Top 15 Best Flutter App Development Companies in 2024

There’s no shortage of Flutter app development companies out there right now, and it can be hard to decide on the right one for your business. Instead of spending hours on market research, check out our top picks of Flutter app development companies.

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Why work with a Flutter app development company?

Every profitable business needs to have a decent app — be it an online clothing store or a fintech startup. Tools like Flutter make app development quick and straightforward, allowing you to create seamless cross-platform apps. It’s grown in popularity in recent years — so much so that the market is saturated with software development companies, specializing in Flutter app development. Their expertise can be a valuable asset to anyone who’s thinking of hiring software developers to create mobile and web apps. We’ve prepared a list of the best development agencies to help you choose the right Flutter app development company for your project.

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Top Flutter app development companies: shortlist

Let’s start with a quick rundown of companies and then focus on the details. Here’s our list featuring some of the best Flutter app development companies:

Company name Location Clutch rating Team size Hourly rates Industries
Purrweb USA, UAE 4,9 200+ $25-$50 logistics, fintech, healthcare, IoT, real estate, marketplaces
Prismetric USA, India, Brazil 4,8 50+ $25 business services, consumer products & services, IT
TechGropse USA, India, UAE 4,9 50+ $25-$50 business services, arts, entertainment & music, education
Binary Studio UAE, Ukraine, UK 4,9 50+ $50-$100 medical, education, real estate
CMARIX USA, India, Canada 4,9 50+ $25-$50 business services, medical, fintech
Innowise Poland, Belgium, Spain 4,9 1000+ $50-$100 medical, education, fintech
Andersen Inc. USA, Poland, UK 4,9 1000+ $50-$100 fintech, medical, IT, e-commerce, logistics
Surf USA 5,0 50+ $50-$100 fintech, medical, e-commerce
Suffescom Solutions USA 4,9 250+ $25-$50 fintech, gaming, e-commerce
Designli USA 5,0 10+ $100-$150 consumer products & services, education, medical
Nomtek Poland 4,9 50+ $50-$100 medical, education, retail
GeekyAnts India, USA, UK 4,9 250+ $25-$50 manufacturing, fintech, education
Kitrum USA, Ukraine, Mexico 4,9 250+ $50-$100 energy & resources, fintech, IT
Sigma Software USA, Poland, Ukraine 4,9 1000+ $50-$100 marketing, education, fintech
MindInventory India 4,6 250+ $25-$50 fintech, IT, medical

How to choose the best Flutter app development company: main criteria

There are so many options for Flutter app development, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on a single company. We’ve created our list based on these important factors — let’s look at them in detail:

Years on the market

Not every Flutter app development company survives the test of time, and only a select few can continuously adapt to the ever-changing app development market. Flutter was introduced in 2017, and has quickly become one of the best solutions for creating mobile and web apps. The top Flutter app development companies know Flutter inside out, and never stop improving their development workflow to accommodate new business trends.

Team size

The size of the team can influence many things — from how quick the app development will be to how much it will cost. Project management in smaller teams is generally quicker, as there are less people involved in making decisions. As a result, these teams usually know each other well, which helps to avoid potential misunderstandings. Larger teams will often have more resources, which can mean a higher level of expertise compared to smaller teams. All in all, team size should always be taken into account, but the most important thing is to hire a professional and dedicated team.


Another crucial factor is the cost of Flutter app development services. Knowing your budget early on will allow you to focus on a specific price niche, simplifying the process of selecting the right Flutter app development agency. Everyone’s budget is different — that’s why we’ve made an effort to include companies from various price ranges in our list.

Ratings & client reviews

Company reputation is important, and ratings reflect that. Platforms like Clutch allow us to pick the best candidates for app development thanks to their transparent rating & review systems. You can learn a lot about a company just by looking at the client reviews, which are often very detailed and insightful. We’ve made sure to include only high-ranking Flutter app development companies in our list.

