Logistics App Development for provide delivery service

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The application for companies that provide delivery service. It synchronizes drivers, warehouses, provides real-time traffic and data updates to make sure customer orders are delivered properly.

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UI/UX Design

Purrweb, 2019

App screens


The greatest design focus was done on the usage scenario. This is why this case is presented as a user journey.

  • Dashboard

    When in a hurry, it’s easy to mess things up.
    We eliminated any chance of misclick by having a minimum amount of buttons on a single screen at a time.
    Particularly, 1 toggle to start a working shift,
    1 button to load the parcel, 1 action
    to start the delivery.

    Dashboard screen Dashboard screen
  • rectangle


    Parcel loading can be a very time-consuming process. We come up with a barcode scanning flow to match parcels and save drivers’ time reducing the working routine.

    We couldn’t ignore real situations that happen
    in the delivery business - sometimes barcodes
    are faulty and cannot be read by scanners.
    In this case, the driver can enter the code manually.

    Loading screen Loading screen Loading screen
  • Tracking

    Map is the only thing that matters for the driver during the ride, but we had to consider edge cases as well. So, we designed the opportunities to pause the run, resume and mark it as undelivered.

    Relevant notifications with new or removed runs come as half transparent toast - enough to let the driver know what has changed
    and not enough to disturb from driving.

    Tracking screen Tracking screen Tracking screen
  • rectangle


    The moment of delivery is all about bureaucracy. We developed a form where the driver captures the picture of the parcel, takes the signature
    of the recipient and puts his own notes - all wrapped up into a nice user-friendly interface.

    Delivery screen Delivery screen Delivery screen
  • Cargo background image

    Secondary scenarios

    There are always cases that are not part of the main flow.
    But we can’t diminish their importance. We have also thought of how a driver can reschedule the run, launch the app
    on a tablet device and check key performance metrics.

    Secondary scenarios screen Secondary scenarios screen
    Secondary scenarios screen
    Secondary scenarios screen
  • rectangle

    Empty screen states

    Lots of people don’t take into account that the devil is always in the details. Such a thing as no information states shouldn’t make
    the app bold and ugly, as it’s still the UI.

    States screens Secondary scenarios screen Secondary scenarios screen
    States screens


This is the summary of a long journey we had. Hope you enjoyed it a lot because we loved that experience and thinking process.

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