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We develop mobile apps on Flutter. Our team will create a digital product for Android and iOS in the shortest time.

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What is Flutter

Flutter is an open source cross-platform framework, that we can use to quickly create apps for both Android and iOS.
There’s no need to write different code for mobile platforms. We can develop an iOS app first and then reuse its code for Android.
This framework was created by Google and is based on Dart — their programming language. The company is still updating Flutter. Since 2017, the framework has gained a following and attracted a number of successful corporations, like

  • Ebay
  • Tencent
  • Alibaba

The benefits of Flutter app development

Fast release times
With Flutter, you can work on two apps simultaneously. Their quality remains unchanged — the apps work as if they were specifically designed for either iOS or Android. You can also fix bugs faster. There’s no need to jump from one app to the other to get rid of some glitches.
Wider audience reach
You don’t have to limit your reach to one platform. Just release two apps for Android and iOS at once. This way, you can attract more users and save money.
Low-cost development
There’s no need to pay extra for two native app projects and separate developer teams. Instead, hire Flutter developers. Our coders will help you get your app up and running in the shortest time. We work on an hourly rate. Less time spent on development — lower the cost of the app.
Suitable for startups in any niche
Bring your MVP to any market: healthcare, social media, IoT, or marketplaces. We will help you quickly launch, collect feedback, and find out whether the product is viable or not.

Our Cases

  • Pad


    An app for renters and landlords. The user can find a room to move into or get a roommate to share their flat.
    We made the app from scratch: our specialists analyzed the market, created a prototype, and developed the product.

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  • Post-a-room


    An app for renting rooms in London. Our client wanted to collect data about the real estate market in the city and analyze the demand for their app.
    We mapped out the user journey, drew up the design, and developed the app.

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  • Talentum


    A food delivery app. The user signs up, chooses a personal chef and orders food from them.
    We created the UI by ourselves, added a chatbot feature, and released the app in Google Play and App Store.

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  • Kem


    An app for money transfers in Kuwait. The user signs up, enters card info, sends money to friends or requests it from them.
    We delved deep into the banking industry and built an app from the ground up.

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Why choose us for Flutter app development services?

We have experience — check out our portfolio and see for yourself. But that's not the only reason, so check out why you should work with us:

Stay up-to-date with everything related to Flutter app development

We’ll share daily and weekly updates. If something changes during Flutter development, you’ll be notified immediately.
We’ll give you access to the demo version of the app. You can get a feel for the product yourself and make sure that we’re actually doing real work.

Integrate changes on the fly

We’ll adapt to anything: e.g. the deadline is moved closer than originally planned.
We’ll add new features to the app if it’s necessary, if the budget has increased, or the direction of the project has changed.

Launch an app on a turn-key basis

On average, creating a Flutter app takes about 4 months and costs $56,000. Here’s what goes into the process:
Planning We take the client’s requirements on board and begin planning: outlining the budget, scheduling deadlines, and choosing the team for the project.
System analysis. We connect a system analyst to the project. They ensure that the project’s requirements, business-related specifics, and design don’t contradict each other.
UI/UX design. We create a mind map that shows how the product can be used. With it, our designers create wireframes — black and white screens of the app. Then the team fleshes 3 of those out into the design concept. When it’s approved and the design is complete, we collect every design element into a UI-kit to simplify development.
Flutter development. We work in 2-week sprints. At the end of each one, we finish a new feature. QA. While our Flutter developers work on the app, QA engineers simultaneously test it for bugs and errors.
Project management. We make sure the project stays on track and every deadline is met.
Help with release. We launch the Flutter app in popular stores, like the App Store and Google Play Market.

Our expertise

We’ve been working with cross-platform frameworks for 9 years. So far, we’ve completed 300+ projects with it. Check out some things we do to stay in touch with all the important Flutter development trends:


  • How much do Flutter app development services cost?

    The cost varies from $56,000 to $85,000, but other companies may have their own prices. In our case, the cost depends on the business idea, features, and design. Check out what factors make up the cost of development.

  • What can be developed on Flutter?

    We can develop any mobile app with Flutter. These can be apps in different business spheres, like marketplaces and fintech. Or we can build products with non-standard technologies: e.g. AR, VR, and AI.