Software development for startups

We help startups test their ideas fast and on budget — applying our analytical and technical expertises.

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MVP for startups

We develop MVPs for startups: working solutions that have carefully selected features and top-level UI/UX design to skyrocket a product.

We help to identify core features, plan the development process, and guarantee that you’ll get your product on time.

Custom software development for startups

We transform ideas into market-ready products that are reliable and scalable. Starting from scratch, we use a tailored approach to deliver what you need.

We’re here for you whether you’re just starting or looking to improve a previous solution or pivot your startup.

Our recent projects

Have a look at the products we’ve recently developed.

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  • PAD app screen PAD app screen


    Mobile app that allows users — whether they need a flatmate or a room — to find what they want. It matches tenants and landlords based on the geolocation and personal preferences.

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  • EvTrip app screen EvTrip app screen


    EvTrip helps people charge their electric vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, or scooters from everywhere they go.

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  • PetBuddy app screen PetBuddy app screen
    PetBuddy app users Circle big Circle small


    Petbuddy is an app that lets users make pet’s records, calculate the amount of food, search for a vet nearby. If you need MVP development services, get in touch!

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Have been hemmed and hawed for months and still not sure about building MVP? Consider these points and make your decision.

  • Testing the waters

    MVP lets you test the idea at minimum cost. It is easier to release a stripped-down version of your product, and adjust it for a specific audience.

  • Saving your pocket

    MVP saves your money thanks to step-by-step development. Pay a minimum and wait until the idea brings some profit to reinvest it into further improvement.

  • Attracting investors

    MVP helps to attract investors. Interest them in your idea with a functioning product, inspire their trust, and get more chances to gather funds.

Agile software development

We use a combination of Agile frameworks Scrumban, which means we take cream off both Scrum and Kanban — this approach helps us deliver the highest value on a sprint basis.

Products built using the Agile methodology are more adaptable to changes, that’s why it fits software development for startups.

Set clear expectations

adjust your process to each sprint and reduce risks

Get measurable results

understand what to polish and what to refile

How we deliver software development
for startups

  • Project kick-off

    The process is triggered by a simple action — your getting a quote form submission. Our manager schedules an initial call to ask questions about your idea and collect all requirements and specifications. We then come up with our MVP vision and time & budget calculations.

  • Project planning

    We provide you with a project manager. The manager plans sprints and organises the team to work as efficiently as possible to reduce time-to-market and advance your product.

  • UX design: mindmapping and wireframing

    We start with competitive analysis — it allows us to see what features they have and build our vision of your product based on studied patterns. We create wireframes that settle any questions related to the IA and present a skeleton of the future product.

    Our design team works with Figma that enables you to comment on the design during the process and keep track of any changes.

  • UI design: creating concepts and packing UI kit

    Our design team creates several UI concepts, which give you options to choose from. Altering colors, fonts, and other elements is okay, we’ll accept changes until you get what you want. We add visual elements to create the look and feel that enhances user experience.

    We pack the UI kit — an important thing needed to prevent any possible gaps between designers and developers.

  • Development

    Software development for startups is planned according to Scrum. We split the process into sprints, and present reports at the end of each. Plus, we deploy ready-coded parts on a testing server, so you could try your product on a real device in real life.

  • QA testing: polishing bugs

    We run QA testing in parallel with the software development for startups as it affects the quality of a product. This approach lets us deliver consistently working apps without bugs.

  • Getting ready for release

    We help to release your product in App stores: no matter we’re talking about the App Store or Google Play, or both, we know how to get an app submitted by the systems and liked by users. Have much experience in it.

  • Further product

    If you want to have a steadily working product that gets many cool updates, we’ll help you! We support and maintain products after they are launched — you can book a number of working hours of the developer who worked on your product who will stay in touch.


  • How long will it take to build an MVP startup?

    We believe time-to-market is the most important thing for any startup. That’s why we limit the production timeline of software development for startups to 3 months. However, it’s possible that some projects are done in 2 months, and some need more than 3 months.

  • How much will it cost to develop an MVP startup?

    We set $30,000 as a rough budget limit. If you want to get an exact estimation for the full development cycle, feel free to contact us, and our manager will come up with an exact calculation.

  • What advantages will I get when hiring you to develop my MVP startup?

    The Purrweb team knows all ins and outs of software development for startups and has solid experience of launching products for startups. We deliver working solutions upon a bare concept and figure out the user needs to avoid potential time and monetary losses.

  • What is the pricing model?

    We work based on the Time & Materials approach.

    Pay as you go. It works perfectly for those who want to define the feature list and are not sure about overall goals. Here you pay only for the time a team spends working on the project.

  • What is the first step I do to start working with you?

    Go write to us at [email protected], submit a request on the website or just text us via a social network you like the most — we’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

  • Who’s involved in MVP development?

    The minimal team needed for software development for startups includes project manager, UI/UX designer, 3 developers (2 frontend and 1 backend), and QA engineer.

  • Why build MVP first?

    Whether or not you wanna get started with MVP, idea validation must be the top priority. You can pawn your house and get the money needed to build a complete product. Another scenario would be to take small steps (not giant leaps) and test things out with something fast and simple.

  • Will you sign an NDA?

    Sure thing!

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