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The platform for companies that care about nature and want to attract investments with greener production.

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About the client

One of our regular clients: we've already made two projects with him. This platform has become the third one.

Why do people
need it?

Businesses all over the world try to mitigate their negative impact on nature.

In many countries, companies are obliged to monitor the amount of greenhouse gas they emit and find ways to neutralize it. For example, by financing eco-projects.

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Emissions Payment

Startups that want to get their first investment round in the USA or EU have a better chance if they include environmental indicators in their business plan.

Banks place great emphasis on green standards too by assessing the ecological risks while lending.

The solution:

a digital eco consultant for business

Net0 dashboard

How does it work?

  • Companies choose
    the country
    of operation in the app

  • Record the amount of emissions

  • The app analyzes
    data using emission
    factors relevant
    to the country

  • It also counts how much money the company needs to offset the negative impact on the climate, and then creates reports

We used GHG for analytics

GHG standards (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) are international standards for industrial greenhouse gas monitoring

gas emissions

  • Direct

    Scope 1

    Direct emissions

  • Indirect

    Scope 2


    Scope 3


Mind map
and wireframes

We created a mind map to model user paths. Each role in the app has access to a different functionality set, which we have divided on the preparatory stage.

The app has 4 user roles:

  • super administrator

  • company owner

  • manager

  • staff member

UI/UX design

We developed a design concept based on our past dashboard experience

More tables for the table god

There are a lot of similarly looking tables: we made a single system so all of them work the same way. Then we implemented it throughout the mock-up.
Net0 Dashboard
There was a lot of information, so we needed to save the screen space. We added tabs to the pages that had not enough space for tables. This way we got rid of horizontal scrolling.
Net0 Dashboard
We made the cells open on hover and show information that didn't fit into the standard field.
Net0 Dashboard

Typography and colors

We used a shade of green
for accents to underline the ecological character of the project





  • #31CACA
  • #3DD598
  • #F4F6F8


We used our classical stack for a web application:

  • NestJS
  • TypeORM
  • AWS
  • Postgres
  • React
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Styled-components
  • Final Form
  • Rechats
NeestJS icon AWS icon Postgres icon React icon Rechats icon Redux icon TypeORM icon

The result

  • Designe

    User-friendly design

  • Designe

    Complicated terms
    in plain language

  • Designe

    Clear interface

  • Designe


  • Designe

    Standardized reports

The app works in demo mode for now, but there are a lot of requests from potential users. When the registration opens, we'll see how many companies join.