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Event App Development for Event Map Software

the Project

Eventignite is a desktop application used during exhibitions. Visitors can explore the map (zoom in and out), search info about exhibitors and their location on map (stand), check the schedule of speakers, add interesting points
to checklist with sending to email. Application load
depends on map size and how many exhibitors will take part (max real event was 3500).

App screen
App screen

Quick story

  • Client came to us with outdated unsupported WinJS application. The first version was created by client himself. Team worked hard to make it as stable as possible, even implemented new features, reworked event analytics as agreed but architecture and code structure didn’t allow us to improve application as much as we wanted originally.
  • Both parts of application (desktop client side and admin panel) were outdated and when we successfully held all planned events we started negotiations about rewriting desktop app at first. The main reasons were decreasing speed of development process because of unsupported technology stack of app (WinJS) and increasing number of bugs that were very annoying.
  • Although we successfully held an event of course app was lagging because there were 3500 exhibitors. Moreover, client’s requirements for further events were even stricter: performance on 4GB RAM and 2Ghz Celeron processor (quite low spec devices for this purpose) - with 10k exhibitors and 10k stands as a target (almost 3x more that we had).

is Eventignite?

  • For users, it’s a desktop app that allows them to quickly find what they want to visit on exhibitions, create checklists and get it by email so not to waste time looking for needed exhibitors.
  • For the client, it’s a product that can be sold to exhibitions organizers so they can hold an event easier.
App screen
App screen

Technology stack

  • React
  • Electron
  • AWS
  • Nest.js
  • Leaflet.js
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
App screen

Notable solutions
by Purrweb

  • Smart full-text search with live results filtering after every letter. Key advantage and app purpose is to find the necessary information as fast as possible.
  • Rendering a lot of exhibitor areas on the map without performance issues. One of the most important points of the project was the performance even on low spec devices: 4GB RAM and 2Ghz Celeron processor with 10k exhibitors and 10k stands as a target
  • Offline first data flow, ability to deliver data via data packages in addition to direct download from admin panel (written on Nest.js) using the Internet connection

Real usage scenario video