React Native game development

Develop impressive, high-quality mobile games that surpass the competition and improve engagement.

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Why opt for React Native game development

Rather than building two separate mobile game versions from scratch, it’s way better to simultaneously enter both iOS and Android markets. React Native game development is a way to achieve this goal — the framework allows to create a mobile app game of the highest possible quality. With captivating user experience and supreme UI.

Mobile Game Development services we provide

Our professional team has all the skills required to deliver an unsurpassed gaming experience!

UI/UX design for mobile games

Building a game app is a huge challenge — fact. Our professional UI/UX team pays special attention to the design part and goes far beyond ‘Let’s beautify it’ boundaries. We ensure the delivery of a highly-customized mobile game that is pleasing to the eye and provides engaging user experience.

React Native game development including

iOS game development. Develop fully-functioning game solutions that trigger ios gamers’ interest and deliver a lasting entertaining experience.

Android game development. With extensive expertise in product building, our developers can create a mobile app game that helps you satisfy Android users’ ever-growing needs.

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Key characteristics
of a stunning mobile game

To facilitate a truly engaging gaming experience, make sure you’ve taken it all into consideration:

  • Simplicity

    To boost gamers’ loyalty and downloads, it’s crucial to offer some level of simplicity. A game should be super-intuitive — with easy-to-get rules, smoothly working swipes, clear icons and gesture features.

  • Stunning graphics

    Every good game is fun for users’ thumbs. Every awesome game is also a delight for users’ eyes. Vivid and realistic visuals immerse, narrate and create the atmosphere — even before the actual game starts.

  • Fast loading time

    Average users expect mobile apps to load within 4 seconds. To drive conversions, you should take this point into consideration. Simply because no one likes games that take forever to load.

  • Sound effects

    Good sound (not awkward silence) is an essential part of a game — every hardcore player tells you this. If being carefully-picked, sound effects add the atmosphere and explain what’s going on at the exact point of a game.

  • Amazing gameplay

    Gameplay is how users go about playing the game. The more interesting it is for the player to interact with the game, the more thrilling the entire process is — the higher the chance they keep coming back. Again and again :)

  • Support system

    By giving players an opportunity to contact you and ask for help, you not only enhance the user experience but also get an additional source of unexpected bugs and behaviors.

Have any concerns about
what to include in your mobile game?

Let us help you out! Share the details about your mobile game idea — we’ll thoroughly study the info, define the core flows and a basic feature set, and then come back with a full project estimation.

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  • Why ask Purrweb to create
    a mobile game?

    Being avid gamers themselves, we know the ins and outs of mobile game creation. Whether you want to develop an educational puzzle for kids or tower defense game, make sure it will be built diligently and with the highest possible level of motivation.

  • What is the best technology
    used for mobile game development?

    It’s React Native, the cross-platform framework created by the Facebook team. The main advantage of React Native game development is that you can simultaneously enter both iOS and Android markets by developing only once. The money saved on mobile game building can be invested in further research (competitors/target users) and marketing activities.

  • How to create a mobile game?

    At Purrweb, the entire process consists of: project analysis, UI/UX design, development & QA testing, and support.

    Analysis: gather and analyze all the project requirements and documentations.

    UI/UX design: create wireframes, prototypes, and design the app screen by screen.

    Development & QA testing: build iOS and Android game versions with a cross-platform framework React Native. To achieve a better game quality, pay special attention to proper QA testing.

    Support: submit the game to both Apple Store and Google Play. To ensure stable performance, provide post launch support services.

  • How much does it cost
    to develop a game mobile app?

    In fact, it’s hardly possible to provide a super accurate estimate on the spot. To ensure fast release and boost project efficiency, we set a $30,000 as a rough budget. This is the amount of money required to design and develop a fully-functioning mobile game that can be shared with both investors and customers.

  • What about the design part?
    Can you create a stunning UI/UX
    for my upcoming React Native game
    development project?

    Yes, of course! For our passionate design team, it’s a great delight to help you create an eye-catching and well-thought-out interface for your future mobile game.

  • Who participates in the mobile
    game development process?

    The minimal team needed for React Native game development project includes a UI/UX designer, three developers (two frontend and one backend), project manager, and QA engineer.

  • What is the pricing model
    you guys use?

    At Purrweb, we create all digital solutions in accordance with Time & Materials principles.

    Time & Materials model means that you pay as you go. If following this approach, you pay only for the actual work scope i.e the total number of hours required to get the project off the ground. It’s the best fit for early-stage entrepreneurs who aren’t 100% sure about overall goals or features to include in the first release.

  • How can I ensure that my game mobile
    app is bug-free and runs smoothly?

    At Purrweb, the development process and QA testing run in parallel. By doing this, we can thoroughly study how the mobile game performs, define possible flaws (whatever makes users frustrated) and fix them all early on. In this scenario, you get a high-quality game version — that starts fast and runs smoothly — so that users are absolutely happy to play it.

  • Can you create a mobile
    game from scratch?

    Sure thing! We always bring ideas through full-cycle development: from analyzing the competitors, outlining an interface and UI/UX design to successful finish of development and release.

  • Do you make custom mobile games?

    We offer a wide range of services including game development from scratch and add-on development.