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Top Flutter app development companies: a closer look

Our shortlist provides some general information on each company, but that may not be enough to make a final decision on your Flutter app development. It’s time for a detailed breakdown — we’ll fill you in on the history of each company and give you some insights into how they operate.

1. Purrweb

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 10

🧑‍💻Team size: 200+

💸Hourly rates: $25-$50

⚙️Industries: logistics, fintech, healthcare, IoT, real estate, marketplaces


Purrweb website

Purrweb offers a wide selection of software development services and provides tailor-made solutions based on your specific needs

Purrweb is a software development company with a design-driven approach, focused on launching MVPs within just 3 months. With a team of over 200 technical experts specializing in app and web development, Purrweb has a lot of expertise in building responsive apps and web platforms. Their extensive portfolio includes many detailed examples of great-looking apps, developed from scratch. Purrweb has worked with clients in many industries including fintech, healthcare, education, and more. All of which makes them a great pick for development projects of any scale and complexity.


    • An efficient UX-based approach
    • Extensive tech stack
    • Quick and streamlined project management
    • Focus on delivering ready-made products for any business

2. Prismetric

Clutch: 4,8
Years on the market: 16

🧑‍💻Team size: 60+

💸Hourly rates: < $25

⚙️Industries: business services, consumer products & services, IT, education


Prismetric website

Prismetric provides web development services with a focus on the business services industry

A company specializing in web and app development, Prismetric is well-known in the Flutter app development space. Their team of 60+ experienced software developers provides customizable technology solutions ranging from iOS and Android app development, to analytical services. Prismetric’s area of expertise includes cross-platform mobile app development, AI and machine learning, and e-commerce website development. With an impressive tech stack and prices that are tough to match, Prismetric remains one of the best Flutter app developers in 2024.


    • Affordable prices
    • A dedicated team of Flutter developers
    • Experienced in building websites for companies in the business sector

3. TechGropse

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 5

🧑‍💻Team size: 60+

💸Hourly rates: $25-$50

⚙️Industries: business services, arts, entertainment & music, education


TechGropse website

TechGropse promises to support your product for at least one year after development is finished

TechGropse is another name that is often mentioned when it comes to Flutter app development, and not without reason — the company claims to have delivered over 1000 successful projects. Serving industries like real estate, education, and e-commerce, TechGropse has an impressive track record of building cross-platform apps. Besides Flutter, their tech stack includes PHP, Python, Angular, and Swift. They also offer AR and VR development services, primarily for the medical and education sectors. 


    • Budget-friendly
    • An impressive mobile development tech stack
    • Experience in relatively new technical fields, such as AR and VR development

4. Binary Studio

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 19

🧑‍💻Team size: 60+

💸Hourly rates: $50-$100

⚙️Industries: medical, education, energy & natural resources, real estate


Binary Studio website

Binary Studio is focused on the renewable energy industry, offering software solutions like EV charging platforms and energy management systems

Positioning themselves as a “boutique software development agency”, Binary Studio provides premium-priced web and app development services. Instead of taking on hundreds of clients, Binary Studio prefers long-term partnerships — the average project duration is 3+ years. Their development workflow and pricing model are a bit unusual, but Binary Studio claims to go the extra mile for their clients. All in all, they seem like a good option for Flutter app development, if you can spare the necessary funds.


    • A committed team of software developers focused on long-term partnerships
    • Working in future-oriented industries like green energy
    • Focused on serving small and medium-sized businesses


Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 15

🧑‍💻Team size: 60+

💸Hourly rates: $25-$50

⚙️Industries: business services, medical, fintech, IT, real estate


CMARIX website

CMARIX ranks high among Flutter app developers, claiming to have finished more than 380 Flutter projects

A technology outsourcing company with a focus on development for web and mobile, CMARIX provides its clients with custom-made software solutions. With a team of more than 200 employees and a tech stack centered on web development, CMARIX has garnered high praise from their clients, making them a suitable choice for Flutter app development.


