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Need a custom POS software for your business? From integrations to tools for inventory data, we’ll help you create an app that simplifies interactions with clients and in-person payments. Thanks to our experience as a POS software development company, you can rest assured, knowing you’ll get a cost-effective solution on time

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Our experience
as a POS
development company


Implement loyalty programs to make sure your customers come back more often and boost your revenue. Integrate software that allows clients to pay in a way they find convenient, like NFC or QR-codes

Or synchronize your shop catalog with the available inventory, so the user always knows if the item they want is in stock


Create a smooth and simple reservation process for your guests. Working with us, you’ll get an app that lets your clients quickly check-in, without major issues. And if your customers are happy — your staff will have an easier time working and getting positive feedback

Or we can make a POS-system that connects to your existing CRM, allowing you to quickly see who your clients are and when they check in

Logistics & warehouse

Optimize existing POS software and make it scalable. Tailor it to your business, it can work for any size: from a large fast-food chain to a small storefront. Collect inventory data automatically, track every item sold, and process orders faster

Food & beverage businesses

Make a POS app that synchronizes all of your payment tools: from mobile QR-codes to scanners and card terminals. Integrate payment modules like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, and others to make checkouts more convenient and allow your clients to pick and choose from different options

Small businesses

Manage inventory, streamline your checkout process, generate sales reports, and monitor trends all in a single POS software tool. We’ll help you create an app that fits your business goals with limited resources available. Once you’re ready to scale, we’ll gladly help


Simplify the process for online course enrollment. Remove potential roadblocks stopping your clients from progressing through your marketing tunnel. Collect important data and streamline billing and invoicing — a POS app can process payments and generate invoices automatically


Integrate automatic invoicing and streamline appointment booking. We can make an app that helps healthcare providers optimize scheduling, track the usage of medical supplies, and manage their inventory. All the while maintaining compliance with regulations


We’ll help you create functional POS software no matter the business type. If you want to create a tool for theaters, cinemas, arcades, or amusement parks — we are ready to help. We’ll create a system that lets your clients make reservations quickly and save tickets on their phone, enhancing customer service and boosting sales


Create a POS-software tool that can be utilized by different service providers: from experts in their field providing consultations with their clients, to professionals with their own small businesses, like nail salons and restaurants


Cloud-based POS
Cloud-based POS solutions process and store all your information online. You can access and use your data from anywhere. This allows your employees to work remotely from all over the world, so you can easily choose the best people for the company, no matter their location. Also, cloud-based POS software can be easily scaled once your company grows a substantial amount
Mobile POS
Mobile POS systems are a great solution for small businesses. Just install it on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices and manage your business on the go. If you have other tools like QR-code scanners or card readers and terminals, you can easily connect them to a single app to track inventory and analytics automatically. As a result, your clients will be able to checkout faster
On-premise POS
Traditional POS systems that store information in a local database. You can only access it via your computer, so these systems provide security and reliability. Keep unwanted hackers and other possible intruders at bay. An app like this can also optimize your work process if you operate offline
Terminal POS
Terminal POS systems combine hardware and software capabilities — inventory management, CRM, and analytics. It’s perfect for big retail markets like grocery stores, department stores, and so on. We have more than 9 years of experience working for companies operating in different niches and countries. Let us create a POS software tool tailor-made for your business and your unique goals
Food service POS
Manage your orders, payments, front and back-of-house needs easily. We can create a tool that allows you to accept reservations, schedule bookings, track guest information, and much more. Thanks to our POS development services, you can easily increase your table turnover and optimize business performance


Contact us and get a free project estimation in 48 hours


Project estimation
Our managers contact you to discuss the product idea and analyze requirements. As soon as they receive all the details, we prepare an accurate project estimation
Feature prioritization
We help to choose must-have features of your POS software: use the MoSCoW method and User Story Mapping to define what features are crucial and what are not
Project managers meet with a teamlead to outline a project plan and distribute tasks. At Purrweb, we use Jira and Trello to plan and monitor tasks
UI/UX Design
UI/UX designers create wireframes and turn them into clickable prototypes. Then they create a unique visual design for your POS and hand the UI kit off to devs
Every 2 weeks, we launch a staging server and update it with a new demo build — you can see the development process and test the builds on a real device
QA testing
We combine manual testing and automated testing technologies to ensure your POS software is high-quality
Release and maintenance
We always deliver our projects within the budget and deadlines. To make sure that your POS software works steadily, we provide post-launch support and maintenance
A working MVP to validate the idea


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  • CRM

    Our POS software development company can integrate your POS app with CRM platforms to help you gather crucial customer information. With CRM, it’s easy to find out certain details about your clients, like shopping behavior, favorite brands, and categories. Using this info, you can customize your targeting approach

    We’ll keep in mind the CRM tool you choose and create an app for it. In the end, you’ll get access to crucial client info the moment they make a transaction, so the whole process becomes instant

  • API

    Smooth payment processes are vital for a POS system. That’s why it must seamlessly integrate with popular APIs like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and more. Reach more clients and boost your sales with the addition of different APIs and payment methods, like cryptocurrency

    Also, you can make other business processes more convenient with API integrations. Things like refunds or store loyalty program sign-ups become much easier if you don’t have to do them by hand. And the more hassle-free the experience is for your first-time clients — the higher the chance they’ll become your regulars

