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Software development services
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We offer custom software development services covering web, desktop, and mobile platforms. Our team of experienced professionals prioritizes user-centric design and development. The goal is to ensure that the final product meets the needs and expectations of both the business and its audience.

We aim to deliver MVPs within 4 months so that our clients reduce time to market, attract investment, and test their ideas quickly.

  • MVP

    We can create an MVP in less than 4 months. You will get a ready-to-go product from scratch, which you can launch in the App Store or Google Play to test in real market conditions or show to investors. MVP contains the most necessary features and has an attractive and user-friendly UI. It can be further developed and turned into a complex custom app.

  • IOS/Android development

    Our team has experience in developing native mobile apps in a wide range of niches. We know all the requirements and standards, which allows us to develop and deploy apps as quickly as possible. For example, we can customize a medical app to comply with HIPAA and build a financial app so that it aligns with your country's regulations.

  • Desktop app development

    Our developers build Windows, macOS, and Linux-based apps using the Electron framework. This technology allows us to create high-quality desktop apps that run smoothly on all major operating systems. Data security and excellent performance, proven by Slack, WhatsApp, and Skype — that's what makes Electron our top choice.

  • Web development

    Our specialists rely on React.js and Node.js frameworks for high development speed and compatibility with new technologies. We use the best cloud hostings such as AWS EC2, DigitalOcean, and Heroku, and pay special attention to database selection to make web apps secure and reliable.

  • Cross-platform development

    We use cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter to create apps for iOS and Android at once. These frameworks let us reuse about 75% of code for two mobile platforms to reduce development time and cost by 30%.

  • Software development for startups

    To help startups test their ideas fast and on budget, we offer a range of services such as market and competitor analysis, detailed specification of user flows, UI/UX design, product development, testing, and maintenance.

Why choose
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software development

At Purrweb, our team of experts in software product development helps startups in UI/UX design, web, and mobile app development. We know how to make a habit-forming product with an elegant look, as we have developed more than 300 of them.

  • 50к

    positive reviews collected by our clients' apps in app stores

  • 300 projects


  • 3 months

    average release time

  • 5 years

    our longest partnership with a client

  • 180 members

    in our team

  • $39K

    average app budget


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Our custom software development process

The development process at Purrweb is organized with Agile methodology to divide the development into short sprints and show predictable results. And in-depth testing ensures the protection of client and app user data. We prioritize clear communication, so every project meets its goals and fits within the client's budget.

Read more about calculating software development costs in our blog.

  • Analysis and planning

    At initial meetings, we gather requirements and talk about business goals. Then, our analysts study competitors, market trends, and user expectations to determine which features must be implemented. After this, we deliver a detailed proposal, including timelines, budget estimates, and project milestones.

  • Design

    We create UI/UX designs focusing on usability and aesthetics. Thanks to iterative feedback sessions with stakeholders, we refine designs and establish standards for consistency. We make clickable prototypes, so clients can try the interface on a real device.

  • Development

    Our team breaks down the project into 2–4 week sprints with specific goals and deliverables. This ensures that the client gets tangible results on a regular basis and can easily track progress. Then, we assemble the UI using React.js or React Native and integrate the server-side logic and APIs using Node.js.

  • QA

    Our specialists ensure the software is bug-free, secure, and performs well. We test individual components for functionality and reliability throughout the course of the development and double-check that everything works together as expected in the end.

  • Launch

    We release an app to the App Store and Google Play Market, or install and set it up on your company's staff devices if it's an enterprise system. With over 300 projects behind, we've developed expertise in working with stores. So we launch apps quickly and meet all platform requirements.

  • Maintenance and support

    We add new features and updates based on user feedback and market trends to improve the app's performance and scalability. We will keep on maintaining the app or hand it over to your in-house team.

Our client's cases

We've developed 300+ apps in various fields and our clients love them, check out our reviews. Our dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to understand the unique needs of each client, ensuring that the final product resonates with your vision and goals.

Lytic Health

Lytic Health

This is a marketplace app where users sell tracks for licensing. We helped with visual design — our specialists tried to make the app user-friendly and sleek. Our developers also used Elasticsearch and integrated a “Prerender” API — this ensures that Tunetank stays as the top query in search results.

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A platform for brokers and investors that provides tools for searching and using the unique investment strategies. Users can learn about the available options, assess risks, transfer money to a trust manager, and start receiving passive income. It also has a dashboard that shows user's account balance and performance of the investment strategies.

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We've created a food ordering platform where restaurant and hotel owners create pages with their offers and attractive proposals for customers. They can post specific details about their establishments and customize the service to fit their brand. Also, entrepreneurs can customize menus, delivery options, visuals, and colors.

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How to launch an app with Purrweb

We can make a wide variety of different apps according to your wishes and goals. We are most experienced with the following types of solutions.

  • Outsourcing offers several benefits. You get a dedicated team that handles every aspect of your project from the start, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. The team is accustomed to working together, which enhances efficiency, communication, and collaboration.

    The outsourced team takes care of the entire development process, from initial concept through to final deployment, so you'll get an end-to-end development. Yet, we will provide reports and keep you informed throughout the entire process, and you may ask for changes at any time. And what's more, by outsourcing, you can often achieve significant cost savings compared to hiring and maintaining an in-house team with similar expertise.

  • If you prefer more control or need a little boost for your existing in-house team, outstaffing may be a better option. It allows you to bring in specialists on an as-needed basis. You can easily increase or decrease the headcount to adjust the team size depending on the project requirements.