    • Extensive experience in Flutter app development
    • 24/7 support & maintenance
    • Dedicated R&D team

6. Innowise

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 17

🧑‍💻Team size: 1600+

💸Hourly rates: $50-$100

⚙️Industries: medical, education, fintech


Innowise website

The Innowise website gives us a look at their software development process

Another notable Flutter development company is Innowise, focused on full-cycle development and consulting. It has more than 1600 employees worldwide, making it one of the largest companies on our list. While such a high number of professionals has its advantages, it may also lead to miscommunication and a longer development cycle. Innowise seems like a good, albeit expensive choice for Flutter app development.


    • Wide range of IT services, including testing and consulting
    • Large team of 1400 experts
    • An international company with multiple offices across Europe

7. Andersen Inc.

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 17

🧑‍💻Team size: 1000+

💸Hourly rates: $50-$100

⚙️Industries: fintech, medical, IT, e-commerce, logistics


Andersen website

Andersen has worked with high-profile companies like Mercedes-Benz and Samsung

Another big player in the Flutter app development scene is Andersen Inc. — a company with more than 3500 employees. They are among the most expensive developers out there, with a minimum project cost of $50,000. This means that their services are probably out of most people’s reach, except for international corporations like Samsung or Siemens. Still, the quality of their services is by all accounts, very good.


    • Large talent pool of developers
    • Specialize in custom software development
    • Reputable and reliable

8. Surf

Clutch: 5,0
Years on the market: 13

🧑‍💻Team size: 60+

💸Hourly rates: $50-$100

⚙️Industries: fintech, medical, business services, e-commerce


Surf website

The Surf website shows some of their Flutter-based development projects

With an impressive Clutch rating and a premium pricing model, Surf is one of the more expensive Flutter development companies. Their brand has attracted big companies like UniCredit, KFC, and Societe Generale, making them less approachable to smaller businesses. In any case, Surf remains one of the most respected Flutter developers out there.


    • Primarily focused on mobile development
    • Impressive customer reviews
    • Consistent track record of working with big corporations

9. Suffescom Solutions

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 11

🧑‍💻Team size: 250+

💸Hourly rates: $25-$50

⚙️Industries: fintech, gaming, e-commerce, education, IT


Suffescom website

Suffescom markets itself as a forward-thinking company, emphasizing their expertise in AI, AR, and blockchain technologies

Founded in 2013 in Dubai, Suffescom Solutions develops apps and websites primarily for the blockchain and crypto industry. They focus on building interactive mobile apps that use AI functionality, blockchain integration, and other popular technologies. Their tech stack includes Flutter, Angular, and Python.


    • Focus on interactivity and modern technologies
    • Their services may attract blockchain-oriented startups
    • List of clients includes Universal, NBC, and more

10. Designli

Clutch: 5,0
Years on the market: 11

🧑‍💻Team size: 30+

💸Hourly rates: $100-$150

⚙️Industries: consumer products & services, education, fintech, medical


Designli website

Designli offers a range of options for creating mobile apps, including cross-platform Flutter app development

A company founded in 2013 in the US, Designli specializes in prototyping and developing software concepts. They employ 30+ developers and designers, making them one of the smallest companies on our list. Nevertheless, they claim to have a dedicated team of Flutter app developers, and their high ratings speak for themselves.


    • Dedicated team of Flutter developers
    • Offer prototyping and design services in addition to app development
    • Reviewers praise their communication skills and responsible attitude

11. Nomtek

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 15

🧑‍💻Team size: 50+

💸Hourly rates: $50-$100

⚙️Industries: medical, education, retail, e-commerce, logistics


Nomtek website

Nomtek specializes in multi-platform development of mobile and web applications

Another premium candidate among Flutter development companies, Nomtek markets themselves as a mobile and AR/VR development studio. They build apps with an emphasis on sleek design and innovative technologies. Their services are not cheap, the starting price for projects is north of $75,000. Nomtek’s partners include Siemens, Qualcomm and Jägermeister, making them a reputable Flutter developer.


