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We create habit-forming products with a sleek look and UX in mind.
After UI/UX design services you get 5 key deliverables: mind map, wireframes, UI concept, Figma design, clickable prototype with UI kit.
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Opportunity scheme

  • Prototyping
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • IxD
  • IA
  • UX Design

    Define the way the end
    user will interact with
    the product.

  • UI Design

    Create the look and feel
    that enhances the overall
    user experience.

  • Prototyping

    Establish the entire app architecture and navigation components.

  • Visual Design

    Visualize content-strategy
    and information architecture
    to convert visitors into customers.

  • Branding

    Make the product stand out through custom style, fonts,
    icons, and animations.

  • Interaction Design

    Build a truly habit-forming product that makes users
    come back over and over again.

  • Content-Strategy

    Come up with content
    ideas which will boost
    user engagement.

  • Information Architecture

    Organize content in a way
    that makes the product
    simple and intuitive.

  • Motion Design

    Visualize product information
    to help the user focus on what’s really important

Design segments we specialize in

  • Enterprise apps

    We can create an app for a company of any size — from national SMEs to global conglomerates and corporations. For example, a product to track your enterprise’s environmental impact — a carbon accounting app

  • Fitness and sports-oriented apps

    We integrate different types of content, trackers, and features to make sure your users develop healthy habits and keep using your product. We offered similar UX design services when we made an app for breathing practices

  • Logistics platforms

    We create apps that make supply chains easier to manage. You can use them in your own work processes — or sell them as SaaS. Check out one of our logistics apps

  • Internet of Things

    We create intuitive applications and designs for the internet of things. Enable seamless communication between the user and the hardware to help businesses innovate. Recently we helped launch a successful powerbank-renting startup

  • Cryptocurrency

    We have experience working with blockchain. Our crypto apps are secure and user-friendly, and we prove it with usability testing. For example, we can help you create an accessible user experience for a crypto wallet app

  • Foodtech

    We incorporate best practice UI/UX solutions and user testing for food-related startups. Be it consumer-oriented apps or business-oriented niche tools like supplier management software

  • Medtech

    We develop medical platforms and websites that connect the patients to the doctors. Our apps account for field specifics like insurance, while clean and thoughtful design instills the feeling of safety. You may learn more about our user experience design process in the case of an online therapy service

  • Real estate

    We can immerse ourselves into any market and create an app for it. No matter if it’s an app for tenants or landlords, we create products that feel nice and make interaction design seamless, like this real estate app


Concept 2 days

Competitor research

To see how similar products are designed. Research is vital to better understand what users
expect from the results.

Competitor research


UI design services are not only
about creativity.
It’s about the process.
Color schemes, fonts, and
styles must be justified and we
know the way to achieve it.



Design Concept

1-2 visualized app screens from the core user flow

The concept establishes how the resulting visual design will look and feel.



2 weeks

The prototype tests how the
interface works, avoiding colors
and visual effects that can
distract from the logic. It's a bare skeleton that reveals UX to make sure it's on the top level.



Clickable prototypes

Black and white

To get first impressions
and feedback or
conduct UX interviews.

Visual Design

2 weeks

To ‘dress up’ the black
and white prototype by adding colors, fonts, logos, brand style, and animations. It sets up the tone of voice your product talks to a user.

Visual Design


clickable prototype, design system

Goes to the mobile or web development team or to investors for fund raising

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  • Technically feasible design

    feasible design

  • IOS/Android

    guidelines oriented

  • Thorough analytics based

    analytics based

  • Acknowledged

    by Behance and Dribbble

Why choose our UI/UX design services?

Stay informed on all aspects of the UX design process

If the market shifts, one of our UX designers gets sick, or some changes to the app or website aren’t feasible, we’ll tell you straight away. 

Get UI/UX design that enhances your app

We have a portfolio of 300 projets, so we can accommodate almost any product, niche, and designs.

