Project Management Consulting Company

We effectively manage the project scope and keep the fingers on the pulse to stay within time and budget.

Our managers
how to drive
a successful project

At Purrweb, we provide project management consulting services according to the Scrumban approach — a combination of Agile frameworks. Depending on your needs, however, product development can be run according to any set of methods.

  • Preplanning

    In order to estimate the scope of future work, project managers reach out to a designer and a teamlead. Together they decide what and how we are going to do.

  • Handoff or Sprint Zero

    This is where developers implement
    the finished design. Managers of our project management consulting company write user stories, prepare the Jira board, ensure that designers provide developers with well-written specifications, and plan development sprints with the tech team.

  • Mindmapping

    Project managers form a view of a product: they build Mind Maps and use the MoSCoW method to figure out features vital for a product. They put aside all extras and allocate time for work in each part of a UI/UX design.

  • Development

    As we are focused on successful product delivery, our project management consultants arrange frontend and backend development to be carried out simultaneously. It speeds up the project release and lets us deliver the results within 3 months.

  • Planning

    Once the overall plan is ready, project managers meet with the team to precisely estimate the tasks and allocate the hours to fit the weekly design sprint.

  • QA testing

    QA testing runs parallel to development. Project managers of our project management consulting company not only set dates for starting testing and fixing found bugs but also participate in bug finding by themselves.

  • UI/UX Design

    It’s up to a project management consulting company to make sure the design is technically feasible. Our project managers oversee the design process, interact with both designers and developers and verify everything is flawlessly made.

  • Release

    Thanks to elaborate planning done by our project managers, our project management firm always delivers projects on time.

Communication plan

  • Project kick-off

    We start providing project management consulting services by discussing projects with clients: ask questions to ensure we have a shared vision of short- and long-term goals and invite them to communication channels and management tools.

  • Demo builds

    We launch a staging server and update
    it with a new demo build every 2 weeks,
    so clients could see the development
    progress and test everything on a real device.

  • Video calls

    Project managers jump on a video call every week to discuss the progress and check whether we are moving in the right direction. If clients have any updates from their side, we schedule additional calls.

  • Sprint summary

    Clients receive a sprint summary
    of the completed tasks and spent hours.

  • Tools


Project management consulting team roles

We gathered top professionals to ensure a project is successfully implemented.

Client satisfaction is our top priority

Our project management consulting company cares about business goals whether you focus on scalability or want to outperform competitors.

That’s how we deliver work results:

  • Project estimation

    At the very beginning, a client receives a document that contains a project scope and cost estimation. This document clearly outlines the number of manhours needed to design, develop, test, and release every specific feature.

  • Work Demo

    At the end of each sprint, our project management consulting professionals present the prepared demo version to a client — an interactive prototype or isolated part of functionality. Thus, visualize the actual performance against the expected one and keep the client in the loop.

    Thus, visualize the actual performance against the expected one and keep the client in the loop.

  • Reports

    Our project management consulting experts obtain recent updates on completed work from the team and form daily and sprint reposts.

    They contain details of spent hours, accomplished tasks, problems we faced, and ways we’redealing with them.

What our clients Tell about us

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    Brian Stark

    CEO, Stark Systems - Fintech app

    I’m absolutely satisfied with Purrweb services - they deliver excellent quality, and are customer-friendly

  • Video preview

    Mariano Ponce

    CEO, Moon Sun Fire Limited - Health & Fitness Startup

    I’m very very happy with the work done by Purrweb. They helped us to improve and achieve our goals

  • Video preview

    Domien Van Eynde

    CEO, Daiokan - Marketplace for photographers

    Purrweb helps you think how to approach your project, offering alternatives which would be better for the end users. That was crucial in our case, since we didn’t know everything ourselves, and they had many years of experience.

  • Video preview

    Thomas Walczak

    Head of Product at EventIgnite - Digital Signature Software

    Purrweb team helped us reach and serve new customers all around the world.

    How we simplified life for event organizers:
  • Video preview

    Alfredo Seidemann

    Founder & CEO at Viatu AG - Travel Platform

    The communication was really immaculate right from the start. We got responses really fast, and I was able to hope to a voice call within a couple of hours. I am thankful so much to Purrweb for the continued support and for the great work!

  • Client

    Gil Benjamin

    COO, Appswiz - app building tool

    Purrweb provided us with a complete design solution for our customer-facing platform. I recommend them to everyone who looks for an awesome UX/UI team. They are extremely talented, as well as upfront and honest.Their attention to detail, and care on a whole, was of the highest level - Purrweb is a very client-oriented team.

  • Client

    Corey Whiting

    CEO, Baseballcloud - Sports web application

    Purrweb design team worked on the redesign of our project. They were responsive to my feedback and provided good ideas on some parts I had not considered. Thanks for the great work!

    Check out the result:
  • Client

    Tigran Papazyan

    CEO & Founder, - music marketplace

    The guys wrote the front- and back-end for our web app. The project turned out to be quite big and difficult in the implementation of certain elements, but the guys exceeded my expectations.The team is very responsive, explaining to me all the work in detail, and in some cases advised me how to do better:)

    Check out the result:
  • Client

    Vladislav Samarin

    CEO, ENERGO - sharing-economy startup

    Purrweb provided full-scale mobile app development, which allowed us to raise a round of investments and earn a government contract. There was constant communication, they were proactive in providing feedback and able to flexibly implement my suggestions.

