How We Designed a Cryptocurrency Wallet in 2 Months and Helped a Client from Singapore Attract Users

If you want to break into Web 3.0, you need standout projects. This requires a vibrant and functional design, which is why the client turned to us.

Developers from Singapore decided to enter the market with their agency and asked Purrweb for help with the visual style — to come up with a logo and design a cryptocurrency wallet, and games. Spoiler alert: it turned out fresh and vibrant, and the client attracted investments and first users just 2 months into the project. Now we're telling (and showing) the case study.

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How it all began

Project's facts and figures

It all started with an insight. One day, a lead developer at a gaming studio in Singapore told the client that the cost per installation for a blockchain game was $4-5. This was significantly higher compared to regular applications. Additionally, gamers were asked to install a separate cryptocurrency wallet for in-game purchases. The grim result: a high user churn rate.

The client decided to address this problem and, at the same time, launch several new projects. The team client’s team had significant experience: Singaporean developers had previously implemented a low-code builder for decentralized games. The only thing left was to develop a distinctive visual style that would unify all the products under one brand. For this task, the team turned to Purrweb: the client liked our cases.

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Wallet, game, and logo

Our task consisted of three parts. The main one was to design a cryptocurrency wallet. But not just any, but with a lot of cool features:

    • One-click setup.
    • Ability to choose and purchase NFTs.
    • Cryptocurrency payment with a bank card and QR code.
    • Integration with Web 3.0 games for in-app purchases.

In other words, everything to make using the application as simple and convenient as possible.

The unique product offering is an effortless entry without crypto expertise.

And to let more users know about the new wallet, the client decided to launch a game in the “2048” format. Developing its design was our second subtask.

The “2048” game is a computer puzzle in which players move and merge tiles with numbers. With each move, two identical tiles merge into one, doubling the number: 2 x 2 = 4, 4 x 4 = 8, 8 x 8 = 16, and so on. The player wins if he reaches the number 2048.

This simple puzzle motivates users to register in the cryptocurrency wallet. How? For example, each player receives a daily reward in the form of platform tokens and real cryptocurrency. This prize can be withdrawn after creating an account.

Another mechanic is the leadership system. The best players receive rewards in the form of real coins and platform tokens. To claim the prize, you need to… You guessed it right — complete registration in the integrated wallet.

“2048” game design for cryptocurrency wallet

Here’s what the “2048” game looks like; you’ve probably heard of it or played it yourself

And finally, the third subtask is to come up with a logo that will unify all these products under one brand.

In the end, we needed to develop the design for the logo, the mobile version of the cryptocurrency wallet, the NFT section, and also the browser version of the game. And all of this quickly — while the idea remains unique in the market.

We had already worked on projects from Web 3.0: we worked on the mobile service for the Broex wallet and assembled a crypto application from an API mosaic for a client from Japan. Therefore, the team knew what to do and immediately got to work.

We created a striking application design

The client suggested that we base our design on Lucky Wheel and Discord — these services were our main references. The application was supposed to be colorful and vibrant.

At the same time, it was important not to overload the interface with information and to maintain airiness so that even beginners could easily navigate the cryptocurrency wallet.

We took all the conditions into account and found a solution for the wallet and the game.

Opted for a dark background. It complements the color palette and makes the elements even brighter.

Store design in the game for the cryptocurrency wallet

Colored elements on a dark background look clean and lively

Selected a vibrant palette. Shades of red and green, as well as an orange accent, blend harmoniously, highlighting key elements without visually overwhelming the user.

Color palette for the cryptocurrency wallet

The color combination distinguishes the wallet in the cryptocurrency services market

Settled on the font “Poppins”. It has a geometric, clean style and includes 18 variations, from thin to bold. Thanks to its wide range of styles and open feel, Poppins is excellent for both headings and long paragraphs.

Font for the cryptocurrency wallet

“Poppins” is a concise and highly legible font

It turned out to be a bright and eye-catching application. See for yourself.

Screens of the mobile version of the cryptocurrency wallet: registration, main screen, and profile

Mobile screens of the cryptocurrency wallet: registration, main screen, and profile

Browser version of the game

Browser version of the game

Logo with a dragon

The client chose Discord as the main reference. Therefore, we decided to make the logo similar to the messenger icon, and together with the client, chose a character — a friendly Godzilla. Its eye and mouth mimic the shape of the letters “i” and “j” from the logo’s font part.

Visual and typographic part of the logo

Visual and typographic part of the logo

Now, Godzilla unites the projects of the studio — exciting!

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Two months after starting work, the client had a thoughtful, bright, and creative visual style. The entire project cost $8,000. The product has already been launched — the wallet can be downloaded from the website.

The client was satisfied with the result: he received investments and attracted the first users to his project. Onward and upward, the agency will continue to grow.

Sameera Nilupul,

We hired Purrweb to do a UX design for our mobile app. We are very satisfied with the service that they provided and we’re happy to recommend Purrweb to potential customers!

Sameera Nilupul, 
founder and CEO

If you need a visual style for your project, fill out the form to get in touch with us. We’ll listen to your idea carefully, share our expertise, and estimate costs and deadlines.

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