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Fintarget is a platform for brokers and investors, providing tools for searching and placement of investment strategies.

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About the project

BCS Broker introduces a new investment product to the market, where BCS experts and independent financial investors can place unique investment strategies.

Ordinary users will be able to study strategies in detail, choose the one they like, transfer money to a trust manager and start receiving passive income.


Search for strategies

Choose the best strategy from the many - the advanced searching feature will help you find the right investment portfolio, tools and risk level.

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Investment account

The interface requires minimum information. Simple forms, large buttons, informative notifications.

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Customer Profile Management

Dashboard with statistics of your account and performance of the acquired strategies - all the necessary indicators are clear, informative, and useful.

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A knowledge base for any financially competent person

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Strategy Page

A detailed description of the strategy, including the expected rate of return, and ability to discuss each strategy in a lobby of professional investors - all to support potential investors in making their well-informed decisions.

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