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We create intuitive, user-oriented, and responsive web designs for projects of any kind. Whatever your niche, we’ll help you strengthen your online presence and attract new clients. Just tell us your idea — and we’ll do the rest

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Types of web design services we offer

UI/UX for web products

As a web design agency, we use an analytics-based approach to create engaging web designs that look good, work well and offer a fantastic customer experience. Our web designers take on projects of any difficulty and scale, be it a landing page or a complex web app with dozens of features.

UI/UX audit

If your product is starting to show poor performance metrics, it’s time for an audit. Our dedicated team will carefully study all the UI/UX elements of your service and draw up a comprehensive report with useful recommendations — or implement these web design recommendations by ourselves. Whatever works best for you.

UI/UX redesign

As the time passes and trends change, web designs become less competitive. This is why they need to be updated once in a while. We’ll analyze the current UI/UX web design, study customer feedback, create a new design concept and make sure everything works just the way it should.

Graphic design

Strong visuals form lasting expressions and make your product stand out. Our team will create custom design elements that will draw a clear line between you and your competitors. No limit on ideas and complexity.

Motion design

Want to take your web design visuals up a notch? Animate them. We’ll turn your web product into a true feast for the eyes with smooth 2D and 3D animations.

Branding & logo design

The brand is one of the most important assets of your business, and we’ll help you make the most of it by creating a powerful brand identity. It will support all of your marketing and advertising campaigns and make your web design look even better.

Content creation

Publishing useful articles, infographics, and any other media is one of the best ways to engage your target audience and raise brand awareness. Our team will devise a content plan and take care of all the production & publishing.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for establishing a strong online presence and generating new leads. We’ll set up analytics services, identify the most relevant keywords and make your product more visible on the Internet. Proper search engine optimization means a proper number of leads.

What we create


Landing pages

A landing page is one of the most universal promotion tools, all the while remaining one of the simpler exercises in web page design. Businesses of all kinds and sizes use them to increase conversion, collect customer data, encourage sign-ups for upcoming projects and achieve a myriad of other goals. The creation of landing pages is one of the most popular website design services out there.

corparate web sites

Corporate web sites

The modern line of thought is that if a business isn’t online, it simply doesn’t exist. A corporate web site solves this problem: it showcases the company’s products or services to a global audience, providing site visitors with all the important information about what you do and who you are, as well as communicating your brand values through web design.

online stores

Online stores

E-commerce is on the rise, and online stores are as popular as ever. They are also very sensitive to bad web design choices, since every UI/UX issue can cause a significant decrease in conversion and customer loyalty. Don’t worry, though — we know exactly how to make even the most complex web designs just right.

personal web pages

Personal web pages

Brands and large companies aren’t the only ones who need robust online presence and website design services. Custom websites will also hugely benefit freelance specialists, artists, content creators, job seekers, and any other users that rely on the web for their income or hobbies. Much like landing pages, personal websites are some of the easier web designs to pull off, so we’ll be able to create one quickly and for a modest price.

Online forums

Online forums

A forum is a place where users can engage in discussions, share information, and connect with like-minded people. It is a valuable social resource that can strengthen the community around your brand by showing that you actively listen to your customers.

Custom web apps

Custom web apps

Websites are static: their only function is to display information. Web apps, on the other hand, feature dynamic web design — they can serve any purpose you want, ranging from budget planning to calculating carbon emissions. Designing a web app is a unique challenge among all the website design services, and we’re always up for it.


Anything else you might need

We’re eager to hear all of your web design ideas 🙌

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Our latest projects


Biogeek is a web app that helps users monitor their health. Here’s the way it works: once the customer uploads test results, the app analyzes the data and indicates if there are any deviations from the norm. To make the user experience as smooth as possible, we implemented a custom parser that pulls out the necessary numbers from PDF files.

Let’s have a look at the key web page design features. The simplified navigation makes the app easily accessible to all segments of the audience, which is especially important for healthcare services. To highlight crucial medical information, we added a dashboard to the main screen — this way, users will see it right after they log in to the web app. We also placed color accents on various elements of the web design to make them more prominent (for instance, the analysis cards).

