Top-10 of the Most Expensive Apps in App Store

The most expensive apps in the App Store target niche markets by providing unique functionality that you won’t find in the usual free apps. These apps boast speed, design, features, and high performance. Top-tier apps are aimed at professionals and enthusiasts who require specific, unique tools.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s planning to launch an app, it can be helpful to look at your competition, analyze their reviews, and find out what people like about them.

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most expensive app on the app store
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Key Takeaways

    • Some apps in the App Store are remarkably expensive, with prices ranging from hundreds to a thousand of dollars.
    • The cost of an app depends on the complexity of its built-in features and the exclusive needs of your target audience.
    • Expensive apps target specific niche audiences and offer unique functionality and value that is often hard to come by in the crowded digital marketplace.

Most Expensive App Store Apps

There are different strategies for app monetization that you can come across in the App Store. For example, there are free apps with basic features and in-app purchases, apps that require subscription, and specialized software with advanced features that you have to buy outright. 

In this article, we’ll list the top 10 most expensive apps in the App Store. The list is not based on just visual appeal of the app or user reviews, we also took price, noteworthy features, and unique business approach into account. To save you time, we’ve prepared a table that presents all the apps discussed below.

The Most Expensive Apps in the App Store
Name  Price Industry or niche What does the app do?
iA Writer $49.99 Writing Offers a non-distracting writing environment that allows users to focus
GoodReader Pro $79.99 Content creation Helps with creating, editing, and organizing various multimedia content
Articulation Station Pro $99.99 Healthcare Simplifies the work of speech therapists, helping children and adults to pronounce sounds correctly
Forex Watch $99.99 Fintech Allows traders to follow forex market news and use advanced charts
Golfshot Plus $119.99 Sports Helps users understand the ins and outs of golf, track their progress, and compete with others. It also has outstanding AR capabilities
Final Cut Pro $299.99 Media production Offers a tool-kit that helps to edit videos like a pro
DDS GP $399.99 Healthcare Allows dentists to show their patients illustrations of conditions and treatment methods
Verituner $599.99 Music Makes piano tuning faster, simpler, and more precise. It’s also tailored to the unique scaling of each piano model
ViaCAD Pro 12 $699.99 Design Offers advanced 2D and 3D modeling tool sets that allow even novice designers to create great pieces
roc.Kasse $999.99 Fintech Features an offline digital cash register with customizable product categories and pricing options

10. iA Writer 


⭐️1.2K reviews

Target audience: professional writers, students, and content creators

iA Writer is a popular writing app available for iPhone and iPad. It’s designed to create a distraction-free writing environment that allows users to focus on their work. The app supports the Markdown language and offers: Focus Mode, customizable keyboard, selective text highlighting, iCloud sync, templates. Also, it can export to many different formats, like HTML, Microsoft Word, and PDF. 

iA Writer has been praised for its simplicity and elegance. Users appreciate its clean interface and ability to format as they type. The app has won numerous awards and is known for its standard Markdown text editor. Users may purchase iA Writer from the App Store by paying a one-time cost for the iOS/macOS version. Over the years, the price of the app has steadily increased, reflecting its value and constant development.

iA Writer app screenshot

An award-winning app for professional content creators iA Writer

9. GoodReader Pro


⭐️250 reviews

Target audience: professional writers, students, document management specialists

GoodReader Pro is a professional tool designed for creating, converting, editing, and annotating PDF, TXT, MS Office, and HTML files. Also, users can view images, listen to music or audiobooks, and watch videos. The program is aimed at users who need a comprehensive multimedia management app. 

In the reviews, iOS users mentioned the file management system, conversion tool and cloud integration. Also, the focus on security and military-grade encryption appealed to users who prioritize data protection and privacy.

GoodReader Pro app screenshot

Users can do almost anything they want with their PDFs using GoodReader Pro

8. Articulation Station Pro


⭐️81 reviews

Target audience: speech therapists, teachers, parents, children with speech/sound delays

The comprehensive speech therapy app Articulation Station Pro is a favorite of many teachers and specialists who work with people with disabilities. It’s a full-featured app, created by a certified speech pathologist, that helps people learn to speak more clearly. The app offers an articulation program with word, sentence, and story level tasks. It features over 1200 high-quality images, 22 sound programs in English, and 8 engaging task types.

Based on the reviews, those who purchase the Pro version in the App Store mostly consider it a good decision. Doctors and parents value Articulation Station thanks to its user-friendliness, functionality, and the ability to add custom images and word lists for free. The feedback that children and adults receive while using the app helps them track progress and provides additional motivation.

Articulation Station Pro app screenshot

The app makes it easy to teach children and adults the proper enunciation of English sounds

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7. Forex Watch


⭐️37 reviews

Target audience: forex traders, investors, forex brokers

Forex Watch is an iPhone app designed to meet the needs of traders who need quick access to quotes, charts, and trading news at any time. It provides information on the open and close times of major markets around the world. It also displays the news, color-coded depending on their impact on a particular currency pair.

Given the pace and volatility of the forex market, mobile trading apps have become extremely popular among traders. The Forex Watch offers priority access to data, which allows traders to track market changes on the go and in real-time. The reviewers mention the app’s convenience, a huge amount of educational content on forex trading, and useful notifications.

