Purrweb projects

  • NoTab
    Independent ecosystem for nightclubs
  • E-wallet
    Сryptocurrency e-wallet
  • Tunetank
    Music Marketplace
  • Talentum
    Food delivery app
  • Pad
    Home rental app
  • Breath-method
    Mental Health App
  • Fitforce
    Mobile CRM for fitness trainers
  • Healthcare
    Healthcare system
  • Evtrip case
    App for owners
    of electric vehicles
  • Wristband
    Access Control System and POS for Events
  • Wishlist
    Wishlist mobile app
  • Appt
    Business Profile Platform
  • Fintarget
    Copy trading platform
  • The Sleep School
    Sleep App
  • Petbuddy
    Pet Health Tracking App
  • Baseballcloud
    Dashboard for baseball players and scouts
  • Saidali
    Pharmacy app
  • Eventignite
    Map software for big conferences
  • Pony Express
    Post management software
  • Propertiser
    Real-Estate listing platform
  • Prayerx
    Social Praying App
  • Daiokan
    Marketplace for photographers
  • Campagram
    Instagram for camping lovers
  • Cargo
    App for Delivery Service
  • Tripchron
    Social Travel Platform
  • Journy
    Data Collection Mobile App
  • Independent ecosystem for nightclubs

    Independent ecosystem for nightclubs includes 4 apps and 1 CMS that help to minimize personal contact between guests and staff

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  • Сryptocurrency e - wallet

    Web app that allows to buy, keep, and transfer cryptocurrency assets, as well as exchange one cryptocurrency to another within one service.

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  • Music Marketplace

    TuneTank is a royalty free music platform
    where composers from across the globe showcase their musical creativity and represent their tracks
    for use in any video productions like films, apps, games and ads.

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  • Food delivery app

    Talentum is a food delivery app that allows to order
    custom meals from professional cooks to meet any taste
    and cuisine preferences.

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  • Home
    Rental App

    PAD is a mobile app that allows users — whether they
    need a flatmate or a room — to find what they want. It
    matches tenants and landlords based on the geolocation
    and personal preferences.

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  • meditation app

    Breathmethod is a mobile app that teaches people to breathe properly and deal with daily stress.

    View case Breath method
  • Mobile CRM for fitness trainers

    FitForce.com App is a mobile application for health and fitness trainers that helps them to achieve their professional goals while delivering an engaging and rewarding customer experience to their clients.

    View case Fitforce
  • Healthcare system

    Web and mobile apps for patients and doctors to automatically determine preliminary diagnosis and schedule the appointments.

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  • App for owners of electric vehicles

    EvTrip allows people to charge electric vehicles — such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, or scooters — from everywhere they go.

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  • Access Control System and POS for Events

    All in one system to host events. Includes several applications to be used specifically at open air events with big audience.

    View case Wristband
  • Wishlist app

    Wishlist is a stylish, easy to use app which allows the user to create wish collections for occasions such as Christmas, BD, Wedding and etc by adding goods directly from official web sites.

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  • Business Profile Platform

    Appt is a smartly structured web application that is designed for independent individuals and growing companies to organize the web presence and automate lead generation.

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  • Copy trading platform

    Fintarget is a platform for brokers and investors, providing tools for searching and placement of investment strategies.

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  • Sleep App

    The Sleep School for Business is a mobile app that helps busy professionals to manage day-time stress, transition from work to home life and achieve better quality sleep.

    The Sleep School
  • Pet Health Tracking App

    Mobile app designed to help pet owners take care of their animals. It allows to make pet wellness records, calculate the amount of food, schedule activities and search for a vet nearby.

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  • Dashboard for baseball players and scouts

    BaseballCloud is a web platform for players all over the US to have data of their performance consolidated into a centralized location. This allows athletes, coaches, and scouts to efficiently track, compare and view performance statistics and results.

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  • Pharmacy app

    App that helps to find medicine available in pharmacies nearby, pay for them right from the app and get them delivered.

    View case Saidali
  • Map software for big conferences

    Eventignite is a desktop application used during exhibitions. Visitors can zoom map in and out, search exhibitors and their stand on map, check speakers’ schedule, add points to checklist with email sending. Application load depends on map size and how many exhibitors take part.

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  • Post management software

    A mobile app that tracks the path of shipments

    View case Pony express
  • Real-Estate listing platform

    Propertiser helps to create a single listing and publish it on several Real-Estate platforms at once without a need to pay multiple fees.

  • Social Praying App

    PrayerX is a digital notebook for Religious
    people that brings intelligent way of keeping
    the prayers, sharing them with fellows
    and commenting.

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  • Marketplace for photographers

    Daiokan is an online commercial platform for photographers. It makes the photo purchasing as easy as 2 clicks, that way photographers can guarantee additional revenue stream with a convenient way to manage the photos takes and to upload them.

  • Instagram for camping lovers

    Campagram is a social platform for camping lovers willing to share photos of their camping experience. Campers can follow, like, dislike and share beautiful works.

  • App for Delivery Service

    The application for companies that provide delivery service. It synchronizes drivers, warehouses, provides real-time traffic and data updates to make sure customer orders are delivered properly.

    View case Cargo
  • Social Travel Platform

    Tripchron is a travel platform with a great social accent. It allows to share travel routes with fellows and follow other travel enthusiasts.

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  • Data Collection Mobile App

    JOURNY is an easy-to-use mobile app that monitors and manages field teams in real-time providing a 360-degree view into all field activities.

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