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All your suppliers in one application

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Application design
and development

The idea

About the project is an application that allows restaurateurs to communicate with their suppliers in one place, place purchase orders and check supplies.

  • The idea

    Ordering goods and quality control is a pain in the neck to restaurant owners.

    But what if we bring all the suppliers in one application and simplify the whole process?

  • The client

    Mikhail Ryvkin — IT-entrepreneur, investor of the restaurant Varlamov.Est and fitness club Gym-Gym.

    Maksim Firsov — co-founder of Foodfox, now known as Yandex.Eda.

Project team

  • Maria Volkova

    Maria Volkova

    Project manager

  • Anton Kiryukhin

    Anton Kiryukhin

    Project manager

  • Yulia Vakulenko

    Yulia Vakulenko

    UI/UX designer

  • Gleb Komarov

    Gleb Komarov


  • Dmitry Zaitsev

    Dmitry Zaitsev


  • Kostya Zemlyakov

    Kostya Zemlyakov


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There is quite a simple flow: you log in, choose a chat and place an order. You can also add a manager there to control shipment if needed.

App structure

Use cases

Killer feature — communication with suppliers + orders in one place.


- Login
- Password

Chat list with posts

User info



Supplier chat list

Chat selection

Create a new order

Grocery list


Make an order

Receive an order

Add receiver

Selecting a contact

Receiver added

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Add the first supplier

After sign-up, the restaurant connects with the first supplier. There are 9 most popular goods by default, but it’s possible to create custom goods. Now that we’re all here, it’s time to place an order.



User-friendly chat

Anychat can include a manager to communicate with suppliers, make orders and a receiver to validate the delivery.

We combine a clear messenger functionality with an order flow. Here you can see different colors for incoming and outgoing messages, statuses, and other usual features.



In 3 clicks

You can make an order right from the chat. You need to choose goods, specify delivery time and enter the address.



Comment for receiver

Huge restaurant network can afford to hire a storeman. Ones with modest resources ask their bartender or chef to receive goods. But anyway suppliers don’t want to waste time waiting for validation. They have a lot of work to do.

The restaurant manager knows all the twists and highlights them via comments. For example, one supplier always mixes up basmati and white rice — the receiver will notice it on a screen.

To save time we display notes at the validation page. You can open the full description by clicking on the “Show All” button.


Add the staff member

You don’t need to search for an employee every time you create a chat. The app allows adding your staff in one click.


Order history

After closing the order you get a receipt as a card. We save order history to achieve transparency. Too many defective goods from one supplier? Maybe you need to reconsider your cooperation.

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What else?

Landing and copywriting

In addition, we made a landing page from scratch. Our main focus was to visualise app opportunities and benefits.

That’s why we have demonstrated how it works in a short video.

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Grecha image
Yulia Vakulenko

User flow was quite unusual — there were no existing references of similar projects. We need to combine the functionality of messenger and delivery app. I’m glad that the client appreciated our efforts.

Yulia Vakulenko,
lead UI/UX designer

Yulia Vakulenko



We use Telegram and Mailgun to make an omnichannel chat.

Restaurant adds a supplier

Chooses the number in a contact list

Defines communication channel: Telegram (TG) or email

Defines communication channel: Telegram (TG) or email

Some magic

Supplier communicates via email / TG, while the Restaurant has all communication within the app







Supplier Chat

We will talk about this later

Communication via Telegram

Communication via mail

Add Ivan

Add Supplier


Gmail,, Yandex

Mail services — Gmail, Mail.Ru, Yandex — display additional information in a message body: sender, date, receiver. Restaurant manager doesn’t need that redundant data. We cut that useless data and have clear messages.


2 sides

It is now easy for restaurants to order food from suppliers and control the quality. The restaurant writes in the app. The supplier sees everything in Telegram.

Restaurant side

Supplier side

Konstantin Zemlyakov

Telegram and Mailgun integrations turned out to be more complicated than we had been thinking. We had to develop 2 ways of realization. Now everything works as expected: suppliers use habitual communication channel, restaurateurs use the app.

Konstantin Zemlyakov,
teamlead in Purrweb

Screens Screens
Screens Screens
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Here we are?

Clients have already shown the app to 10 restaurants and have collected the feedback.

  • Screens

    More and more restaurants

  • Screens

    Start working with 5 restaurants

  • Screens

    Choose business model

  • Screens

    Make sure that the app really solves the problem

  • Screens

    Implement new features: partial validation of the order, sending photos in a chat, reordering

App Store and Google Play

The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play