Cross-Platform App Development Services

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services

We’ll help with cross-platform mobile app development no matter the OS. To do this, we’ll gather a team of seasoned professionals to help your business create an app

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Advantages of cross-platform development services

  • Fast development

    If you want to make an app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android, cross-platform development will help you save time. Your mobile app developers can write code only once — and adjust some parts of it to suit it to both platforms. A company that tries to create an app for these systems natively would have to spend more time — compiling code for each of them from scratch.

  • Lower costs

    Writing a cross-platform app requires less resources because you don’t need to hire 2 separate teams. Companies that resort to native software development have to keep track of both iOS and Android-adjacent teams. They work with different frameworks: e.g. the former with Swift, the latter with Kotlin. Finding this many appropriate developers and hiring them costs more money and time.

  • Lower time to market

    With two apps, companies have to supervise additional QA testing and release strategies. But a cross-platform app allows you to do that once and release an app earlier without bugs. You’ll get an app that’s ready to hit the market in about 4 months. You’ll also encompass a broad audience — users of both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Native performance

    With modern frameworks, cross-platform apps perform just as good as native ones. There will be no bugs or freezes. Your clients will be able to use your app on any device without getting irritated — either by malfunctions or non-native elements which would look odd.

Our expertise

Whether you’re a corporation, a startup, or a small business — we’ll help you develop and release an app from scratch. We’ve got a solid track record in many fields. No matter the niche, we’ll help you reach the majority of mobile and desktop users.

Tech stacks

In order to create smooth cross-platform solutions, we use JavaScript-based frameworks. There are several reasons:

  1. For one, such frameworks offer native-like experience. It’s perfect for hybrid app development. Apps made with JavaScript-based technologies can run on any platform without delays. 
  2. Also, these frameworks are cost-effective. It’s easy to add different features like payments or geolocation without reinventing the wheel. And if you need to provide quick updates, these technologies can help. 

We know where these frameworks shine — and in what instances they may run short. With our knowledge, we’ll deliver any app imaginable. If you have an idea for a product, schedule a call with a manager using the form below.

  • React Native

    This is a very versatile framework for developing mobile apps. With it, we can create any app for iOS or Android with a single codebase. Also, it’s easy to integrate native features seamlessly into apps. That’s because we know how it works and how to use its API library.Essentially, your apps will run fast no matter the device — and you won’t have to hire separate developer teams to make it happen.

  • Electron.js

    Used by companies that made Skype and Slack, this technology is suitable for desktop apps. With it, you won’t have to overpay for two separate teams of developers. Also, you can easily deploy apps that work on any mainstream platform, be it MacOS or Windows — and do so in half the time.

We also use other frameworks to ensure that apps work as intended:

Among others:


Our projects



An app which utilizes React Native. It’s a wallet for people looking to get into cryptocurrency — even though they have no idea where to start. With the app, any user can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency.

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A desktop app made with Electron.js for a stun gun manufacturer. The software collects data from the chip inside the stun gun. A user can see this data themselves in the app and analyze it: for example, find out when the gun was fired.

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A mobile app for renting powerbanks. When the user opens the app, they are greeted with a map — they can find a battery station near them. Then, they can get to the station and collect a charger with the help of this app.

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  • What is cross-platform development?

    Companies get cross-platform app development when they want to create a product for multiple systems — in the case of a mobile app market, it’s Android or iOS.

    It differs from native app development. When creating a cross-platform app, developers write code once and modify a small chunk of it to make the app faster. In the case of native app development, multiple application development teams work with separate apps using different programming languages. It usually takes longer and costs more.

  • How much does cross-platform app development cost?

    The price typically varies from $30,000 to $60,000. There are many things which influence this number: e.g. the general business idea, the number of features and design complexity. If you want to find out more about the price, read more in a guide on factors going into the cost.

  • How long does cross-platform app development take?

    In our case, it takes about 4-5 months. This is our own estimate — other companies may take longer when creating apps. Find out exactly what goes into development and how much time each step of the process takes.

  • How do you choose a cross platform app development company?

    Look for contractors with expertise in cross-platform app development. A business focused on native app development won’t have the skills needed to make a cross platform app.

    Keep in mind that the company has relevant expertise — both in working with businesses of your size and in your niche. They’ll know what pitfalls to avoid to make a solid product.

    This is where a portfolio can help — you’ll be able to find out whether any of projects similar to you have turned out a success.

    Finally, make sure that the company has talented developers. This way, you won’t have to overpay for development mistakes. You can read more about factors which influence whether the company is good.

  • Can I get modifications to my cross platform app once it is launched?

    Yes! After the launch we can add new features and modify old ones.