  • Client

    Conway Solomon

    CEO, WRSTBND - Event Hosting System

    Purrweb successfully built the platform, satisfying expectations. They were easy to work with, making the collaboration flow smoothly. Their detail-oriented approach was a hallmark of their work.

    How we integrated wristbands: Check out the result:
  • Purr Cat

    CEO, Lead Generation Company - B2B software

    Unlike other developers I’ve worked with, Purrweb genuinely cares for our project, and they delivered a product that has successfully launched and attracted thousands of daily users. Selfishly, I’d like to keep Purrweb to myself, but their team is fantastic, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a web development team.

  • Client

    Deborah Baid

    Co-Founder, Mayuri - Accounting Platform

    I have been working for one year with Purrweb. The communication is very smooth and the quality of their design is excellent. I warmly recommend you this agency.

  • Purr Cat

    CEO, Fitforce Inc - Fitness startup

    The app is going through beta testing, and user feedback has been mostly positive. Purrweb established a collaborative and effective process from the beginning, while their expertise and responsiveness to feedback helped them deliver a top-notch product.

    Check out the result:
  • Client

    Ilia Felonin

    Co-owner, ENT Group - VPN service

    We worked with Purrweb team, they made brilliant web and mobile design for our project, everything was great and we really enjoyed working with this agency. Communication was excellent, they assigned a project manager, and for us it was great since he translated our ideas into design perspective and actual tasks for the design team. Also, they’re not so pricy.

  • Purr Cat

    Anna Barkovskaya

    Project Manager, Loophole Technologies - healthcare startup

    I can highlight easy communication, they were very responsive (even despite the time zone difference). Clear timing and even done a few extras free of charge. Purrweb team seems to have experience of creating apps and looking at the task from the long term perspective even if they were not responsible for that.Value for money indeed and personal approach.

  • Client

    Rohan Dixit

    Founder, Lief Therapeutics - healthcare app

    Purrweb has helped us on numerous design initiatives and always followed-through quickly and with lots of interaction with us. They really make an effort to understand their customer's needs and create solutions that are thoughtful and delightful. I highly recommend them!

    5 rules for mobile health apps:
  • Purr Cat

    CEO, Investment Banking Firm - Fintech App

    Purrweb’s involvement has moved this once-stuck solution toward launch. Their developers are the most skilled I’ve worked with in recent years, and they work at a fair price. The testing phase has drawn positive feedback from user groups. Expect a partner who takes initiative to move the project forward and works efficiently to meet deadlines.

  • Purr Cat

    Kirill Starodubov

    CEO & Founder, - Interior Design Tool

    Before Purrweb we have dropped a few other suppliers and when we have started to work with Purrweb we found out that they have a strong customer support focus, always keep deadlines and help us move our products forward. I’m 100% sure that working with Purrweb will make the journey to your goals easy and secure.

  • Purr Cat

    Founder, Adveli - Learning Management System

    Purrweb’s CTO is a good Ruby on Rails developer and I enjoyed working with him. He was a big benefit to our team since he made suggestions on workflows etc. and helped us improve them. He cares a lot about keeping a customer satisfied and he has the ability to keep an overview about the whole project. I will definitely work with Purrweb again.

  • Client

    Mohammad Albatat

    Founder, This for That - Sharing-economy startup

    I always find myself coming back to this company for my design work.They surely know how to give an idea life and make it reality. Very professional and friendly.

  • Client

    Alimukhtar Aliyev

    COO, Appliance Repair - Electronics Repairing Services

    These guys are awesome, would recommend to anyone who wants good quality service.

  • Purr Cat

    Product Owner, Digital Health Application

    Perfect communication and response times. Always professional. Really took the time to understand our vision and contribute to that creatively. Went the extra mile and did not do just the minimum. Accomplished everything within budget.

  • Client

    Filip Ivancic

    Co-Founder & COO, PatchAI - Healthcare Platform

    Great and professional team that delivers exceptional design on time and within the scope. Would recommend them to anyone.

    5 rules for mobile health apps:
  • Purr Cat

    Anton Lopanitsyn

    CEO & Founder - B2B security service

    Purrweb has an impressive portfolio of really beautiful UI/UX works. I also love the way they were working with my feedback and comments on the work done. The improvements were quick and the result is perfect.

  • Client

    Alan Davies

    Director, Gaming & Events Company

    Purrweb have incredibly talented designers and a team of excellent communicators around them. They provided project updates and presented the latest work and they were very responsive to feedback. We have been more than satisfied with every element of their work.

  • Purr Cat

    Yousef Alotaibi

    CEO & Founder at Weteach

    I know that 10 out of 10 exists only in a perfect world or a vacuum, however these guys are really close to it. They even exceeded my expectations.

    It was maximum 2 hours to get a reply from my PM. I know usually designers don’t like modifications, however this wasn’t the case with Purrweb - they were very patient and comfortable to work with. They made the price and project stages very clear, and I was aware of everything happening on the project.