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We effectively manage the project scope and keep the fingers on the pulse to stay within time and budget.

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At Purrweb, we provide project management consulting services according to the Scrumban approach — a combination of Agile frameworks. Depending on your needs, however, product development can be run according to any set of methods.

  • Preplanning

    In order to estimate the scope of future work, project managers reach out to a teamlead. Together they decide what and how we are going to do.

  • Handoff or Sprint Zero

    This is where developers implement
    the finished design. Managers of our project management consulting company write user stories, prepare the Jira board, ensure that designers provide developers with well-written specifications, and plan development sprints with the tech team.

  • Mindmapping

    Project managers form a view of a product: they build Mind Maps and use the MoSCoW method to figure out features vital for a product. They put aside all extras and allocate time for work in each part of a UI/UX design.

  • Development

    As we are focused on successful product delivery, our project management consultants arrange frontend and backend development to be carried out simultaneously. It speeds up the project release and lets us deliver the results within 3 months.

  • Planning

    Once the overall plan is ready, project managers meet with the team to precisely estimate the tasks and allocate the hours to fit the weekly design sprint.

  • QA testing

    QA testing runs parallel to development. Project managers of our project management consulting company not only set dates for starting testing and fixing found bugs but also participate in bug finding by themselves.

  • UI/UX Design

    It’s up to a project management consulting company to make sure the design is technically feasible. Our project managers oversee the design process, interact with both designers and developers and verify everything is flawlessly made.

  • Release

    Thanks to elaborate planning done by our project managers, our project management firm always delivers projects on time.

Communication plan

  • Project kick-off

    At start

    We start providing project management consulting services by discussing projects with clients: ask questions to ensure we have a shared vision of short- and long-term goals and invite them to communication channels and management tools.

  • Demo builds

    Every 2 weeks

    We launch a staging server and update
    it with a new demo build every 2 weeks,
    so clients could see the development
    progress and test everything on a real device.

  • Video calls


    Project managers jump on a video call every week to discuss the progress and check whether we are moving in the right direction. If clients have any updates from their side, we schedule additional calls.

  • Sprint summary

    End of each sprint

    Clients receive a sprint summary
    of the completed tasks and spent hours.

  • Tools



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Project management consulting team roles

We gathered top professionals to ensure a project is successfully implemented.

Client satisfaction is our top priority

Our project management consulting company cares about business goals whether you focus on scalability or want to outperform competitors.

That’s how we deliver work results:

  • Project estimation

    At the very beginning, a client receives a document that contains a project scope and cost estimation. This document clearly outlines the number of manhours needed to design, develop, test, and release every specific feature.

  • Work Demo

    At the end of each sprint, our project management consulting professionals present the prepared demo version to a client — an interactive prototype or isolated part of functionality.

    Thus, visualize the actual performance against the expected one and keep the client in the loop.

  • Reports

    Our project management consulting experts obtain recent updates on completed work from the team and form daily and sprint reposts.

    They contain details of spent hours, accomplished tasks, problems we faced, and ways we’re dealing with them.

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