Traders and investors stay updated on the forex market news thanks to Forex Watch

6. Golfshot Plus


⭐️14.8K reviews

Target audience: golf enthusiasts, sportspeople

Golfshot Plus is a GPS app for golf lovers. It’s one of the few apps from the sports category that are over $100. The app shows real-time distances to greens, hazards, and targets on more than 40,000 courses around the world. The app enhances the golf experience with scoring and shot tracking features, detailed statistics, 3D flyover previews, and GPS tracking. 

Users speak favorably about the realistic images, accurate game history tracking, augmented reality feature, rewards program, and an invitation system. It also supports voice commands through Siri assistant, which adds a lot of convenience. Plus, Golfshot is the first to offer automatic shot tracking with the Apple Watch. Even though it is one of the most expensive apps, there are in-app purchases available, for example, pro membership with access to premium features and exclusive benefits.

Golfshot Plus app screenshot

Users become professionals in golf with tracking capabilities of Golfshot Plus

5. Final Cut Pro


⭐️11.8K reviews

Target audience: video creators & editors, education, marketing, and media production companies

Final Cut Pro offers:

    • HDR and 360 VR video editing tools
    • motion tracking tools
    • strong color-editing tools
    • an enhanced Timeline Index
    • a powerful drag-and-drop Object Tracker
    • libraries for efficient media management
    • animated, customizable 2D and 3D titles 

The software is designed for those seeking powerful video editing capabilities, ease of use, and speedy performance. The App Store reviewers mention fast export, a broad range of formats and advanced media organization capabilities. Besides, the app is constantly being updated, with more and more new features coming out. This seems to be the best Mac product in its field, seeing as people keep buying it, despite the high cost.

Final Cut Pro app screenshots

Professional media production and editing app Final Cut Pro



⭐️4 reviews

Target audience: dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists

The most expensive app in the medicine category is DDS GP. This iPhone app can showcase medical conditions/treatments to patients through an easy-to-use, interactive presentation program. The app offers the ability to draw on the screen with your finger, save drawings, and add your own images from the library. There are customizable treatment plans that can be sent or printed out for patients, and over 200 unique demonstrations.

Dentists use the app to explain diagnoses and procedures to their patients, providing a more engaging and informative experience. The DDS GP app has received positive reviews for its effectiveness and usefulness in dental practices, with users praising its functionality and intuitive UI. Doctors emphasize consistent updates and improvements that enhance the user experience.

DDS GP app screenshot

Showing dental problems and explaining their treatment has never been easier than with a DDS GP

3. Verituner


⭐️10 reviews

Target audience: professional piano technicians, musicians, music studios

One of the most expensive apps in the music category is called Verituner. It helps with balanced piano tunings that can be tailored to the unique scaling of each piano. The app uses patented multi-partial technology to calculate customized targets and tune everything one might want. It offers access to over 90 well-known historical temperaments that composers use to improve harmony and reach desired tonality.

According to feedback from piano technicians, Verituner’s technology has allowed them to get better tuning than they ever thought possible while minimizing how much time they have to spend. They also mention vast customization capabilities like a history of prior tunings and the general speed of the tuning process.

Verituner app screenshot

Verituner can help with tuning every note on every piano

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2. ViaCAD Pro 12


⭐️ 0 reviews

Target audience: designers, architects, engineering, design, and architecture companies

ViaCAD Pro 12 is a 3D CAD software designed for architectural, mechanical, design planning, and prototyping purposes. The app offers 2D drafting and advanced 3D modeling tool sets. Its push/pull modeling function converts 2D shapes into 3D, making it accessible for designers with varying levels of experience. There are blending and fileting tools, and a gripper that adds drag and drop capabilities, which makes design-editing easier.

Users talk about the app’s DWG import and export capabilities. Also, to help users learn the software, there are 17 built-in training videos with step-by-step PDF instructions.

ViaCAD Pro 12 app screenshot

Designers use ViaCAD Pro to design professional 2D and 3D models

1. roc.Kasse


⭐️ 0 reviews

Target audience: business owners, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores

The most expensive app in our App Store marketplace overview is roc.Kasse, a point-of-sale (POS) application for iPads. The app features an offline checkout system, which means it can process transactions even without an internet connection. roc.Kasse provides customizable product categories and pricing options, allowing businesses to tailor the app to their specific needs.

Even though it has a premium price, users prefer this app over available alternatives, as it supports various payment methods: cash, credit cards, and mobile payments. They also find inventory tracking and management features useful, as they help keep track of stock levels and receive alerts when the inventory is running low.

roc.Kasse app screenshot

A point-of-sale (POS) app, roc.Kasse, offers an offline checkout system, which ensures that the venue can run smoothly at all times


Every app has a price, and if it appears on our list as the most expensive app in a certain category — it’s worth paying attention to. The App Store offers expensive apps designed for specific or niche purposes, so they’re often chosen by professionals who know exactly which features they need. 

In fact, it doesn’t matter how expensive an app is. If it has unique features and positive reviews from specialists — people will buy it no matter the price tag.

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