Dedicated Development

Our dedicated development team is your partner in turning ideas and visions into fully functional products. With a clear understanding of your concept, our team takes the reins in crafting a tailored software solution to meet your needs.

bring ideas to life

Empowering different clients

We specialize in front-end and back-end development. We can seamlessly integrate with your team to enhance your software development services or focus on specific expertise to address critical needs. No matter the scale, we're here to assist diverse clients.

We provide the support you need to get your startup off the ground and turn your innovative ideas into tangible products that stand out in the marketplace.
Our experienced team works closely with companies to enhance their existing products or develop new solutions. We ensure seamless integration and impactful results.
Small businesses
We understand the unique needs of small businesses and offer customized solutions that drive efficiency and growth to help you effectively achieve your goals.

Development process with a dedicated team

Our custom software development
life cycle

Navigating the realms of dedicated development team services entails a focused and agile partnership that merges your vision with our technical prowess. This approach unlocks a dynamic collaboration, allowing precise solutions for your project's unique needs.

Project analysis and audit

Right after you commit to software development outsourcing, we dive deep into your project's requirements, understanding your goals, and outlining the best approach.

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Strategy development

Based on the insights gathered during the audit, we formulate a clear and adaptable plan that outlines the project's goals, milestones, and our approach to achieving them.

Development team organization

We recognize the flexibility required in team collaboration and offer three distinct approaches for achieving project success:

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  • Strengthening the team
  • Augmenting your existing team with our specialists to enhance skill diversity and capacity. This method maintains your core team's involvement while benefiting from our expertise. View more Button
  • Complete outsourcing
  • Entrust our team with the development of the entire project. You'll be able to focus on other aspects of your business while we manage all development responsibilities. View more Button
  • Targeted problem-solving
  • Overcome specific project challenges through strategic engagement of our experts to minimize interruptions and efficiently overcome hurdles. View more Button
Project launch

With the strategy in place and the team ready, we initiate the project's execution, translating plans into action and actively commencing the development process.

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Sprint finalization and results monitoring

Upon completing each sprint, we review the achieved results, assess the progress made, and adjust our strategy as needed, ensuring continuous improvement throughout the project's lifecycle.


At Purrweb, we excel with JavaScript-based frameworks and offer the opportunity to hire Node.js developers or any other specialists, we got you covered anyway. Cost-effectively, we swiftly integrate modern features like payments and geolocation. Proficient in these frameworks, we're poised to create your envisioned app. Need a smoothly running app in 3 months? Contact us via the form below. Your success is assured with our expertise.

  • React Native

    A versatile framework for mobile apps, enabling simultaneous iOS and Android development within a single codebase.

  • React.js

    Tailored for web applications like marketplaces or IoT apps.

  • Electron.js

    Еxceptionally well-suited for developing cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies.

Among others:

Among others:


Why us

Cutting-edge tech expertise
Our software pros build IT products with modern frameworks like JavaScript, React Native, AWS, Jenkins, and more. Rest assured, your product will run like a dream.
Crystal-clear code
When your project's done, passing it to other devs is a breeze. No head-scratching moments or endless rewrites – just seamless transitions.
On-time delivery
Our dedicated project manager ensures you're in the know. Expect weekly updates and zero missed investor meetings. Timelines are sacred to us.
Seasoned team
Since 2014, our dedicated software development team powered over 300 projects, leveraging our extensive experience. With a team of 200+ skilled professionals at your service, we'll carefully curate a team that aligns perfectly with your project's requirements.
Our pricing model
In the realm of dedicated team model work, two prevalent payment frameworks stand out: fixed price and time and materials. At Purrweb, our preference leans towards the latter — time and materials. Below is a comparative table detailing the two models:
Time and
Ideal for Corporations and major companies Startups
Predictability Yes No
Flexibility No: Price remains constant irrespective of hours Yes: Adaptable for new features and adjusted pricing
The fixed price model might suit established companies seeking predictability. Time and materials model is the best fit for startups, providing a dynamic and flexible solution that evolves with the project's needs. So, if you're aiming to make the most of this adaptable approach, hire a dedicated development team.

Our projects

With a robust track record, Purrweb excels in delivering end-to-end development and design services within challenging domains of digital products. Choose your business niche to discover tailored web and mobile concepts that cater to your unique needs.

Our cases



We transformed the client's power bank rental concept into a cross-platform iOS and Android app linked with IoT stations, following a thorough competitive analysis.

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Broex is a versatile multi-currency crypto wallet designed to simplify entry into the realm of cryptocurrencies. We have developed a cross-platform mobile application to facilitate this process.

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PAD, a mobile app, efficiently connects individuals seeking roommates or accommodations by utilizing geolocation and personal preferences for optimal matches. Analyzed competitors' UX-flow and derived the best solutions for the application.

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