Tunetank Audio stock with the Royalty-free music

  • Client: Tigran Papazyan
  • Location: Kazakhstan

Quick story

In 2017 a great Musician that writes background music for movie trailers like Solo a Star Wars Story, Resident Evil and lots of other Hollywood movies, came to Purrweb with an ambitious idea. Tigran Papazyan wanted to enter a very competitive market with a new Audiostock platform. He didn’t want to start with basic MVP, but aimed at a nice working product to start making money with right away.

Business challenge

The most popular challenge for any marketplace application is a chicken or egg problem. In our case that was out of concern, since Tigran had a very wide pool of musicians in his network that were keen to become early adopters. So, the main challenge was to attract the actual customers. Our role in that challenge was mostly in bringing a super sleek and performant product to make users fall in love with it after their 1st visit.


What is TuneTank?

desktop app
  • For Customers

    For customers TuneTank brings an intuitive music search process, list of specific playlists and easy way to license any track they want for the further commercial use.

  • For Music Artists

    For Music artists TuneTank is the alternative source of earning money by selling licenses with fast uploading process, watermarking and promoting.

Our technology choice was:

  • icon techology Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

  • icon techology React


  • icon techology Redux


  • icon techology GraphQL API

    GraphQL API

  • icon techology AWS


  • icon techology MongoDB


  • icon techology Nginx


  • icon techology Sidekiq


  • icon techology ElasticSearch


  • icon techology Paypal


Notable solutions by Purrweb

Single page applications are notorious for their poor indexing by search engines. Instead of writing the complete Server Side Rendering, we integrated a 3rd party API called Prerender that solved the issue and made TuneTank appear in search results.

AudioWave was one of the biggest challenges on the project, since there are 2 waves possible to be performed on 1 single page. They should have been 100% interdependent and there are no libraries in web capable of doing that. So, we built a custom solution that works even better than on SoundCloud.

Referral program. One of the plans for onboarding customers was the referral traffic, so we built fully custom Referral management system that allows changing stakes individually and viewing detailed statistics.