Carbon Accounting Platform

Our latest projects

Carbon Accounting Platform (CAP)

CAP is a web portal that helps businesses keep track of their harmful emissions. In other words, a digital eco-consultant. In its current iteration, the service analyzes all the data about emissions that the company feeds it to give estimate about how much money it’ll need to offset the negative impact. 

This means that we’re talking about dozens, dozens of numbers. To make the web design more approachable, we heavily invested in data visualization and placed multiple dashboards on the main screen. There are also plenty of spreadsheets, so we created a separate web design system to make sure they all work in the same way without horizontal scrolling. As a result, the interface is so straightforward that it doesn’t even require onboarding — all the key features are immediately obvious to the user.


Our latest projects


iZumator is an online education platform centered around custom, user-made courses. Here, any customer can be both a student and a mentor, easily switching between these two roles. In addition to this, the web app features a built-in forum where users can ask questions, discuss various issues, rate tasks and share their progress. If you’re a mentor, you can also add events in the calendars of your students.

Since the app supports 5 user roles, we spent a lot of time wireframing and mapping out all the possible combinations of features. As a result, the user experience remains equally smooth whether you log in as a student, a mentor, or an admin. The client also wanted us to use Airbnb as a reference, so we chose a warm palette with orange as the accent color in the web page design.


Our latest projects


Fintarget is a fintech platform offering users pre-made investment strategies. These strategies are submitted by the parent bank’s in-house experts and independent brokers who undergo mandatory verification. Customers can then choose the strategy they like, transfer money to a trust manager and start receiving passive income. The app features an advanced filtering system to help users discover options that suit them most.

The service’s target audience are amateur investors who don’t want to crunch all the numbers by themselves. Obscure graphs, calculations, and endlessly big figures would scare them away, so we knew we needed to make the web design as simple as possible. The app looks and feels like a marketplace: there are big & bright product cards, simplified navigation, and convenient data visualization to make all the calculations more approachable.



1 First contact

You contact us, describe your idea and tell us what web design services you need. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a business degree and years of experience — what really matters is that you have a vision. It’s enough to create a stunning web design with us.

First contact image
Project evaluation image
2 Project evaluation

We study the specifics of your project, analyze key competitors and gather web design references — both positive and negative. In addition to this, we conduct market research to better understand the users’ expectations. At the end of project evaluation, our website design experts will define the logic of the service and create a mindmap of the future web design.

3 UX Design

We start with the logic of the app. For that, we create mindmap where we outline the user flow. After that, we move on to wireframes. These are the first sketches of the website design. They are immensely helpful: we need them to outline the general flow of the screens and decide what content and features they should include in the web design. Once the wireframes are ready, we send them over to you to get some feedback. When you give your final approval, we move on to the next stage.

UX design image
UI design image
4 UI Design

We’ve only talked about functions so far. Now, it’s time to add beauty to the equation. This stage is where all the web design magic happens: we choose colors and fonts, create icons and illustrations, as well as animate stuff and design UI components. We also take special care to make everything responsive, ensuring that the website design looks good on all devices.

5 UI kit creation

At this stage, our web designer will merge all the UI components we’ve previously created into a single UI kit — it helps maintain web design consistency and makes adding new screens and features much easier.

UI kit image
Project handoff image
6 Project handoff

Purrweb is a full-cycle web design company, so we have a development team that can take over the web development side of things once the website design is ready. We’ll write the code, conduct thorough testing and provide post-launch support for as long as you want. If you have other plans in mind, we’ll transfer all the web design assets to you and make sure that the future web developers will have no problem working with them

Why partner
with us

Complete transparency

Complete transparency. You always know what’s happening with your web design project. Our teams don’t withhold any information, set clear deadlines and provide you with regular updates about the current state of the website design process.

Experienced design teams

Experienced design teams. We’ve been creating website designs for 9 years, never turning down the opportunity to try something new and exciting. Our web designers have worked on projects in fintech, real estate, healthcare, logistics, and dozens of other segments. 

Openness to feedback

Openness to feedback. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, you can openly discuss them with your manager. Remember that as a web design company, we all want the same thing as you: to bring your website design idea to life in the best way possible.

Short time-to-market

Short time-to-market. We reserve 2 to 4 weeks for the whole process — from evaluation to handoff. All in all, no longer than a month before you can pitch the website design project to investors or hand it over to developers.

