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We’ve been providing React Native services since 2016 and have never regretted doing this. This marvelous technology helps our clients cut project budgets and timelines dramatically – we just build both iOS and Android apps at the same time, without huge additional efforts.

The React Native framework has become very popular in recent years and the industry considers it the top choice for
cross-platform mobile app development.

Multi-platform scheme

React Native development services

  • React Native Consulting

    True React Native experts don’t write code right from the start. Firstly, it’s crucial to understand the product idea and requirements. We thoroughly study the details clients share, to come up with a clear strategy on how to move forward and meet their business goals and deadlines.

  • React Native Design & Development services

    We run a team of talented and result-oriented designers who create truly engaging products. With not just a sexy look, but also top-notch UX. The finished design doesn’t mean the ‘finished’ product, right? So, once we make sure that every piece of the design looks great, Purrweb developers make it a digital reality.

  • Custom mobile solutions

    We do NOT want to create template based apps that bring zero value. Why? Because users never go back to these kinds of products. Instead, our React Native app developers build highly customized cross-platform apps that alleviate real pain points. Mature JS libraries help achieve that.

  • React Native Migration

    Mobile app technologies are like fashion trends: some are outdated, the other ones are trendy. React Native is something more than just a trend, it’s battle-tested and therefore worth migrating to. So, why not go for React Native app development to update an existing product and give it the native look and feel?

  • MVP for Mobile Startups

    If you want to build MVP, React Native is the best choice. Why? Because the MVP stage is mainly about testing the unknowns. Rather than guessing what platform targets prefer using, it’s better to speed up the development process and simultaneously develop both Android and iOS apps.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Whatever your Android or iOS development idea is — we got you. Don’t feel discouraged if your project doesn’t fit other listed types. Contact us and we’ll make it work for you.

Why us

Purrweb, a React Native development company, has a full-cycle team of developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and QA specialists. Our team can complete the development of a React Native application from the ground up, including UI/UX, API and the mobile Frontend development services — the whole number of app development services needed for the mobile app release in App Store and Google Play.

Team working Team working

We are leaders in cross-platform mobile development with React Native. With a great portfolio of React Native iOS and Android apps, our team has substantial experience that helps us deliver quality products fast.

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Phone Apps
React Native Development for
IOS and Android
Fitforce is a universal tool for both sport lovers and fitness trainers. It comprises a chat functionality, appointment scheduling system, invoicing, and training routine setup. Purrweb’s part of the project was to come up with a great UI/UX design and develop a React Native app for us on both IOS and Android. We built 2 separate apps for the trainer and fitness client to not mix up the functionality, as Uber did with the apps for driver and passenger.

As a result of our development services, there are 2 apps in the App store and 2 apps in Google play. The client is on a user engagement stage, gathering feedback and planning next project lifecycle iterations.
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Phone Apps
React Native Development for
IOS and Android
EnerGO is a powerbank renting service with an intuitive customer journey. Here’s how it works: you pick up a charging device at a station, charge your phone, and then bring the device back to any other station — even if it’s situated in a city 100 km away. This seamless experience is made possible thanks to a wide IoT network that includes thousands of pickup points, both mobile and stationary. Our task was to define the feature set, create both the frontend and backend logic, and set up Chinese-manufactured hardware that serves as the backbone of the service.
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Phone Apps
React Native Development for
IOS and Android
One more React Native app development project is Broex, a multi-currency crypto wallet aimed at making the world of cryptocurrency as accessible as possible. Our
clients already had a website up and running, but they wanted to branch out into the mobile market — and thus came to us. By using React Native, we implemented a unique currency selector, created an easy-to-navigate dashboard and made sure that the design was up-to-date with the industry standard.
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Our workflow

  • Project examination

    Before diving into drawing screens and coding your React Native app, we start by analyzing the project business goals and logic. At this stage, our app development company assesses your objectives and comes up with the optimal development plan, budget, and timeframe.

    Project examination image
  • Feature prioritization

    To shorten the time-to-market and cut down the expenses, we will help you prioritize your app features and focus on the key ones, leaving the non-essentials behind. A small tip: hire React Native developers who have expertise in your field, so you'll be sure to get the most relevant features. And to find out what kind of experience a developer has — check out their portfolio.

    Feature prioritization image
  • UI/UX design

    We will lay out the app logic in a mind map, visualize it with wireframes, and turn them into a prototype that the developers can code. We follow the iOS and Android design guidelines to create a functional interface.

