UI/UX Design Services in Dubai

We design products that become your clients' habits. Offering design services in Dubai, we take your idea and turn it into a clickable prototype with a UI-kit. For a detailed UI and UX design process, scroll down.

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We are glad to offer our services in Dubai and assist our clients in their design journey

Opportunity scheme

  • Prototyping
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • IxD
  • IA
  • UX Design

    Define how the enduser will
    interact with the product with
    our design company in Dubai

  • UI Design

    Build the look and feel that
    improves the whole user

  • Prototyping

    Frame the overall
    app navigation
    and architecture

  • Visual Design

    Create a visual representation
    of your content strategy and
    information architecture to
    make visitors into your clients

  • Content-Strategy

    Create content ideas
    that will increase user

  • Branding

    Establish a unique look of your
    product with a custom style,
    fonts, icons, and animations

  • Information Architecture

    Arrange the content so
    that the product will be
    intuitive and easy to use

  • Interaction Design

    Create a product that
    becomes users' habit and
    keeps them coming back every

  • Motion Design

    Animate the content and
    help the user concentrate
    on what matters the most

Design segments we specialize in

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    Internet of Things

    We design user-friendly internet of things applications. Helping the user and the hardware communicate seamlessly, businesses innovate and boost their growth. Check one of our recent projects where we assisted a power bank-renting startup.

  • Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency Our design company in Dubai has worked with cryptocurrency before. Our crypto apps are secure and intuitive, meeting the industry's requirements and users' expectations. For instance, we can assist you in designing an approachable user experience for a crypto wallet application.

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    We implement best practice interface and user experience solutions for startups in the food industry. Whether they are consumer-focused apps or specialized tools for the business like supplier management software.

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    We create healthcare platforms that connect patients to doctors. Our app development takes into account the industry specifics like insurance, and the clean design makes it feel safe. You can find more details in our latest case. online therapy service case.


Concept 2 days

Competitor research

To see how similar products are designed. Research is vital to better understand what users expect from the results.

Competitor research


UI design services are not only about creativity. It's about the process. Color schemes, fonts, and styles must be justified and we know the way to achieve it.



Design Concept

1-2 visualized app
screens from the core
user flow

The concept establishes
how the resulting visual
design will look and feel.



2 weeks

The prototype tests how the interface works, avoiding colors and visual effects that can distract from the logic. It's a bare skeleton that reveals UX to make sure it's on the top level.



Clickable prototypes

Black and white

To get first impressions and feedback or conduct UX interviews.

Visual Design

2 weeks

To 'dress up' the black and white prototype by adding colors, fonts, logos, brand style, and animations. It sets up the tone of voice your product talks to a user.

Visual Design


UI-kit, clickable prototypes, design system

Goes to the mobile or web development team or to investors for fund raising

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  • Technically feasible design

    Technically feasible design

  • IOS/Android

    IOS/Android guidelines oriented

  • Thorough analytics based

    Thorough analytics based

  • Acknowledged

    Acknowledged by Behance and Dribbble

What our clients Tell about us

  • Video preview

    Christian Muckenhuber

    Project lead of Fan.at

    27, January

    My name is Christian and I’m project lead of Fan.at, a football platform based in Austria. We needed a design of some screens and Purrweb did a great job. They completely understood what we were looking for. I would definitely recommend Purrweb and if we need design services in the future, we’ll get back to them.

  • Video preview

    William Angel

    CTO at Personalised — wellness app design

    22, March

    Purrweb is one of the fastest agencies if not the fastest one that I’ve ever worked with. In terms of budget, the cost was very affordable — not too much more than you expect from a typical freelancer yet the quality level that you’re buying for that is definitely kind of top end. I'd love to mention that we originally planned to build MVP design but the design that we got is much more better — the guys from Purrweb weren’t just a yes-man, they were challenging some of our ideas with constructive feedback and the product we ended up with as a result is very high quality.

  • Video preview


    CEO at Fintech Startup

    4, February

    Purrweb helped me very much by designing our app. And the whole process from the beginning of the first contact to the delivery of the final designs was really satisfying so I can recommend work together with Purrweb. I'm really happy with them!

  • Video preview

    Niko Argeroplos

    CEO at minme.io - Site-builder

    15, March

    Working with Purrweb was an incredible experience from start to finish. They’ve always been responsive in no time, and the design skills of the team are evident: it’s really great quality work. I am happy with everything that we received from them. It was a pleasure working with Purrweb. Thank you!



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E-wallet E-wallet decor


Cryptocurrency e-wallet

Fintarget Fintarget decor


Copy trading platform

Pad Pad decor


Home rental app

Fitness.app Fitness.app decor

Sport & Fitness

App for online workouts

NoTab NoTab decor


Independent ecosystem
for nightclubs

EvTrip EvTrip decor


App for owners of electric vehicles

Wishlist Wishlist decor


Wishlist mobile app

Petbuddy Petbuddy decor


Pet health tracking app

Lytic health Lytic health decor


Healthcare system

Wristband Wristband decor


Access control system and POS for events

Saidali Saidali decor


Pharmacy app

Pony Express Pony Express


Post management software

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  • How much does UI/UX design cost?

    Every project is unique: a landing and a website design will cost differently. At our UI/UX design agency, we estimate the cost of UI/UX design based on the scope of work. The average design services for a new digital product take about a month and cost from $6000.

  • Are UI/UX services by Purrweb reliable?

    Yes, we provide transparent communication with clearly defined outcomes. To make sure, check the references from our clients. We have a section 'What our clients say' with video and text testimonials. You can also find more references on Clutch.

  • How do UI/UX designers work at Purrweb?

    We assign a team of one or two designers and a project manager to every project. After discussing the project's goals, the team does the analytical work, then starts prototyping, and then completes the UI/UX design. At every stage, we ask for feedback and share the results with the client.

  • Do you provide web and mobile app development services?

    Yes, we can implement our design and make it a visual reality. We are a full-cycle development agency and deliver mobile app development, web development, desktop development, QA, and project management.

  • Do you offer digital marketing services?

    Our principal areas of expertise are UI/UX, development, QA, and management. Not digital marketing. Bringing you 'average' results isn't what we strive for, so we advise finding true marketing and social media experts for this.