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Building fast, reliable, and scalable ecommerce solutions for businesses in all segments. Step into the new online era fully prepared — just fill in the form, tell us your idea, and we’ll start custom ecommerce development

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We create…

  • Online stores

    Your customers will enjoy clearly structured product lists, multiple filters, smart search, and personalized recommendations, all guarded by end-to-end encryption and other safety protocols.

  • Marketplaces

    Attract the audience with a one-stop solution featuring the products of several brands and offering a smooth shopping experience. Add some nice perks like in-built analytics tools — and you’re all set.

  • Digital wallets

    Launch a reliable and secure service that will make it easier to manage finances for thousands of people.

  • Fiat & crypto exchanges

    Delve into the world of investments by creating a trading tool with helpful visualizations and accessible dashboards. Trading is risky, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

  • Online auctions

    Build the next big thing in the world of bidding with an intuitive auction system.

  • Payment gateways

    Construct a B2B ecommerce solution that connects customers and online stores.

And anything else you might need.
We’re eager to hear all of your ideas!

Benefits of Custom eCommerce Development

  • Unparalleled customization

    As there are hundreds of different products and target audiences, no two apps will be the same. And custom ecommerce solutions can be shaped specifically to your businesses needs. With custom ecommerce software development, we can build the app specific to your audience.

  • Safety

    User data security is always important. Especially in custom ecommerce development, where money’s involved. Customized apps will always be more secure than the ones made in an app builder. Simply because these off-the-shelf security measures are too common. So, if an exploit get’s found — every business that’s using these security measures becomes vulnerable. And with ecommerce businesses, if you have a data leak — you’ll lose your customers immediately.

  • Scaling possibilities

    Every business person wants their business to grow. In the eCommerce industry, this growth means an increased volume of clients and sales. Unfortunately, more often than not off-the-shelf apps cannot scale-up. So you will have to develop a new app to fit your growing needs. But, with a custom ecommerce platform you can prepare in advance, so when the time comes — you’ll be ready!

  • Compatibility

    Custom ecommerce solutions are developed to fit a business of any scale, and can be easily integrated into any existing system. Which means they are more compatible than their off-the-shelf analogs. With custom ecommerce development services, businesses can quickly develop consistent workflows, and avoid manual data entry or duplicated processes.

Why us

  • Our portfolio includes more than 300 finished projects in fintech, foodtech, healthcare, edtech, and many other segments. We also have a lot of experience with ecommerce, which includes everything from online stores to cutting-edge livestream shopping solutions.

  • In our work, we use a highly flexible,
    Scrum-based approach that allows us to quickly adapt to any conditions. It also helps us minimize risks, save our clients’ money, provide maximum transparency and rapidly release polished software.

  • We’ve been in the market since 2014. Over the past 9 years, we’ve streamlined all our processes and assembled a multi-disciplined team of seasoned professionals.

  • We are a full-cycle development agency. Design, frontend, backend, testing, postrelease support — with a team of over 200 specialists, we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

  • Our specialists are always ready for technical interviews. We understand that it’s hard to trust random people from the Internet — just set a date and prepare your questions.

Our stack

For development, we use JavaScript-based frameworks. They scale easily and come with a high degree of flexibility, offering
a reliable code structure, useful developer tools, and extensive libraries. We’ve worked with these frameworks for many years, and now our team can implement even the most sophisticated functionality quickly and cheaply.

  • React Native

    Our go-to framework for mobile apps. It allows to create software for both iOS and Android using a single codebase (we also call this cross platform development), thus significantly reducing development costs (30% compared to native).

  • React.js

    The perfect framework for web apps such as marketplaces or exchanges. Here’s what’s on the menu: quick loading times, little to no bugs, and many other perks ranging from straightforward API integration to custom components.

  • Electron.js

    Cross platform development, but for desktop apps. Similarly to React Native, you can create a single codebase and run it on both Windows and MacOS without wasting any money on developing two apps at once. Simple, convenient, and highly cost-effective.

