We create truly
habit-forming products. With the sexy look
and UX in mind.


Opportunity scheme

  • Prototyping
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • IxD
  • IA
  • UX Design

    Define the way the end
    user will interact with
    the product.

  • UI Design

    Create the look and feel
    that enhances the overall
    user experience.

  • Prototyping

    Establish the entire app architecture and navigation components.

  • Visual Design

    Visualize content-strategy
    and information architecture
    to convert visitors into customers.

  • Content-Strategy

    Come up with content
    ideas which will boost
    user engagement.

  • Branding

    Make the product stand out through custom style, fonts,
    icons, and animations.

  • Information Architecture

    Organize content in a way
    that makes the product
    simple and intuitive.

  • Interaction Design

    Build a truly habit-forming product that makes users
    come back over and over again.

  • Motion Design

    Visualize product information
    to help the user focus on what’s really important


Concept 2 days

Competitor research

To check the way similar products are designed. Research is crucial to better understand what users
are likely to expect.

Competitor research


UI design services are not only
about creativity.
It’s about the process.
Color schemes, fonts,
cons must be motivated and we know the way
achieve that.



Design Concept

1-2 visualized app screens from the core user flow

Needed to establish the agreement in terms of how the eventual visual design will look and feel



2 weeks

Aimed at testing how
the interface performs
with no distraction
on colors and prettycisms. Just bare skeleton to make sure UX is on the top level.



Clickable prototypes

Black and white

Needed for getting initial feedback
or conducting
UX interviews.

Visual Design

2 weeks

To ‘dress up’ the product
and make it stand out through colors, fonts, animations, logos, and custom style of the brand. It establishes the tone of voice a product talks to a user.

Visual Design


UI-kit, beautiful clickable prototypes, design system

Needed for handing off to devs or trying to raise fund

UI/UX Design Services

  • Technically feasible design

    Technically feasible design

  • IOS/Android

    IOS/Android guidelines oriented

  • Thorough analytics based

    Thorough analytics based

  • Acknowledged

    Acknowledged by Behance and Dribbble


  • Can I just build the app neglecting UI/UX Consulting?

    Yes, you can. Although, if neglecting UX, don’t expect happy users to come back.

    Just like when building a house, you can skip the boring ‘Construction’ part and put all efforts into decorating. Eventually, no one cares about what’s under the hood, right? But don’t be surprised if one day you notice wall or ceiling cracks.

    The same applies to product building. Find the best UI/UX Design agency to ensure that your app not only LOOKS GOOD but also FEELS GOOD. Achieve customer satisfaction by giving them the simplest thing to use — with carefully-crafted user flows, smooth interactions and easy-to-get patterns.

  • How much design is enough for an MVP?

    The MVP stage is neither a super-polished nor an ugly product.

    Put as much efforts and time into the design stage as will be enough to create an app that looks appealing (sloppy design won’t motivate anyone to start using it) and clearly presents the core functionality.

  • How important is the UI/UX Design for a Product?

    Today’s users have access to thousands of apps and web services. They can easily find whatever is needed. Are you sure that the sloppy design will anyhow motivate them to start using your product? So, this is the answer.

  • How much time does it take to deliver UX and UX Design services?

    The average time for the design services is about a month. Within this time frame, you get your app prototyped and greatly designed (UI/UX).

  • Should I build 2 separate designs for a cross-platform mobile MVP?

    This isn’t mandatory at all.
    To get started, you can build the design for iOS. Later, once UI/UX for iOS app is done, you can request Android design services as well (no more than 10% of the entire work scope).

  • How do you estimate the time for UI/UX Design Services?

    The process is pretty straight-forward:
    1) Identify all the user scenarios of a product
    2) Assume the number of screens needed to design each scenario
    3) Estimate how long it will take to implement and prepare the breakdown.

  • What should I give you to launch the design process?

    Before the design services, we need to define main usage scenarios i.e how users come to your app, what they can do within the system, what goals to accomplish, etc. Knowing target users is great — this knowledge will guide further design decisions i.e what colors/fonts to pick.

    Understanding competitors/Sketching and sharing interface ideas (even if your drawing skills suck) would also be super helpful.

  • What tools do you use to render UI and UX Services?

    To build the UI/UX, we prefer using Figma and Principle these days. We used to work with Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop in the past but we found out that Figma combines all the best features and also enables easy design-to-development handoff.

  • How many variants of the design are you going to accomplish?

    At Purrweb, the very first UI/UX stage is the design concept. By saying ‘design concept’ we mean 1-2 visualized app screens from the core user flow presenting how the finalized design will look and feel.
    So, during the ‘Design concept’ stage we prepare and deliver up to 3 variants of the final design version. Your zone of responsibility is to pick the best one — even if they all seem to be awesome. Design concept is one of the core elements of the design services at Purrweb.

  • Do you also conduct development services?

    Yes, we also do the technical implementation of the design that we made. We love bringing this that we came up with not only visually but also technically. In short, we deliver a full range of start production services: Design, Development, QA, Project management.