Integrate changes on the fly

If you want to integrate new user tasks, we’ll see if they’re good — and add them quickly if they’re beneficial for the product. That’s because we base our UX design process on the Agile methodology.

Release your product quickly

UI/UX design alone can take up to 4 weeks — you’ll get a clickable, functional prototype you can share with your developers.

What our clients say about us

  • Video preview

    Christian Muckenhuber

    Project lead of Fan.at

    27, January
  • Video preview

    William Angel

    CTO at Personalised — wellness app design

    22, March
  • Video preview


    CEO at Fintech Startup

    4, February
  • Video preview

    Niko Argeroplos

    CEO at minme.io - Site-builder

    15, March


reviews on 3 platforms


average rating


  • Biogeek


    A cryptocurrency project

    We designed an app which helps users buy, transfer, and exchange cryptocurrency. The client already had a working app, but they wanted a redesign. We analyzed the market and competitors and got to work. Our UX designers removed excessive features and user interface elements, added widgets that simplified navigation, and passed the finished design to our client’s development team.
    We worked in sprints. Our project managers divided the entire project into stages: e.g. mind map, wireframes, and UI-kit creation. We spread these steps across 5 weeks.

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  • Net0


    Copy trading platform

    An app for financial investors to share their strategies and portfolios with the appropriate risk levels. Users can check out some readymade strategies and be reassured that investing isn’t difficult. We designed an MVP and worked with the client’s development team to release a functional product. Our designers mapped out new screens, took them to the client for approval, and guided developers in case any questions popped up.
    Some of the interface design elements and screens we created include personal profiles, dashboards, and a FAQ-section.

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  • Net0


    Home rental app

    An app that matches tenants and landlords. The former can find an apartment that suits their price range and location, while the latter can choose responsible people to lease to. We created this app from scratch: analyzed the market, created a user journey map, and built an interface design.
    One of the unusual features we integrated is a separate matching algorithm. It works similar to a dating app: tenants and landlords share their preferences after downloading the app, and then they get matched based on this info.

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  • Net0


    An app focused on breathing techniques

    We made sure the MVP can integrate several types of content: from articles and audio guides to video tutorials. Our UX designers created a website, a breathing practice builder and added a Face ID login. In order to market this app better, we created a website that’s optimized for search engines.
    Our team released the app in the App Store and Google Play. We made a deal with our client to create a new version of the app for Apple TV.

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  • Net0


    An independent ecosystem for nightclubs

    We created a system of apps and user interfaces for 5 user journeys: staff, guests, cooks, managers, and super admins. Our design team integrated guest verification, QR-code generation, and private dance orders. All these features minimize personal contact — both guests and personnel can worry about their own affairs without wasting time.
    After release, our client began sharing the app with his customers, who had been waiting for it since the first round of investments. The ecosystem is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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  • Net0


    An app that showcases charging stations for electric vehicles

    Our client contacted us for user experience design services — after the UX-audit, it turned out we needed to revamp the main user flows. We overhauled the product by outlining its most useful features, like route creation. We also created a new brand identity almost from scratch — for graphic design, we only kept the colors, and everything else had to be brand new.
    A year later, the client reached out to us again for mobile app development. We used React Native to create a product that their investors would love.

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  • Net0


    An app to collect the items you want

    In this case, our UX design services were first focused on the main flow of the app. The user chooses a shop from the list, picks out an item from a store, and adds it to their collection. After that, they can share the items with their friends.
    During UX design. We honed in on minimalism. This app is simple to use, and its design reflects that. We chose a monochromatic color scheme and a common font — we based an entire design system on these factors.

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  • Net0


    An app for pet owners

    This app provides ways and features which help keep track of a pet’s health and their vet appointments. Our client was an entrepreneur with their own health clinic in Germany — they wanted to develop this product as a startup.
    Our team based their work process and UX design on the SCRUM methodology. We had to adhere to a budget and a 3-month timeframe, so we prioritized some features and omitted the rest. For example, we kept weight trackers and maps with nearest hospitals in.