    • Full-cycle software development
    • Primary focus on mobile app development
    • Emphasis on exploring new technologies and implementing them in their projects

12. GeekyAnts

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 18

🧑‍💻Team size: 250+

💸Hourly rates: $25-$50

⚙️Industries: manufacturing, fintech, education, medical


GeekyAnts website

GeekyAnts provides a relatively standard suite of Flutter development services

GeekyAnts is a fairly well-known development studio, specializing in mobile development. Located in India and claiming to have finished over 500 projects, they offer a wide range of development services. Their team consists of over 300 members and their tech stack includes Flutter, React, and Next.js. Their clients are usually companies from the manufacturing and fintech industries.


    • Team of Flutter developers consisting of 100+ members
    • Equally skilled in web and mobile development
    • Clients speak positively about communication on projects

13. Kitrum

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 8

🧑‍💻Team size: 250+

💸Hourly rates: $50-$100

⚙️Industries: energy & resources, fintech, IT, e-commerce


Kitrum website

Kitrum offers development outsourcing services with a focus on mobile and web development

Founded in 2016, Kitrum is a software development company with expertise in technologies like AI, AR, and VR. Catering primarily to the energy and fintech industries, their team consists of more than 250 employees across multiple countries. Their clients usually praise their communications skills and work ethic.


    • Focused on hybrid app development
    • Offer machine learning and analytics services
    • Primarily develop custom-made apps

14. Sigma Software

Clutch: 4,9
Years on the market: 22

🧑‍💻Team size: 1000+

💸Hourly rates: $50-$100

⚙️Industries: marketing, education, fintech, gaming


Sigma Software website

Sigma Software has an impressive mobile development tech stack, making it a good option for cross-platform app development

A prominent development outsourcing company, Sigma Software consists of more than 1000 IT professionals. This means that the company has extensive technical expertise, but such a high number of staff can also complicate the communication process. At any rate, they are a competent app development agency working in many industries including automotive, aviation, and telecommunications.


    • In business for more than 20 years
    • Deep talent pool
    • Preferred by clients in the advertising and marketing industry

15. MindInventory

Clutch: 4,6
Years on the market: 13

🧑‍💻Team size: 250+

💸Hourly rates: $25-$50

⚙️Industries: fintech, IT, medical, real estate


MindInventory website

On their website, MindInventory provides a convenient way of hiring specialized development teams for your projects

An India-based software developer, MindInventory provides inexpensive Flutter app development services, with their minimum project cost sitting at $10,000. Founded in 2011, they’ve become a notable Flutter developer, although some of their client reviews mention poor project results. All in all, MindInventory is a decent option if you’d like to have a Flutter app developed at a fairly low price. They have a sizable team, good technical expertise, and some of their specialities include machine learning, marketing, and robotic process automation.


    • Provide a standard package of Flutter development solutions
    • Ability to hire dedicated teams, built from the ground up
    • Specialize in AI and natural language processing
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Why Flutter is a great choice for your next project

If you want to create great cross-platform apps, Flutter is an obvious choice. Released by Google in 2017, it’s highly customizable and straightforward. It allows software developers to use a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms. This can speed up project management and significantly reduce project costs. Another great option is React Native app development, which allows for similar flexibility and customization. Both frameworks have a place in app development, and the choice will ultimately depend on your project’s needs, your team’s level of expertise, and your budget. If you decide to go with React Native, here’s our list of the 20 best React Native development companies.

To sum up

Choosing the right company for Flutter app development can be tough, but hopefully you’re feeling a little more confident after looking at our list. Fill out a short form below to get more info on Flutter app development, and we’ll be sure to respond quickly.

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