IT outsourcing services

IT outsourcing services

We’ll help you develop a solid IT-product from scratch. Just tell us your idea and we’ll provide the necessary IT outsourcing services — you won’t have to hire and maintain staff to get a working MVP

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What you’ll get
An IT-product that’s made with cutting edge technology
Our software professionals create apps using modern frameworks: JavaScript, React Native, AWS, Jenkins, etc. Your product will work smoothly.
Clean code that’s easy to work with
After your project is finished, you can assign it to other developers. They won’t have to waste time figuring out how the code works and rewriting chunks of it.
A project that releases on time
We have a project manager that’ll keep you in the loop. They’ll provide weekly updates on your product. Your company won’t miss any scheduled meetings with investors.
A team with expertise
Since 2014, we’ve developed over 300 projects. We’ll form a team based on your needs. And if you already have in-house developers, but they’re busy with other projects, we’ll help with staff augmentation.
What goes into the IT outsourcing services
Project analysis
We’ll connect you to a project manager. State your idea, and we’ll help you analyze the market for your product. You’ll get a timeframe and a cost estimate. Use the form below to get started with your project.
UI/UX design
We’ll create designs keeping your input in mind every step of the way — from mapping out a user’s journey to creating wireframes. You’ll get the mockups, a clickable design prototype and a UI-kit with all interface elements.
Our software professionals work in sprints, implementing each feature you want along the way. We’ll keep you in the loop by showing you a demo of the app every 2 weeks. You’ll know exactly how the product is going to work each time. After this step, you’ll get a functioning mobile app.
Testing and QA
Our engineers search for bugs and other things which may inhibit user experience. This ensures that glitches won’t drive users away, and you’ll achieve the digital transformation of your workflow.
Support and maintenance
After releasing the app, the work is still not finished. Our software professionals will support your product, listen to users’ feedback and implement updates.
How we work
Tap into our experience
We’ve worked on apps of many niches, like Internet of Things, healthcare, fintech, or marketplace. Whether you’re planning on making a telemedicine app or achieving a digital transformation of your workflow, we’ll help you turn that vision into reality.
Dig deep into your project and plan development
You don’t need to have a detailed brief outlining every step of development. Our project manager will contact you and conduct an interview. After you answer all the questions about your business goals and a planned outcome, you’ll get a cost estimate and a detailed roadmap with time frames.
Keep you in the loop during development
You’ll get status reports to ensure that your project releases on time. Our software professionals won’t keep you in the dark — you’ll know what’s going on with your app.
Release and support your product
After release, we’ll continue to add features to achieve long-term user satisfaction. If necessary, we’ll update the app’s code so it stays up to date — and your product runs smoothly.
Our payment model
In development, two payment frameworks are most common: fixed price or time and materials. At Purrweb, we use the latter. Here’s a table comparing the two:
Time and
Who does the model work best for? Corporations and major companies Startups
Does the company know how development may go beforehand? Yes No
Is the model flexible? No: a price is the same regardless
of the number of hours
Flexible: add new features and correct pricing
Tech stacks we use for software development services
At Purrweb, we use JavaScript-based frameworks. They’re cost-effective: we can integrate modern features like payments or geolocation quickly and cheaply. And because we know the pitfalls and best practices of these frameworks, we can create any type of app you’d like with them. Contact us in the form below if you want to get an app in 3 months that runs smoothly.
React Native
It’s a great framework for mobile apps. It allows creating apps for iOS and Android using a single codebase. This way, you won’t have to hire two separate developer teams.
It works best for web-based apps, whether it’s a marketplace or an Internet of Things software. They minimize bugs and shorten loading times.
It’s great for desktop apps. You won’t need to hire two separate teams of developers — you can create software that’s compatible with MacOS and Windows in half the time. You’ll achieve the digital transformation quicker.
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  • Can I change specialists during the outsourcing process?

    We form a team consisting of a project manager, a UI/UX designer, 2-3 developers, and a QA specialist — people who are familiar with your niche. This ensures that the app meets your expectations. If needed, we’ll try to accommodate and make the change.

  • What is included in IT outsourcing services?

    Several things: analysis of the market and your product’s competitors, UI/UX design, coding, testing and QA, and post-release maintenance. You’ll get an app that runs fast on any platform you’d like: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

  • How much does it cost to outsource development?

    The figure usually varies between $56,000 and $85,600. There are several things that influence the cost of development or design. Read more about the cost of development or design.