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  • Net0

    Clearstep (formerly Lytic.Health)

    A medical app with a focus on disease prevention and appointment scheduling

    It’s an app where users can write their symptoms to a chatbot. Then, they may get recommendations on how to go about their health. After the client filled out the design brief, we began working with UX design services. Our UI designers created a design concept two days after we got the brief. That’s 3 main screens showcasing key design features. Our clients asked for a clickable prototype — we created one in 1,5 weeks.
    Our clients were satisfied with the results and the user experience design. They showed their designs to investors and raised $400,000.

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  • Net0


    An app for hosting events with a big audience

    We created separate user interfaces for guests, security, and vendors of the event. This product is similar to a “White Label”-type app — you can customize it to fit your desired event. We also offered different UI services for a POS-type app, and vendors can use it to generate orders. 
    Overall, our UX experts and designers mapped out and created 87 screens in a span of 4 months.

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  • Net0


    An app for oncologists and their patients

    We created a product that has no competitors at the national level. Our team took this project under its wing and divided it into two components: a mobile app for patients and a web app for doctors. We put together references, created user experience design, and added features which turned this app into a SaaS.
    To promote the project, our designers made an animated commercial. Our client showcased it at a conference which they attended. So far, user feedback is good.

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  • Net0


    Parcel management system

    We assembled a team of our specialists: a manager, a designer, and two software developers. We outlined the most important user role and customized the app for them — in this case, it’s the dispatcher. We took a unique approach with icons in the app. Our UI designers created a separate pack with interface design elements and integrated some usability testing. This user testing helped us make sure our icons felt intuitive.

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We share all the learnings about product design through articles.

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  • Can I just build the app neglecting UI/UX Consulting?

    Yes, you can. Although, if neglecting UI/UX design, don’t expect happy users to come back.

    Just like when building a house, you can skip the boring ‘Construction’ part and put all efforts into decorating. Eventually, no one cares about what’s under the hood, right? But don’t be surprised if one day you notice wall or ceiling cracks.

    The same applies to product building. Find the best UI/UX Design agency to ensure that your app not only LOOKS GOOD but also FEELS GOOD. Achieve customer satisfaction by giving them the simplest thing to use — with carefully-crafted user flows, smooth interactions and easy-to-get patterns.

  • How much time does it take to deliver UI and UX Design services?

    At our UX/UI design agency, the average timeframe for design services is about a month. During this period, you get a prototype of your application and a significant design (UI/UX).

  • What tools do you use to render UI and UX Services?

    We prefer to use Figma and Principle to create UI/UX. We used to work with Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, but found that Figma combines all the best features and also allows us to easily transfer design into development. These tools are used in providing a UI/UX design services.

  • Do you also conduct development services?

    Yes, we also do the technical implementation of the design that we made. We love bringing this that we came up with not only visually but also technically. In short, we deliver a full range of start production services: Design, Development, QA, Project management.

  • How important is the UI/UX Design for a Product?

    Today’s users have access to thousands of apps and web services. They can easily find whatever is needed. Are you sure that the sloppy UI/UX design will anyhow motivate them to start using your product? So, this is the answer.

  • How do you estimate the time for UI/UX Design Services?

    In a UX/UI design agency, the process is pretty simple:
    1) Define all user scenarios for the product;
    2) Determine the number of screens needed to develop each scenario;
    3) Estimate how long it will take to implement and prepare the breakdown.
    This is what the process of providing UI/UX design services looks like.

  • How many variants of the design are you going to accomplish?

    At Purrweb when providing UI/UX design services the very first stage of UI/UX is the development of the design concept. When we say «design concept», we mean 1-2 visualized screens of the application with the main stream of users imagining how the final design will look and feel.

  • Which locations do you work in?

    We offer mobile app development and UI/UX services in Dubai, Berlin, San Francisco or any other city around the world.