    Purrweb specialists seamlessly integrate into your current workflows, ensuring minimal disruption. You'll get experts who will start contributing from day one, delivering value without the lengthy onboarding period typical of permanent employees.

Custom software development costs

To develop an app, whether it's an MVP or a full-fledged, complex system, you need to plan your budget in advance. Keep in mind that the cost of the project depends on the specific case, set of features, and your industry. Here is an estimate of potential project costs, depending on the features and the tech stack you plan to use.

  • Cross-platform app


  • Web app


  • Windows/ MacOS/ Linux development


Industries we have expertise in

With our 10 years of experience, we can design, develop and deploy your app, no matter what industry you are in, or what language you speak. For example, we've launched a streaming platform for Spain without speaking Spanish and an IoT project using Chinese guides. Here's more:

  • Travel

    We can develop an app for your travel agency, allowing users to find new places for their trip, make a detailed custom plan, book tickets, hotels, tours, and restaurants.

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  • Healthcare

    With our apps for doctors and hospitals, your clinics can optimize workflows, real-time data collection, and analytics. While patients can use it to improve medication management with automated reminders and tracking.

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  • Logistics

    Our developers build Windows, macOS, and Linux-based apps using the Electron framework. This technology allows us to create high-quality desktop apps that run smoothly on all major operating systems. Data security and excellent performance, proven by Slack, WhatsApp, and Skype — that's what makes Electron our top choice.

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  • Wellness

    We create sports and wellness apps that connect professionals with their clients, helping to reduce training costs and optimize the use of working time.

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  • Custom e-com apps

    When developing apps for e-commerce, it's crucial to make the shopping process as simple as possible. Not only does it improve the UX, it also increases sales and customer satisfaction. And custom solutions are easily scalable.

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  • Events

    We focus on creating event apps that help both organizers and attendees get the most out of festivals, meetups, and exhibitions.

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  • Social media

    Thanks to a well-thought-out design, our team can help you attract new audiences to your social media or entertainment platform. We know how to encourage networking via high-quality UI/UX and make features fit every niche.

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  • Real Estate

    We develop real estate apps that automate and streamline the entire process, from searching a flat and moving in to managing the property, including handling rent and utility payments.

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  • Fintech

    From household budget trackers to banking apps and ERP systems, we develop fintech apps that enhance convenience and transparency across financial systems.

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  • POS

    Whether you need a custom POS system for retail, hospitality, or any other industry, we'll develop a solution that helps your business.

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  • IoT

    We can create an IoT app and design a user-friendly UI that looks and feels good on any type of screen, from modern wearables like smartwatches to smart-fridges.

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  • Smart TV

    Conquer the TV app market by creating a cross-platform Smart TV app. We know how to make the UI pop, but still keep it intuitive to use.

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Tech stack
that brings
the desired business results

Our biggest advantage is working with a focused tech stack. A solid set of technologies, mostly consisting of tools and frameworks that belong to the JS ecosystem. Also, we can develop cross-platform apps with Flutter.

  • A mobile framework: React Native

    We write the code once and run it on both iOS and Android platforms, saving development time and effort. You can develop and deploy mobile apps quickly due to code sharing and a large set of libraries and tools.

    • Features:
    • React Native can perfectly integrate with existing JS development tools and libraries.
    • The framework helps create easily scalable apps that will meet business needs as the number of users grows.
    • A large community of developers is constantly maintaining and developing the framework, which means your app will be easy to update and scale.
  • A mobile framework: Flutter

    What makes Flutter special is the use of the Dart language, which is specifically designed for building mobile, desktop, server, and web apps from a single codebase. It offers a rich library of widgets that helps with creating beautiful and highly customizable UIs with ease.

    • Features:
    • Flutter compiles Dart code directly into native code, which makes the application run faster and animations remain smooth regardless of their complexity.
    • Thanks to the "Hot reload" feature, you can see changes in your application immediately after a code change. This is useful if you need to make a prototype or quickly test new features.
    • With Flutter, development time can be reduced, up to 4–5 months, as developers reuse code for modules and functions rather than create them from scratch.
  • A desktop framework: Electron.js

    Electron.js helps build desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux so that you can target a broader audience. It combines the Chromium rendering engine and Node.js runtime.

    • Features:
    • As Electron apps use HTML/CSS for the UI, developers have freedom to create user-friendly interfaces for their apps.
    • Electron's access to native APIs allows for deep integration with the underlying operating system, making an app more attractive to users.
    • Electron apps can work with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is possible thanks to TensorFlow and Vue.js.
  • A backend programming language: Node.js

    Node.js lets developers process a large stream of requests simultaneously. It is ideal for creating applications where real-time performance is important: chat rooms, collaboration tools, gaming platforms, streaming services, and IoT projects.

    • Features:
    • Node.js uses JavaScript in the frontend and backend, so developers don't have to switch between languages and tools, and businesses don't have to pay for the expertise of different specialists.
    • Node.js is built on Google's V8 JavaScript engine, which compiles JavaScript code into machine code for faster execution. This provides great performance and reduces latency.
  • A frontend programming language: React.js

    With a component-based architecture, React.js encourages reusability and maintainability of code. It offers a huge number of libraries and tools available for building complex UIs. Hence, well-designed interfaces, that can lead to higher conversion rates and better customer retention.

    • Features:
    • React.js has an ecosystem with many open-source libraries and community-driven resources. You can add any features you want, while keeping the development speed high.
    • It uses a virtual DOM, which is a condensed version of the real DOM. This allows us to efficiently update the UI, resulting in faster rendering and improved performance.

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