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We help with IoT app development services: from custom solutions for your work-processes, to white label apps you can sell to others

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IoT application
development services
for startups and SMEs

  • Wearables

    We’ll help create an app if your business idea revolves around personal connected devices. From smart watches and fitness trackers to VR glasses and NFC rings, we’ll build an app that feels seamless for any user.

  • Software for web and mobile applications

    We’ll develop an app that works smoothly along with the technology you’re planning to sell or control. For example, there’ll be no delays between a user tapping a button on their smartphone and a vending machine beginning to pour coffee.

  • Firmware for appliances and machinery

    We’ll design a user-friendly interface that looks and feels good on any type of screen. From large 2 feet tall informational stands to palm-sized screens on vending machines.

  • Smart home-related software

    If you’ve set your mind to creating an app for the smart home, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Our project managers will help you pick key features that’ll help you stand out from the other competitors.

  • IoT consulting

    Have an app you want to improve? We’ll lend you the expertise of our developers, designers, and managers. You’ll know what to tweak and improve for better sales and usability.

Our industry-specific software

  • Travel

    Make navigating the airport, settling into a hotel, or choosing destinations easier with IoT solutions

  • Healthcare

    Create your own IoT solution that simplifies the workflow for doctors and treatment for patients

  • Logistics

    Control shipping and the related infrastructure with IoT apps specifically tailored to your business

  • Wellness & Sport

    Combine an IoT app with technology to make health monitoring safer — and a bit more uncomplicated overall

  • Events

    Develop a product that simplifies venue management and helps easily update event information

  • Marketplace

    Revolutionize the retail market. Create an app that helps with supply chain management, loss prevention, and overall workflow automation

  • Real Estate

    Create tools that allow homeowners and landlords to automate their homes’ energy use and maintain adequate security

  • Media

    Create a smart IoT extension that collects users’ data — you can analyze it to improve your social media app. Or better yet — develop an IoT-product that changes the way people interact online

  • Finance

    From contactless payments to point-of-sale systems, we can create a product that makes buying or paying more seamless

Take a look at our success
custom IoT projects

  • Shockers


    We built this IoT service for a stun gun manufacturer. They produce these smart devices in three countries for guards and officers.

    The app analyzes the data from the chip built into each gun. Later, a user can analyze when the stun gun was fired and how long the person used it for.

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  • Energo


    A power bank renting app. We created a mobile app and a separate service for the battery stations.

    The user opens the mobile app, finds the nearest charging station, and collects a power bank from it.

    The stations host banners and commercials by sponsors — it’s an additional revenue stream.

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  • Vendify


    An IoT service for smart fridges. These appliances are installed in offices and hotels. Users can pay for the products they take from the fridge via the mobile app.

    We developed an MVP from scratch to help the founders test the validity of their idea. The process took roughly 6 weeks.

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  • Eventignite


    Our client came to us with the first version they made themselves — however, its code was outdated. We developed the new app from scratch.

    Users can look at the stand to check the timetable for the event — and explore the venue they’re at with a built-in map.

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The tech stack we trust the most

JavaScript is our framework of choice when it comes to IoT app development services. With it, our developers save money. They do so by deploying readymade features within the framework, like payments, without creating it themselves. We have been creating apps with JavaScript for 9 years — write to us in the form below if you want us to do the same for you.

React Native

We use this framework for mobile apps. It allows us to save money on maintaining separate developer teams. That’s because we can write both iOS and Android versions of the app with a singular codebase.


A web app framework for developing IoT. We use it because apps based on it are robust — with minimal bugs.


A desktop app development framework. We can write apps for both MacOS and Windows at the same time without splurging on separate product development teams.

Among others, like:















How we bring your idea for an IoT app to life

Project kick-off

The moment you contact us using the form below, our manager follows up to plan a meeting. In it, they ask about your goals, restrictions, and overall business idea. After it’s over, they return within a day with a timeframe and an approximate budget.

Project planning

A project manager organizes design and development relying on the Agile method. They’ll plan 2-week sprints for the development of each feature. They’ll also pick out specialists with the necessary expertise for your project.

UX design

Market research is the first step — we analyze key features, pitfalls and successes of your competitors. This helps us minimize risks and make sure your IoT platforms reach the widest audience it can.

Wireframes come next — these are black and white screens with key features. They help us visualize how the user is going to navigate through the app. The work is done in Figma — you can suggest changes there, right in the file.

UI design

User experience out of the way, our designers move on to the UI concept. We take 3 screens and flesh out their design — you can glimpse into how the final product is going to look like. It’s high time to change some crucial aspects of the design, like colors and typography.

The UI-kit marks the final step of the design process. It’s a file with design elements used throughout the app — it simplifies coding for developers and adding new design for other specialists.


SCRUM allows us to save time on development, We divide a project into manageable iterations. In each of them, our IoT app developers can change certain aspects or features of the app.

It’s great for startups. The IoT product becomes more flexible to work on, and it’s easier to make changes on the fly.

You can also test the product out yourself — we’ll provide you with a prototype of a particular feature at the end of each sprint.

QA testing

We do this concurrently with development. Our specialists ensure that bugs don’t affect your app’s quality of life — your users will like your product even more.


We’ll deploy your IoT app on any popular store — App Store and Google Play Market included. We helped a multitude of apps release on time — yours won’t be the exception.

Support and maintenance

Still, development is far from over. We’ll help maintain the integrity of your app and add new features — this ensures your users stay engaged and fall in love with your product.

more articles
about IoT


  • What is an IoT solution?

    Internet of Things solutions are apps which help control or monitor interconnected appliances. Lightbulbs, information stands, and AC units are a good example. In IoT, data is collected from these connected devices — and with it, users adjust the way these IoT devices work.

    Think of a smart thermostat that’s connected to the central heating in your home. An IoT solution can help you change the temperature levels of your living space with a smartphone alone.

  • How much time does IoT software development take?

    It would take 4-5 months to build. Other IoT development companies may have their own pricing when it comes to development. Take a look at how we calculate our own timeframes.

  • How much does it cost to develop an Internet of Things app?

    From $30,000 to $60,000. It depends on several things; the business idea, quantity of features, and overall design. Read what factors go into the cost of the IoT app development.

  • Which factors should I consider so I can choose a top IoT app development company?

    The more IoT projects your IoT app development company of choice has, the better. If they worked with products that are similar to your business idea, there’s a better chance of them delivering good results.

    Check out the reviews of a development company. If there are many satisfied clients praising specific things in the work process — what went right — it’s probably a trustworthy vendor. Also, video reviews can lend more credibility — they take more effort to make, so it’s usually tedious to fake them.

    Trustworthy IoT companies won’t keep their prices and the development process secret. If there are any unexpected changes, they’ll tell you straight away. It’s in their interest to develop a good product, same as you. It’s a red flag if they evade answers when it comes to deadlines and pricing.