React native benefits: how to save on app development

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react native benefits
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The popularity of smartphones has made mobile app development one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Even when starting out, product owners face huge competition. What should they do to stay ahead of the pack? Is there any way how they can reach a wider audience? 

Many IT specialists around the world opt for React Native. The technology allows to create stable mobile apps with sexy UI for both iOS and Android. The use of the same codebase significantly reduces development time and costs — it’s the reason why React native consulting companies love it so much. 

Wanna know more details about React Native mobile development? The Purrweb team will tell you who has already benefited from using React Native, so keep on reading this article and find the answer.

Well-known apps built with React Native

react native benefits

Due to the reliability and significant advantages of the technology, many world-famous giants have already built mobile apps with React Native.

Although this list is, of course, far from being complete, let’s check them out:

  • Facebook — no wonder Facebook wants to take full advantage of a proprietary product. Mobile Application ‘Facebook Ads’ was built with React Native.
  • Instagram development team has integrated React Native code into some parts of its iOS and Android apps. Particularly, React Native is used for such features as ‘Push Notification’ and ‘SMS Captcha Checkpoint’ — this allowed them to increase further development speed by 85-97%.
  • Walmart is always looking for ways to improve customer service quality by using new technologies. With the help of React Native, the team improved app performance on iOS and Android devices without overpaying for additional resources.
  • Uber — The company recently launched a new application for its food delivery system UberEATS, created, again, with the use of React Native.
  • Skype — The new version of the application has been completely redesigned, several useful functions have been added. Such as Giphy from Microsoft — with its help, users can exchange GIFs in the chat.
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  • SoundCloud Pulse — the team of this well-known application for music content creators is among the first ones who appreciated the benefits of React Native development. They integrated this technology into their popular app back in 2016.
  • Whymis an app that provides 24/7 access to professional translators anywhere in the world. It was originally developed for iOS only but then has been moved to React Native to reach a larger audience on the Android platform.
  • Bloomberg, one of the leading providers of financial information to professional financial market participants, also using React Native as the primary tool for building their apps.
  • Even Tesla, the world-famous electric vehicle manufacturer, has benefitted from React Native — by using React Native, they developed applications for determining car location and controlling its functions from a smartphone.

Why choose React Native?

react native benefits

Of course, we all realize that world-known companies have good reasons for choosing React Native to carry out their mobile development. The list above speaks for itself. 

However, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of React Native.

  • You no longer have to choose between iOS and Android — with React Native it’s possible to deliver apps for both platforms at once, and hence reach a larger market.
  • Developers write only one code. The same codebase greatly simplifies the entire app building process and simplifies the bug fixing process.
  • React Native gets regular updates and is constantly evolving.
  • With Hot Reloading enabled, the dev team can immediately preview changes made in the source code. 
  • React Native is still unmatched when it comes to UI quality and user experience in general.
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React Native mobile development has also some cons.

For example, the JavaScript library is famous for its delicacy, so if you want to provide reliable protection for your React Native application, for example, mobile banking, etc., you will need to pay additional attention to the security of the code. If strong security is badly needed, then, as a rule, developers check libraries or write their own (for example, this is what the developers of the Sberbank’s application did).

The next issue is that when it comes to super complex animations, React Native mobile development is not about it. In this case, you’ll have to ask native developers for help. Although, if your project doesn’t require something absolutely crazy and hard to implement (which is 90% of startups), React Native is definitely the way to go.

If you take a close look at the advantages and issues of React Native, you will realize that the pros of this platform far outweigh the cons. The cons of this structure are minor, and the benefits you get are significant.

How to reduce app development costs with React Native?

Of course, the final cost of developing an application depends on a wide variety of factors.

Depending on the requirements of your project – its complexity and functionality, development costs can vary significantly.

But if we compare the cost of a native app to React Native mobile development, the latter benefits significantly.

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And here is why: 

  • The most obvious factor affecting cost reduction is, of course, the ability to create an application for two platforms in one fell swoop. It saves a substantial amount of money just on the development process up to 50-80%.
  • It also halves further technical support costs.
  • The next factor is the speed of the development itself. 

The good news is that React Native code is reusable. Therefore, the team, working on your application, will use ready-made solutions where possible, which will also reduce costs of React Native mobile development.

  • By reducing development time, your applications will be presented to the end-user faster. The faster release allows to get initial feedback in a shorter time frame than with other development methods.


Such factors as application performance, as well as a reduction in time and cost-effectiveness – are the reasons for the popularity of React Native.

So if you think about integrating React Native into your mobile apps, it’s time to make a decision. With its many benefits, React Native mobile development remains the right choice for startups.

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