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MVP of marketplace for those who sell and buy video content

Contentplace Contentplace

What is Contentplace?

  • For buyer

    Ability to find video content for marketing purposes quickly and easily

  • For seller

    Ability to spread content and find funding

  • For Contentplace

    Income from subscriptions


Create a web application for a private platform where users can sell and buy video content rights.


Users can get access to the platform only by invitation, while videos are available only after authorization or through the link shared by the content maker.

Buyer can

Search and buy video content



Filter by content type, topic, audience, price, quality and video length



Create content plans in the calendar

Contentplace Contentplace

Leave feedback for sellers

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Seller can

Upload video content, add description, set prices

Contentplace Contentplace

Organize a portfolio of works

Contentplace Contentplace Contentplace Contentplace

Choose a subscription plan


We used cloud storage Amazon S3 to upload video content on the platform

After uploading, we launched AWS step functions that processed the videos. Then we made videos compress during processing — the platform owner pays for processing, which means that if the size of videos is smaller, our client pays less.

Access to private content

This way content makers can share their videos, while the rest of the content stays unavailable for unauthorized users


Unauthorized users can’t see videos on the platform. There’s both public and private content — we provided access to it through Amazon CloudFront. If content is private, the system generates a temporary passcode. Content maker can send buyer an email with the link to the content and the passcode. If content is public, the buyer will receive only a link, passcode is not required.

Vladislav Severin, full-stack developer

Contentplace Contentplace



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We decided to look up to IT-giants and used blue as the accent color — it’s associated with security and confidence.

  • #3454D1


The result

We finished the MVP in 3 months

The clients were able to enter the market quickly and now they test the idea with the working product