    UI/UX design image
  • App development services

    With React Native, our developers will code the app for iOS and Android simultaneously. As a result, you will get two mobile apps with native-like experience, and save your time and budget.

    App development image
  • Testing

    We will make sure that no critical bug sneaks into the release version. Testing both manually and automatically, our QA team ensures a seamless experience for end users.

    Testing image
  • Release and support

    Our app development company will help with the store distribution and support the app post-launch, fixing smaller issues and keeping the app updated.

    Release and support image

REACT NATIVE AGENCY | Our apps built with React Native

  • Vendify

    IoT app for a network of smart vending machines

    Vendify offers a new, more user-friendly generation of vending machines. Purrweb designed the app and took care of all the frontend in just under 3 months.

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  • Access control system and POS for events

    Access control system and POS for events

    We created a system that helps manage huge open-air events. Each user role gets its own application, so there are three apps. One each for staff, guests, and security. Thanks to customizable interfaces, each app can easily be used at different events.

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    Multi-channel ordering app for restaurant managers

    Grecha merges messenger functionality with the features of online stores — you can create chats with your suppliers and order products right within those chats.

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Other services we offer

Purrweb isn’t exclusively a React Native development company, we do many things. Here are some of them:

Why choose React Native

React Native uses components as its key building blocks. A component is a piece of code that signifies some element of an app — for instance, an image, text, button, or view. Thanks to reusability, you can write a component once and reuse it throughout the entire codebase as many times as you like. This feature makes the React Native app development workflow easier and React Native projects launch faster, all the while opening huge possibilities for creating complex functions and UI patterns. 
React Native’s component-based architecture makes it easier for developers to build scalable apps. For example, there are concepts like properties and states — with their help, you can manage data and control the behavior of components in a straightforward and time-effective way. This framework also comes with a unique virtual DOM (Document Object Model) that updates only the necessary parts of the application and offers optimized performance.
When we say ‘React’, we don’t just mean React Native or ReactJS. We also mean an extensive ecosystem with a huge array of libraries, tools, and community resources, that are readily available to any developer. During React Native app development, you can often leverage existing solutions and thus accelerate the process. Additionally, when using this technology stack, you always have the opportunity to lean on a large community of React Native specialists and extensive documentation.
Ease of use
In addition to all the advantages we’ve already mentioned, React Native is also a very approachable framework. Simple API, declarative syntax, and ample community resources ensure that React Native specialists can quickly find answers and solutions to challenges they might encounter during React Native mobile application development.
Cross-platform design
Remember what we said about reusability? This principle goes way beyond components. With React Native, you can actually write code once and deploy it across both iOS and Android simultaneously. It reduces React Native app development costs and enables developers to deliver a unified user experience across multiple platforms using just a single codebase.


React Native is being used in thousands of apps and services, but it's likely you've already experienced it in one of these apps:

  • Instagram
  • Tesla
  • Uber
  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Pinterest


  • What are the benefits of using React Native?

    React Native allows developers to share up to 70% of the codebase and develop apps for two platforms, iOS and Android, simultaneously. For the business, this means paying less to get the product working on both mobile platforms that the majority uses.

  • How much does it cost to hire a React Native developer?

    The prices vary greatly depending on the developers' location and expertise. Our React Native app development company asks for $25-49 per hour. To get detailed information, we recommend first discussing the project with us.

  • How long does it take to develop a React Native app?

    React Native development services at Purrweb typically take 3 to 4 months for an MVP or a simple app, about 6 months for a mid-complexity app, and 6+ months for a complex app with advanced features and extensive functionality. We always assess the time frame of your project before we begin work. Contact us and get a free estimate in 48 hours.

  • What technologies do you use to build a React Native app?

    The key technology is React Native itself, but it doesn't end there. To get a functioning app, our developers also need to know native programming languages like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. This will help overcome compatibility challenges that appear in the React Native app development.

  • How does React Native cater to iOS and Android differences?

    The design and user interface elements differ between iOS and Android. iOS apps tend to have a more minimalistic design, while Android apps can be more diverse. The React Native framework offers differing libraries with widgets, button styles, icon designs, and navigation schemes to be used for different platforms. To add certain features or functions that are unique to each OS, developers can add platform-specific code when using React Native.

  • React Native vs. native development: which to choose?

    React Native development services are cheaper than native development because you need to hire only React Native app developers, not two separate teams. Also, React Native projects are released faster due to code reuse, so the framework is great for building MVPs. Still, native development generally provides better performance optimization for each specific platform compared to the cross-platform approach.