3 reasons to start out with an MVP

Stop dreaming about thousands of customers willing to buy your full-size cakes. Start small. Tasty, easy-to-cook cupcakes will be fine to start from.

And here’s why.

You save months and years on learning how to bake and decorate sponge cakes. Instead, you bake plenty of cupcakes in just 15 minutes. You don’t even have to be a skilled baker for that. The goal is to go outside, stay in front of prospects and see the reaction. And you can reach that goal without going crazy about details.

You understand the market. Say, you thought the targets are kids, but 30 young vegan moms came to you to buy the cupcakes. They claimed they loved the idea and just wanted an adapted version for a vegan diet: add gluten-free flour and soy milk. So, you found the market, learned what your targets like and now, based on given feedback you can fine-tune a recipe to better respond to customers’ needs.

P.S. Even if those moms tell you they want another to-go-snack, like, fresh fruit smoothies, you’ll save the bucks for that. You didn’t break the bank and won because you’re smart, right?

You save a pile of cash. You’re not overpaying for pastry chef specialists to bake hand-sculpted desserts laced with edible 23-karat gold and diamond sprinkles. Instead, you start with a team of 2 or 3 hard-working pastry bakers and try ingredients you have at hand.

You don’t have to ask friends, family or fools for money — this approach gives you a chance to risk with your own cash. Win or lose after — who knows, but you don’t need to depend on someone anyway.

Ensure your cupcakes are lovable, then step up to multi-tiered wedding cakes

How to use it. Replace the word “cupcake” with “MVP” and “cake” with “Complete product”. Now read this post one more time. Product idea validation is much like baking, huh?