Web development professionals

Create responsive and multi-purpose web solutions. With stunning design and amazing performance level.

Web development services we provide

  • Analysis

    Dig deep into the project by asking lots of questions about the planned outcome, business goals, target users and issues they want to handle.

  • Web development

    Once we achieve an absolutely stunning design, it’s time to turn it into a digital reality. So, yes, at this stage a great-looking and functioning website occurs.

  • Wireframing

    Create the first rough outline of a planned web project. Portray main user flows and basic layouts to see the big picture without being distracted by visual elements like colors and fonts.

  • Testing

    Thoroughly study the website to make sure it’s completely user-friendly and both layouts and functionality look awesome on all screen resolutions.

  • Design

    Thoroughly study the website to make sure it’s completely user-friendly and both layouts and functionality look awesome on all screen resolutions.

  • Post-launch support

    The journey doesn’t end on the day of release. To make sure the website is bug-free and works properly, we provide post-launch support and maintenance.

cases of purrweb

  • Biogeek


    A web application with mobile adaptation that helps users keep all lab tests in one place and monitor their health.

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  • Net0


    An app for companies that care about nature and want to attract investments through green manufacturing.

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  • Cubbiq


    C2C service for storing things. Helps you find a landlord who has a free storage room or garage and leave your belongings there for storage.

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  • MTA


    An online service that helps you find the right therapist and improve your mental well-being from the comfort of your own home.

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Provide full-cycle
web development services

Purrweb is more than ‘devs for hire’.
We know how to turn raw ideas into scalable web solutions

Concept 2 days

Product analysis
and competitor research

3 days

We never rush into web development right from the start. First of all, it’s crucial to delve into the project and analyze similar web apps that already exist. To meet business goals and create a solution with an eye on the end-user.

Competitor research


Design Concept

1-2 visualized screens from the core user flow

Needed to see the big picture early on and find out how the final visual design would look like

UI/UX Design

2 weeks

Extrapolate the design concept we’ve already established to design the entire web project. To come up with a truly engaging design, we heavily rely on the hottest UI/UX trends and design best practices.

UI/UX Design


UI-kit, beautiful clickable prototypes, design system

Needed for handing off to devs or fundraising


5 weeks

Once every piece of the design looks awesome, it’s time to make it a digital reality, right? For that, we use the power of JavaScript with React.js and Node.js



Functioning web app

Deployed on the staging server

Needed for the release and product market fit testing

Quality Control

(in parallel with web development)

Run QA testing in parallel with the web development process to discover flaws that need fixing (no app is bug-free) and ensure that the web app performance is at the highest possible level.

Quality Control


Stable product

Ready for sharing with users

Needed for making sure there are no critical bugs

Post-launch maintenance and support

(for as long as it takes)

Technologies are constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to monitor trends. To ensure the app code is up-to-date, we provide post-launch maintenance and support services.

Maintenance and support


Ease of adding new features and making updates

Needed to achieve long-term user satisfaction and ensure the app’s continued integrity

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Know web development inside out

Achieved mastery in web development services. On both theoretical and practical levels.

  • Architecture

    Carefully think through the structure to ensure the web app is scalable and every module can be effortlessly changed and redeployed. Changing the tech stack won’t be a headache as well.

    Team development/ Smart deployment/
    Organized refactoring/

  • Frameworks

    When choosing technologies, we rely on these 3 criteria: problem-solving, web app development speed and compatibility with emerging technologies. Options you can see below perfectly meet them all.

    React.js/ Next.js/ Express.js/
    Nest.js/ Node.js/

  • Cloud hosting

    Get the most out of Amazon’s time-proven solutions like AWS EC2 and use other services like DigitalOcean and Heroku to host the web app backend.

    AWS/ DigitalOcean/ Heroku/

  • Scalability

    Deliver solutions with scalability in mind. To provide convenient usage and prevent crashes even if with 10K simultaneous users trying to access the web app.

    Load balancing/ Partitioning/
    Vertical scaling/ Horizontal scaling/

  • Databases

    To ensure the web app retrieves data accurately, we give special attention to database choice. Work with SQL (PostgreSQL and MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases. Use AWS cloud solutions like AWS RDS and DynamoDB as well.

    PostgreSQL/ MySQL/ MongoDB/
    AWS RDS/ DynamoDB/

  • Infrastructure

    Take full responsibility for installing & managing server infrastructure as well as for headache-free code deployments.

    Doker/ Nginx/ AWS Lambda/
    AWS Elastic Beanstalk/


  • Web development services — how much does it cost?

    If you want to get an accurate estimation of all the functions — contact our managers.

  • How long does it take to develop a web application?

    On average, MVP development takes about 3 months. This time is needed for a great UI/UX design, web app development, and QA testing.

  • I already have a mobile app. Can you make me a web version?

    Sure! If you already have a mobile app, we will connect to the existing database and develop a web version for you.

  • Who is on the web development team?

    It depends on the needs of your project. Usually, our web development teams consist of a project manager, a UI/UX designer, 2-3 developers and a QA engineer.

  • Can I ask Purrweb to create a design for my ready-made web app?

    Of course! Our designers are always ready to help you with the creation of a unique UI/UX design.

  • What functions can you implement in my web app?

    Any functions you need to release your product. Check out our portfolio — there are many features allowed.

  • Do you have web apps development experience?

    Of course! We have already worked on projects of varying complexity and helped to release a large number of startups.

  • What about custom web apps?

    Any of them! If your solution requires an unique approach to realization, we will design an interface, develop a row of necessary functions and give you full tech documentation.