Healthcare App Development

We help healthcare institutions, doctors and hospitals streamline work processes. Be it doctor-patient communication, medication management, or health state monitoring.

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Healthcare startups

Custom medical software development helps streamline patient onboarding, establish telemedicine services, and securely manage health data.


Set up an appointment scheduling system, monitor patients remotely, and communicate with staff, enhancing overall operational efficiency and patient care.


From apps for prescription management and online ordering to user-friendly medication trackers that help patients remember to take pills and refills.

Medical research center

Leverage data collection, patient recruitment, and remote monitoring with the goal of facilitating clinical trials and accelerating research processes.

Private medical practices

We help clinics offer appointment booking, teleconsultations, and secure messaging through convenient and engaging platforms.

Clinical and medical laboratories

Digitally deliver test results, track samples, 
and manage quality control — all at your fingertips within one easy-to-navigate app.

Healthcare centers

For places like women’s health or family planning centers, apps can be tailored 
to the specific needs of the clinics to include 
a variety of features.

Care service providers

We team up with care services to help their patients maintain their health, safety, 
and independence in the comfort of their own homes.

Medical device companies

Such platforms help with remote device monitoring, patient education, and technical support, enhancing the functionality 
and usability of your products.

Our healthcare app
development expertise
Project management
  • No missed deadlines
  • Absolute transparency with constant progress updates
  • Professional budgeting
Software engineering
  • Javascript development
  • Full-cycle development
  • WEB applications
Mobile development
  • Cross-platform apps
  • React Native
  • Mobile focused UI/UX design
UI/UX design
  • Mind mapping
  • Mobile design
  • Prototyping
  • Branding
Development for startups
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • MVP development
  • Post-release support
Healthcare development
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Patient-oriented apps
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Quick look into our team’s expertise

We’re a full-cycle development team focused on cross-platform web & mobile applications. 
Our 190+ experts are well-versed in React Native, React.js, Node.js, Electron, and Ruby.

We pride ourselves on helping startups to bring their product to the market in just 3–5 months, 
saving their money that can be invested in marketing strategy or future updates. Healthcare software 
development services are one of our main specialties, among other niches

  • 10 years of experience in the industry

  • 300+ projects successfully executed

  • 4,7 average rating on Clutch

  • 3-5 month average time to market

What Healthcare App Development services we provide

We’re open to new ideas and always ready
to provide the client with the best technical expertise!
UI/UX for medical apps
We are proficient at developing
the highest quality products. Products that are eye-catching and clear-cut.
Healthcare MVP development
We are experienced in creating MVPs. We limit the production timeline to 3 months and the budget to $30.000.

cases of purrweb

Medicine and technology go hand-in-hand. Purrweb is committed to delivering solutions that drastically improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare industry. Check out our latest achievements

  • Biogeek


    A web application with mobile adaptation that helps users keep all lab tests in one place and monitor their health.

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  • Talk to me

    Let`s talk online

    A platform for video consultations with psychologists and coaches. Clients can choose a therapist and book an online appointment in the app. Psychologists can follow their schedule in the calendar without leaving the app.

  • Medico


    An app for routine-screening of patients with cancer. The oncologist draws up a treatment plan, invites the patient into the app, and then instantly receives data about his or her condition.

  • MTA


    An online service that helps you find the right therapist and improve your mental well-being from the comfort of your own home.

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Key features

We’ve put together a list of core features that can be used in most healthcare app development processes.

Push notifications
Push notifications streamline your direct communication with patients and engage them in the healthcare journey.

They can be used for:
  • Medication reminders
  • Upcoming scheduled appointments
  • Receiving lab result
  • Treatment plan reviews
  • Refill requests.
Communication capabilities
These tools facilitate consultations and provide immediate assistance in cases of emergency. Easy and quick communication fosters seamless doctor-patient interaction and enhances the overall quality of care and patient satisfaction.

These include:
  • Messenger for smoother doctor-patient conversation
  • Phone and video calls for online consulting
  • Chatbot for getting answers to common questions.
Offline capabilities
Offline tools enable users to access vital information and manage their health even without an internet connection, ensuring continuous support and empowerment.

These capabilities provide:
  • Overview of test results and immunization history
  • Prescription and dosage information
  • Access to personal health records
  • Self-care tips.
Sync with hardware/ wearables devices
Wearables connection, such as with an OURA ring or Apple Watch, help with real-time monitoring of vital signs and activity levels. This allows users to personalize health tracking and monitor intervention strategies.