  • Printers

    Restaurant POS systems need to be integrated with receipt and kitchen printers. We can make sure the connection between them is steady and seamless. By doing so, the custom software can help enhance operational efficiency and make payments quicker

  • Accounting

    We can integrate your POS solution with your store’s accounting system. It will allow you to automatically get daily sales reports and track all important data: payments, discounts, taxes. So the only thing that’s left to do is analyze data and generate reports you need

  • eCommerce

    Once we integrate your POS app with your eCommerce website, you’ll be able to manage them as one system. An app like this optimizes data tracking, letting you compare and account for the data collected both in your physical store and an online marketplace

  • AI tools

    Integrate predictive tools to optimize business processes. If we’re talking about inventory management, AI can analyze trends, supplier data, and order history to figure out if an item is worth restocking.  Also, generative tools can come into play at the POS to offer personalized recommendations to the customer, which allows businesses to generate more revenue by upselling

    Finally, some AI tools have the potential to detect fraudulent activity, flag it as such, and prevent transactions harmful to the business. In this case, POS software solutions can protect both clients and businesses from financial losses


Core feature set that can be applied to all POS software solutions

  • Manage and view shopping cart contents

    Create a personalized page with items chosen by the customer. Allow the user to add items to the cart, see the prices, stock quantity, and shipping details. Let users modify their shopping cart and remove the items they no longer want

    Also, you can add a recommendation bar that shows other products the user may be interested in, which provides more opportunities to upsell inventory

  • Receive payments by card or via NFC

    Process payments received via credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, cash, and other methods. Your customers will pay in a way that’s convenient for them, and you’ll find it easier to track transactions, as the majority of clients won’t be using cash

  • Manage loyalty programs, apply coupons and discounts

    Robust loyalty programs and worthwhile coupons can incentivize your customers to come back for more. Add features like gamification, which’ll encourage customers to take part in the loyalty program and spend more. Overall, POS software lets businesses define loyalty program rules, reward tiers, and other details

  • Dashboard to represent statistics

    Access important data like transaction details, turnover, financial reports, and much more through the POS software. Figure out which products are bestsellers and which should no longer be sold. Collect data from different storefronts and use it in your data analysis to determine important business trends that’ll let your company grow

  • Integration with CRM and accounting systems

    Get a more in depth look at your customer with a CRM integration. Find out key details about their behavior: what items they bought, what products lay untouched in their shopping cart, and so on. Use this knowledge to determine how to attract more paying clients

  • Manage and search for goods in your warehouse

    Automate inventory management with POS software. Quickly find out what items are in stock and how many of them you can sell. Optimize inventory levels and reduce unexpected issues and potential overruns

  • Collect ratings and reviews from customers

    Add a rating system to your custom POS software where your customers can leave reviews and share their likes and dislikes. Collect your client feedback from different platforms and systems and use it to refine processes and get more clients in the long haul. You can incentivize your customers to leave more reviews by utilizing the loyalty programs we talked about before. All the while getting plenty of data that can be used to perfect your range of products

  • Application of coupons and discounts (QR-code, NFC, etc.)

    Make it easier for customers to participate in loyalty programs with custom POS software. Allow them to enroll in programs, store their coupons, promo codes, and other materials in one app. The company can send push notifications and other marketing materials through the app to remind customers to participate in limited-time offers or get access to an exclusive discount. Once customers are ready to use their coupons, you can let them redeem rewards via NFC or QR-code, making the process more convenient for them and fostering customer loyalty

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    An app that helps post office managers effectively track and manage parcels.

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    All in one system to host events. Includes several applications to be used specifically at open air events with big audience.

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    An app where visitors can explore the exhibition map, check info about exhibitors, location and schedule.

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  • How much does it cost to build POS

    Every project needs different resources and has different timeframes. If you want to get an exact estimation for the full development cycle, feel free to contact us.

  • How much time does POS software development take?

    The average time for POS software development services is 3 months: this is the time needed for creating a great UI/UX design, full development cycle, and QA testing

  • What features can you implement in my POS software?

    We can develop any features that you need to release your software. We create scalable solutions and carefully consider a technology stack — you can easily add any new features after the release

  • I already have POS software. Can you make a cool UI/UX design for it?

    Yes! Purrweb designers are always ready to give your app a stunning and easy-to-use interface

  • What POS software development services do you provide?

    When you contact us to request POS software development, you get project management services, UI/UX design, backend and frontend development, QA testing on real devices, and post-launch maintenance

  • Who is on the POS software development team?

    Usually, our development team consists of a project manager, UI/UX designer, 2-3 developers, and a QA engineer — however, it can change depending on the needs of the project

  • Do you make custom POS software?

    Sure thing. At Purrweb, we build solutions that achieve the goals of your business. We can even design a logo and help with developing a brand identity — you can check our case studies for more details

  • Do you have any experience in POS software development?

    We have successfully developed multiple products for our clients, including POS software — you can always check projects in our portfolio!

  • How to manage the POS software development team?

    We will provide you with an experienced project manager who will plan the work, distribute tasks and deliver your project in time. They will also communicate with you throughout the project and make the development processes clear

  • Can I get post-release maintenance?

    Our project managers can reserve the working hours of the developer from the original team, so that they can make updates or fix bugs after the release. This way we can make sure your POS software runs smoothly