Sergey Nikonenko

COO at Purrweb

7 years at Purrweb
30 apps from idea to release

Sergey was the first account manager at Purrweb and in 7 years he created the entire department of 8 specialists. He established an internal process from the first reply to the client’s support after several years of working together.

Sergey is a COO now. He monitors all stages of working with clients, sets up strategies for departments’ development and negotiates with key clients of the company.

During those 7 years, Sergey worked with over 300 projects of different scale and each of them had its own technical or business specifics. That’s why Sergey likes to write case studies. In those he describes the business goals of the projects, concrete solutions we used, problems and solutions, final results and indicators, as well as plans for further development .