Angel Investors Dallas: who can give you money in Dallas?

Hello! Do you want to be a startupper and make your own product? There are the things you need:

• Startup idea
• Development agency
• Money

If you have all of it — congrats! You are ready to realize your business ambitions! But let’s just iMaGiNe if you don’t have money, and you don’t have an MVP development agency. What to do?

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    First, let’s figure out the money issue. There are many people who want to build your startup, but don’t have enough resources for it (what a surprise!). For those like them, there are many options where you can get money for the projects. Opportunities to stop ‘thinking’ about what you want to do and how many cool things will bring you and start ‘doing’ and make this real.

    Where to get money?

    You can be your own investor and take money from your savings. Or you can get a credit card. Risks are obvious — in case of failure you can lose all your money. For a beginner in the startup world, it’s not a good idea.

    Or you can ask for money from your friends or family. But not all of us had a rich aunt in Australia or something and not many people are ready to cooperate with their relatives. 

    Then what?

    In our article, we want to share with you the list of Dallas angel investors — people who live and love to invest in other people’s startups. Not for all of the angels, but some forward-looking. But first, let’s figure out who angel investors are?

    Who are the Dallas angel investors?

    People in Dallas who invest in startups on early seed stages are called Dallas Angel Investors. For startuppers who have an idea and ambitions to make their own product, these people are truly angels, because they can help to make their dreams come true. As a rule, angels are wealthy people who provide support to young startups in exchange for a part of the income from implementing their idea.

    1. Blossom Street Ventures

    These guys describe themselves as not unicorn hunters, but only pragmatic and economic approaches. They are oriented on startups with $2mm to $30mm of run-rate revenue and year over year growth from 20% to 50%+ depending on revenue. Their portfolio includes software, marketplaces, and e-commerce

    Some examples of Dallas angel funding:

    • Contactually — CRM-system for real estate professionals
    • BrandYourself — service to protect their privacy on the Internet
    • SpotHero — booking parking service

    dallas angel investors — blossom street venturesThey even have the Head of naps and Minister of treats!

    2. Dallas Angel Network

    This group of Dallas Angel investors is interested in startups in the seed stage. The group meets quarterly and after the group finds three to five ‘interesting entrepreneurs’. Investors can join the network for free, and entrepreneurs do not pay any fees to participate or submit an offer.

    If your startup is a business product, consumer service, or even a game you can prepare your PDF-pitch for them. Tell about your company and why it can be successful, your business plan, your team, and main milestones. 

    Financials Dallas Angel Network prefer:

    Capital Seeking — $100 000 –  $1 000 000

    Valuation — $1 000 000 – $4 000 000

    In addition to Dallas, the group also includes angel investors from Houston and Austin.

    3. Cowtown Angels

    Cowtown Angels is a program of TechFW — a non-profit organization created to foster the development of the local business community. The advantage is that they can interact with the entrepreneur as investors as well as mentors and help to speed up the growth of the startup. They can invest in a wide range of industries.

    To get an investment from these angels there is a full instruction on their site, but we will tell you about it in a nutshell:

    • entrepreneur sends a request in the form on the site
    • the committee selects the most worthwhile ones
    • startups talk about their products on the forum
    • due diligence do research and estimation
    • angel investors are preparing a deal
    • every angel investor makes a financing decision

    4. Sentiero

    A group of angel investors that support AI-enabled Saas startups and provide capital for implementing.

    These angels are integrating AI technology in 4 ways:

    • automation of digital and physical tasks
    • explication of patterns in large amounts of data
    • interaction with customers & employees
    • collecting data that enables machine learning

    AI can be implemented in many areas. For example — marketing, business, retail or healthcare. If your startup belongs to one of these spheres and at least one partner has a founder or investor experience — you can fill the form on their site. 

    5. Mark Cuban Companies

    Did you hear about Shark Tank? Reality TV show, where the entrepreneurs pitch their presentation to the group of 5 angel investors or ‘sharks’ to get an investment in their company or not. One of the sharks is a Mark Cuban — number one angel investor in Dallas according to Common Desk and a Dallas Mavericks owner.

    Now he is an active seed angel investor in technology startups. Perhaps his most famous investment was — a streaming internet radio that was then bought by Yahoo for $5.7 billion. Mark invests in interesting companies run by highly motivated people to make more profit, not to find an exit. 

    dallas angel investors — mark cuban in the simpsonsWho wouldn’t trust their startup to someone who was in the Simpsons?

    6. SVP Dallas

    The key point of SVP angels investors is to raise community leaders committed to improve our life and social interactions. SVP angels nurture effective philanthropists, reinforce nonprofits, and invest in innovative solutions.

    Since its inception, Dallas SVP angels have jointly invested more than $3 million in over 25 local nonprofit organizations, and have attracted over 500 partners to volunteer with a variety of nonprofit organizations.

    7. Tech Wildcatters

    dallas angel investors

    Tech Wildcatters angels value a person’s ambition and faith in their project. Group mentor and angel investor Ryan Scripps excelled in investment analysis, planning and business development. His main industry experience is healthcare, but he also has experience in heavy equipment, architecture, engineering and retail.

    How does the investment program work in Tech Wildcatters angel?

    • Discovery — identifying the problem and how to solve it
    • Build — Market Research with MVP
    • Launch — a beta version to launch a sales funnel
    • Grow — preparation for external angel investments
    • Scale — project scaling and access to funding

    MVP approach

    In Purrweb we specialize in making MVP product — the first version of the product to show users the main functionality of the product and attract angel investment. It is a perfect promoting channel of your idea to pitch it to Dallas angel investors, because for its development you need less money and time than making a full-fledged product. As an experienced team, our task is to help young startups launch an MVP in order to validate the idea, get angel investments and quickly enter the market.

    If you have an idea and you think the most cool angel investors can appreciate it — drop us a line!

    With 250 startups under our belt, we’re happy to share the takeaways. Get our MVP launch checklist in your email.