Client-oriented approach

Client-oriented approach. We always strive to save our clients’ money and prevent any unnecessary expenditures. If an idea or feature goes over the budget, we’ll tell you right away and propose a cost-effective alternative that won’t negatively affect the resulting web design. 

What our clients Tell about us

We’ve been providing custom software solutions to customers all over the world. Take a look at some testimonials from our clients.

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We’re excited to hear your web design ideas! Fill in the form to let us know how to reach you. Our specialists will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the project in detail.

What you can achieve with great web design
Leave a positive
first impression
Visual appeal is important. Imagine that there are two identical web apps: they both feature the exact same functionality and offer the same level of service. The only difference is that one has a sleek user-friendly UI, while the other is stuck in the early 2000s with an unwelcoming brutalist web design. Which one will attract more customers? You know the answer.
Improve user experience
A well-designed service is both functional and engaging. It seamlessly guides your customers all the way through the sales funnel, ensuring that they encounter no frustration or stress along the way. By creating a user-centric website design, you foster a positive perception of your service — which, in turn, increases loyalty, boosts retention and helps you attract new customers more easily.
After you approve the mind map, we use it to create wireframes. They’re essentially barebones versions of the platform’s features. You can check out where the user will access future product cards, place orders, or contact support.  

When that’s settled, we pick out 1-2 wireframes and finalize them in line with your branding strategy. You’ll be able to see the perfected design and provide suggestions if something feels amiss. After we complete every single screen, our designers prepare a UI kit — a bundle of icons and buttons which make development simpler.
Get more leads — and convert them
Great web design drives more potential customers to engage with your brand. It also synergizes nicely with all your marketing campaigns and branding efforts, cementing the positive image of your company in the customers’ minds. All of this not only attracts new clients but also encourages them to actually pay for your services, thus leading to increased conversion rates.

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  • What is custom website design?

    Custom website design involves the creation of a unique web product from scratch. With Purrweb, it can be any project you like: a website, a web app, or even a full-fledged web portal — the only limit is how far you want to take it. We use an analytics-based approach to create engaging web designs that look good, work well and offer a fantastic customer experience. Once the web design is ready, we’ll be happy to hand it over to our web development team to bring it to life. 

  • How much does website design cost?

    $2,000–$10,000, on average. But that’s us oversimplifying things for the sake of clarity. In reality, the final cost of the web design depends on multiple factors — the number of features, the complexity of the visual elements, the expertise of your designers, as well as numerous other things. It’s impossible for us to pinpoint the exact web design cost without knowing all the specifics of the project, but you can get in touch with us to get an assessment from one of our managers.

  • I need my website design to look good on all devices. Can you do that?

    Sure! All our website designs are responsive by default: this means that they automatically adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring a smooth user experience across all platforms — from older Android smartphones to the newest Macbooks. This is an integral part of the modern approach to UI/UX and a must-know for any web design agency, which we have perfected over all our years of work in the field of professional web design services.

  • Why should I invest in professional web design services?

    Great web design goes a long way. By creating an appealing and intuitive website design, you foster a positive perception of your company — which, in turn, increases loyalty, generates new leads, boosts retention and helps you attract new customers more easily. As an experienced web design agency, we also have a good grasp on what’s technically feasible and what’s not, which will prevent you from wasting your time and money on unrealistic web designs that are impossible to implement in real life.

  • How long will it take to design my website?

    2–4 weeks are usually more than enough for us to complete an average web design order. Take Fintarget, for example. Our clients had already hired a development team, so our task was only to devise all the UI/UX elements and hand them over to other developers. We implemented multiple important features such as authorization, user profiles, and investment strategy search in just under 1.5 months. Sadly, we can’t name an exact timeframe for your project without knowing all the details —  so if you’re interested, please fill in the form below.

  • When should I consider redesigning my existing website?

    When you notice that its performance metrics begin to fall off. The sign that you’re looking for can be a gradual decrease in the number of website visitors or a sudden dip in your retention rates. Or it may be as trivial as a surge of negative reviews — but whatever the case, once you notice the warning signs, you have to act quickly. Here at Purrweb, we can conduct a thorough UI/UX audit to find the root of the problem, as well as offer other professional website design services to breathe new life into your project.