Full cycle development team

Purrweb provides full-stack Web, Desktop, and Mobile
development services. We have holistic expertise
in rapid MVP launching with the focus
on user experience.

3 cases you need it for


  • IOS/Android

    We use React Native to build brilliant native experiences in the mobile world. That technology allows to have a single codebase for both platforms and reduce development efforts to make the release happen.

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  • Desktop app

    We develop Windows, MacOS and Linux based apps using the Electron technology. This cross-platform devil is used to make desktop users happy.

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  • UI/UX

    We prototype, come up with branding, build custom UI/UX design for web, mobile and desktop platforms. Conduct UX interviews to make sure the design is 100% user-friendly.

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  • Web

    We execute both Frontend and Backend (API) development services. The team focuses on Javascript technologies, therefore 9/10 projects are done using the same tech stack: React + Node.js.

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  • Project

    The project management team ensures successful project delivery. By "successful" we understand a) in time, b) on budget c) sharp performance d) absolute transparency in the process

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  • Quality

    Our QA specialists take control over revealing all possible bugs by forecasting unbelievable user behaviors, writing test cases and comprehensive manual testing after each development iteration.

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What’s your industry?

Purrweb has solid experience in performing MVP design
and development services in the digital products demanding
areas. Select your business niche to explore specific web
and mobile ideas.