Of course, these aren’t the only tools that we use.
Have a quick look at some of the others:

Advanced Technologies and Approaches

With our tech stack, we can easily incorporate a lot of different solutions. Things like:
AR technologies
With custom ecommerce website development, we can make sure your clients get a better understanding of your products. Via AR integration, customers can try on outfits from your store without leaving their homes. All they need to do is point a camera at themselves and look at the screen.
Live-streaming -shopping features
Online streaming can easily boost the sales for your eCommerce business. If a user sees an item they like, while watching their favorite streamer — they can buy it on the spot! No need to leave the stream.
Inventory- management integration
eCommerce and logistics can’t exist without eaсh other. And, by integrating an inventory management platform into your custom ecommerce platform, you can eliminate any possible confusion in delivery scheduling. Accurate delivery date estimation will help your users to make a decision right then and there, and hesitate less.
Cryptocurrency payments
With cryptocurrency being so popular right now — it seems like a no-brainer to incorporate it into your new eCommerce venture. As an ecommerce development company, we can easily implement cryptocurrency as a part of your payment options. Thus greatly expanding your target audience and boosting your sales.

Our cases

  • Broex


    Broex is a multi-currency crypto wallet aimed at making the world of cryptocurrency as accessible as possible. Our clients already had an ecommerce website up and running, but they wanted to branch out into the mobile market — and thus came to us. During software development, we implemented a unique currency selector, created an easy-to-navigate dashboard and made sure that the design was up-to-date with the industry standard.

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    Grecha is a multi-channel ordering app for restaurant managers. It merges messenger functionality with all the convenience of online stores: you can create chats with your suppliers and order the necessary goods right in those chats, keeping all the communication and deals in one place. Other features include an integration with Telegram and convenient product catalogs.

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  • ContentPlace

    Drugs Delivery App

    This app works as an aggregator that combines the offers of all nearby pharmacies in one place. The user can choose the best offer and place an order right in the app. The list of features includes everything that a good ecommerce platform needs: a convenient filtering system, smart search, an integration with GPS, order management screens, and a user-friendly checkout with multiple payment options.

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  • First contact

    You contact us, describe your idea and tell us what ecommerce platform development services you need. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a business degree and years of experience — what really matters is that you have a vision.

    First contact
  • Project evaluation

    We evaluate the project by studying the specifics of your business, analyzing the market, and scrutinizing key competitors. This helps us create the project roadmap and give you the exact cost of development, as well as set clear time expectations.

    Project evaluation
  • UI/UX

    First, we define the logic of the app and create a mindmap. After this, our designers build wireframes — the first sketches of the future product — and send them to you for evaluation. We then create 1–2 screens to test out our design ideas and, again, ask you to provide some feedback. Once we’re on the same page, we finalize our ideas and assemble a UI kit.

    UI/UX design
  • Development

    This is where our developers take over and the software development process truly begins. We follow Scrum guidelines and split the whole development process into multiple 2-week sprints — this way, we can easily control the work of each team and quickly make any changes. We also keep you updated on the progress, publishing the results of each sprint.

    App development image
  • Testing

    Our QA team runs both manual and automatic scripts to hunt down any bugs that the developers missed. The result is a polished product ready for release.

  • Release

    We set up the app’s pages in the App Store and Google Play. But the software development journey doesn’t end here: we continue to support the app after the release by fighting bugs and releasing updates.


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  • What ecommerce development services do you offer?

    We are a full-cycle development agency that will gladly take your project all the way from a concept to a functioning app. Design, development, testing, analytics, management — we do it all.

  • How long does it take to develop an ecommerce app?

    On average, it takes 5 months to build an ecommerce app. We can tell you the exact number after we’ve evaluated your project.

  • Can you integrate the new ecommerce solution with other ecommerce tools we already have?

    Yes, we can! With many years of experience in the field, our team can easily fit the new app into your ecosystem — however complex it may be.

  • OK, I filled in the form. What happens next?

    One of our managers will soon reach out to you to discuss the specifics of your projects. You won’t have to wait for more than a couple of days.