Key features for this category include:
  • Calendar of appointments and journal for managing medication plans
  • Online payment options
  • Activity trackers
  • Blood pressure/heart rate monitors/etc.
Security features are vital for a healthcare app development process to safeguard patient data and ensure compliance 
with privacy regulations. It will foster trust and confidence in your platform among users and healthcare providers.

Consider these regulations:
  • HIPAA-compliant patient data storage
  • GDPR compliance for EU-based users
  • Data encryption/decryption
  • EHR/EMR data integration.
Other features
You can always customize your healthcare mobile app development by adding key features that will be useful and relevant to your target audience.

For example:
  • Social media integration
  • Symptoms checker
  • Addiction trackers
  • Dashboard for measuring patient KPIs


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Compliance with global standards

At Purrweb, we have a lot of experience with legal requirements in different regions and industries. For our healthcare software development services, we most often have to work around HIPAA, GDPR, FDA regulations, and ISO standards.


HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It provides strict guidelines on how to handle personal data of patients, or protected health information (PHI). HIPAA applies to all apps that work in the U.S. jurisdiction and deal with sensitive information in healthcare. 

It is crucial to account for HIPAA during healthcare software development services. The goal of these regulations is to protect users. If software follows HIPAA standards, it often means that users and healthcare professionals can trust the organization and expect the confidentiality and integrity of data.


GDPR is relevant to all startups that work in the European Union or handle dates of EU residents. It focuses on the overall data protection and privacy rights of individuals, including in healthcare mobile application development. 

GDPR guidelines include transparent data processing, opportunities for users to control over their personal data, and opt-in or opt-out when giving consent. Same here: just like with HIPAA, apps that follow GDPR, show users that they can be trusted with sensitive health information.


The Food and Drug Administration regulates the development, manufacturing, and marketing of medical devices in the United States to make sure they are safe and effective. They give out their own regulations for apps that work and process data from those devices.

If your platform falls under that criteria, you would have to go through a rigorous evaluation process, including premarket clearance or approval.


ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization and develops guidelines for different software globally. There are several ISO regulations that your healthcare app might need to comply with. 

For example, ISO 82304 is a standard for software as a medical device (SaMD) platforms, while ISO 13485 is for software that is used in designing and manufacturing medical devices.

Healthcare mobile application development cycle

  • UI/UX Design

    We create a mind map to think through the app’s logic. Then turn it into black and white wireframes. When those are approved, we design 1 or 2 screens to refine the general interface style. After that, we go through the details, touch up the final design, and create a UI kit to speed up the development.

    UI/UX design image
  • Planning out the project

    We analyze the market and study competitors. Then create user stories and assess the workload of your project based on your desired features. This stage allows us to foresee possible bottlenecks and changes.

    Project examination image
  • Quality Assurance

    We test every project, both manually and automatically, so there are no bugs in the product.

    Testing image
  • Development

    The development is broken up into 2-week sprints. This way you can control the work in progress and see the results. We beta-tested it in TestFlight and Google Play to see the performance on real hardware.

    App development image
  • Release and support

    We know everything about App Store and Google Play publication and see every project through release. After that, we scale and support, add new features, and filter out bugs.

    Release and support image
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  • Are you developing mobile healthcare applications?

    We create a wide range of mobile applications for both medical specialists and their patients, as well as provide healthcare IT consulting services.

  • What about HIPAA compliance?

    Solutions we create that are fully compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and ISO 13485 — we’re constantly monitoring all changes in these regulations to keep our software secure and reliable. Plus, all data is stored on the client’s servers, which ensures the highest level of security.

  • How do you manage a team of software developers in healthcare?

    You’ll be provided with a project manager working as a part of the team in a healthcare app development company. At Purrweb, we work according to the Scrumban approach: plan sprints and deliver demo versions and results at the end of each.

  • What features can you implement in healthcare software?

    We can implement everything you need to release your product. We suggest studying our cases or contacting us for personalized insights on your custom healthcare software development.

  • Can you develop anything other than a mobile app?

    Yes! We can suggest building a medical website. Responsive though.

  • What healthcare app development services do you offer?

    We provide you with project analysis, UI/UX design, development & QA testing, and release support.

    Analysis: gather and analyze all the project requirements and documentation for custom healthcare software development. UI/UX design: create wireframes, and prototypes, and design the app screen by screen. Development & QA testing: build iOS and Android apps using the cross-platform framework React Native paying attention to the testing of code. Release support: publish the app in the App Store and Google Play. Plus, provide post-launch support if needed.

  • Can you complete my healthcare app development with a proper UI/UX?

    Of course! Purrweb is always ready to help your app get a beautiful and well-thought-out user interface.

  • Do you make custom healthcare software?

    We offer a wide range of healthcare app development services including app development from scratch and add-on development.