface easy to navigate with a remote control? Does the app run smoothly without lag or crashes on various smart TV models? Those are just a few of the details we check for.

we work with

  • Content providers

    Deliver videos, shows, and movies directly to users' homes via smart TV apps

  • Telecoms

    Provide TV services, and on-demand content through smart TV app integration

  • Media brands

    Increase visibility, and engagement with content hubs on the big screen

  • TV network operators

    Offer live channels, catch-up, and program guides via smart TV apps

  • Advertisers and publishers

    Serve targeted, TV-optimized and experiences through smart TV app advertising

  • Content producers

    Monetize, and distribute films, shows, and videos directly to a global viewer base

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Our workflow

  • Examine the idea

    First, we start by analyzing the project's business goals and logic. There is a reason we do it before diving into designing the interface and coding your Smart TV app. After we assess your objectives, we can come up with the best-fit development plan, budget, and timeframe.

  • Prioritize features

    Based on your goals and budget, we prioritize must-have features for your Smart TV app. The precise focus helps us shorten the time-to-market and cut down the expenses, leaving the non-essentials behind.

  • Design UI/UX

    We create a mind map to break down app logic, craft wireframes to visualize it, and turn it into a prototype. From there, the developers can start coding. In our design princesses, we follow all the iOS and Android design guidelines.

  • App development services

    To better serve your goals and objectives, we assemble a team of smart TV app developers with versatile skill sets. They work in sprints — 2-week intervals with regular check-ins — to control the workload and track the progress at every step.

  • Testing

    Bug-free is a must-have for a successful launch. Our meticulous testing regime combines manual and automated checks to detect any issues before the release of your Smart TV app.

  • Release and support

    We won't leave you hanging out to dry after the launch. The team will help support and update the app post-release. We also provide support with the marketplace distribution.

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We've formed a list of core features that can be applied to most Smart TV Apps.

  • QR code log-in

    Provide added value by letting users scan QR codes on the TV screen with their cameras. The easier it is for them to get access to content, the better.

  • Multi-user profiles

    Enhance personalization by allowing users to add multiple profiles within the app. This feature ensures each user gets tailored recommendations and a customized viewing history.

  • Content search

    Ensure easy search by letting users find content not just by movie or TV show name, but also by actor, genre, year, country, language, and other helpful categories.

  • Voice control

    For busy users, simplify navigation and search by incorporating voice control. Let users quickly find content or control playback via voice commands, hands-free and fast.

  • Recommendations

    To capture details about viewers and provide content based on their tastes, past viewing or purchase history.

  • Playback position remembering

    Let your users resume from where they last left off simply because it's deadly annoying to search for a place where you're at when opening up the app again.

  • Feedback feature

    We heavily rely on feedback — facts. Boost users' experience by giving them the ability to rate content and write reviews.

  • Favorites

    Enable the ability to save movies and shows users are into. Be it a romantic drama with Ryan Gosling or a Walt Disney cartoon they want to add to their Watchlist.

  • Offline viewing

    Provide the option for users to download content and watch it offline. This feature is ideal for viewers with limited internet access or those who want to enjoy content on the go.

  • Parental controls

    To make your app family-friendly, allow parents to set content restrictions, monitor viewing habits, and safeguard children from inappropriate content.

  • Automatic updates

    Ensure your app stays up-to-date with the latest features and improvements through automatic updates. This keeps the app running smoothly and safely.

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Why choose Purrweb as your Smart TV app development company

  • Timezone-aligned work

    Whether you are in Australia, Costa Rica, or Korea, we align our working hours with your time zone to strengthen the collaboration. This approach helps us have real-time communication, respond quickly, ask questions, and solve problems — the ultimate goal: smooth and hassle-free development.

  • Constant communication

    Our team uses Slack, email, and video calls for quick text exchanges or check-ins. We provide regular updates, ask for your feedback, and ensure transparency at very stage of the project, keeping you informed and involved.

  • Clear MVP roadmap

    We create a clear MVP roadmap to help you visualize the project's progress and milestones. Our Agile approach ensures that we meet deadlines, deliver key features on time, and stay aligned with your goals and vision.

  • 10+ years of experience in product building

    Purrweb brings a wealth of knowledge and long-standing expertise to your project. We have successfully developed and launched numerous high-quality smart TV company through all the different trends and market obstacles.

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

    Our collaboration doesn't end with the launch. We offer post-release support and maintenance to check that your app runs smoothly, keep you updated with the latest requirements, and continue to meet user expectations in the long run.

  • Quick start: Hire in 24 hours

    We understand the urgency of getting your project off the ground. Our streamlined hiring process allows you to onboard our smart TV app developers within 24 hours and start working toward your goal.

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  • What is included in the UX audit?

    Smart TV app development is the process of building solutions for smart TVs. The two most popular smart TV operating systems are tvOS (Apple TV) and Android TV.

  • What Smart TV app development service do you provide?

    We provide you with project analysis, UI/UX design, development & QA testing, and release support.

    Analysis: gather and analyze all the project requirements and documentation.
    UI/UX design: create wireframes, and prototypes, and design the app screen by screen.
    Development & QA testing: build tvOS and Android TV apps using the cross-platform framework React Native paying attention to the testing of code.
    Release support: provide post-launch support.

  • How much design is enough for TV App development?

    Just like with mobile, web, or desktop apps, UI/UX design for a Smart TV App has to be intuitive (because we hate cluttered, confusing interfaces) and aesthetically appealing (because we judge a book by its cover). Our dedicated designers are here to help you out.

  • How to manage a team of software developers in TV App development?

    You'll be provided with a project manager working as a part of the development team.
    At Purrweb, we work according to the Scrumban approach: plan sprints and deliver demo versions and results at the end of each.

  • Do you develop custom Smart TV Apps?

    At Purrweb, we offer a wide range of engineering services including app development from scratch and add-on development.

  • What features can you implement for a Smart TV App?

    We can implement everything you need to release your product. We suggest studying our portfolio or contacting us.