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Let us help you figure out if your product’s performance is adequate. You’ll know where your areas of friction are — and what you can do to improve them.

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When should you get UX audit services?

  • Poor user retention

    If your customers leave right after booting up the app, a UX audit can help. Our researchers will see and tell you what went wrong — e.g. if there are any problems with signing up or onboarding.

  • Low conversion rate, user satisfaction, and user engagement

    With a UX audit, you’ll know why users don’t make orders or take subscriptions in your service. We’ll tell you every possible reason: from usability issues to design problems. You’ll achieve all planned business goals.

  • Messy, cluttered UI

    Our designers will give recommendations on making an interface easy to navigate. This way, your users won’t have to wander around in the app to search for needed info. They won’t leave your product for competitors, either.

What you’ll get

  • Competitive advantage

    We’ll see what features to borrow from other products in your niche: e.g. dashboards or redesigns of certain elements. Our researchers will tell you what to avoid, too.

  • An audit report on how to fix UI — at your disposal

    We’ll prepare a presentation with recommendations and screenshots of bad design. You’ll also find a step-by-step guide on how to improve design errors — this way, you’ll be able to earn more money.

  • Loyal customers ready to use your product and follow your business plan

    Thanks to a UX audit, you’ll eliminate user interface errors. It’ll enrich user experience, and it’ll be easier for your customers to use your app, so they’ll be returning to it often.

  • An expertise of a team with 9 years of experience

    We’ll connect UX researchers with experience in your niche. They’ll give recommendations backed up by successful case studies and years of practice. You’ll know what features and design elements to implement, and what should be avoided.

Our work process

  • Analyze the market and your competitors

    We gather project info. To do this, we look at both direct and indirect competitors — at the same time, we note their smart solutions and errors. We also look at statistics if our client collected it with Google Analytics. We use the data we collect — like how long users stay in the app or what screens make them leave — when making recommendations.

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  • Conduct interviews with our client and their target audience

    We get all the missing details via an interview with our customer. It helps us immerse ourselves in their product, understand the context of their problems and see what issues stick out like a sore thumb. After that we conduct focus groups consisting of their target audience. Our UX researchers ask them to go through a user flow and write down their experience — we use their findings to create tips on how to fix the interface.

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  • Carefully study UX design

    We draw on our experience to figure out where UI is lacking. Our designers dig deep to see why users don’t invest their time and money into a product. To do that, they evaluate app navigation, user experience and visual design. We also take into account some design elements which might hinder reliability and performance.

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  • Make a list of recommendations

    In the end, you’ll get tips on how to improve your app — and ensure it generates more profit. We’ll provide them in the form of a presentation, along with UI errors and flaws.

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Our cases that began with a UX audit

  • Broex


    A cryptocurrency wallet for people who have never bought bitcoin in their lives. Users can exchange crypto directly in the app.

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  • Shockers


    An app for a stun gun manufacturer. It collects data from a chip embedded into each gun. A user can analyze this data, and see when the gun was fired.

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  • Energo


    A food delivery app. The user scans a QR code and enters a restaurant’s page in the service. They can choose dishes and place an order. Downloading an app isn’t required — you can access the product from a mobile browser.

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  • What is included in the UX audit?

    First we dive into your project — check out your niche, target audience, and competitors. We also conduct an interview with you to get even more details.

    Then we look at statistics which you have and analyze it — e.g. data from Google Analytics. We also pay attention to user experience and the visual design of your product, and check to see if your UI isn’t cluttered.

    Finally, we form ideas as to what could go wrong based on the data, and then provide recommendations for improvements. You’ll get a report in the form of a presentation.

  • Who conducts UX audits?

    Our team includes designers with experience in your niche, developers and UX researchers.