How to manage app developers and establish ceaseless and effective communication?

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How to manage app developers
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There is no document that describes the relationship between you and your software vendor. In the meanwhile, things are easy to mess up.

Effective communication where every party is heard is the key to creating successful products. From this article, you will learn some tips that will help you hire great MVP developers and establish effective cooperation with your contractor.

Building effective communication with vendors

The regulation of communication with the vendor can be divided into 3 steps: 

  • what you need to do before you sign a contract and start working together, 
  • during your collaboration, 
  • and after you finished.

Let us have a closer look at each of the steps with an example of React Native mobile development

Before you start

During the stage of negotiations and requirements collection, it is vital to communicate your expectations for the result of React Native mobile development. Make sure both sides have a clear understanding of their role in the process.

1. Be open

A digital product is the result of the mutual effort of the client and the contractor. Before your contractor does their best to deliver great React Native mobile development, they need to collect certain information about your product. Fill in the brief providing as much information as possible. Express your vision clearly, include references if there are any, contacts of the employees that your contractor can ask for more information. Anything that can help to dive deeper into your project will be appreciated and will result in better decisions made by the team.

2. Set clear expectations for reporting and project communication

Agree with your contractor on how often and by what means they will report to you beforehand. You should be assigned a person from your vendor company who will be your point of contact. Moreover, the frequency of reports and how it is going to happen (calls, meetings, Slack chats) should be stated in writing. This way you will easily manage your app developers.

Regular reporting and communication are among the essential factors affecting your project success. This way you ensure a productive business partnership – fewer misunderstandings, more on-time deliveries, and best of all, fewer headaches for you.

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3. Set metrics of efficiency

Assessing the performance of your team on an on-going basis, you push the React Native mobile development process in the right direction. However, your personal likes or dislikes are not effective metrics. 

It is helpful to set clear measurable standards for how you will assess the effectiveness of your contractor. The concrete KPI depends on the type of the project but here are some common ones that you can use:

  • On-Time Delivery. This measures the rate of finished products and deliveries made in time. It is expressed in the total number of units delivered within a time period defined by the customer and the supplier. OTD ensures that your needs will be met within the promised delivery date.
  • Cost Performance. It is key to analyzing the efficiency of the project’s cost. Does the value of the completed work correspond with the actual amount of money spent? CPI helps to answer this question.
  • Quality Performance Index. This metric aids to monitor how well the developers are coping in general. For example, if after the launch of the first MVP version only a small percentage of users reported any problems, it means that QPI is satisfactory.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Probably, one of the most important KPI for any project. Polls, surveys, and reviews in the App Store and Google Play help to measure whether the goal to make the customers happy was fulfilled.

Setting standards beforehand that are known by both parties you create a productive environment for project development. 

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During the software development process

There are certain principles that the client can stick to during software development. Your input is valuable because nobody knows what you want better than you. So actively participating in the process and providing your feedback you actually help you manage your mobile app development company.

4. Stay in touch

Any business relationship lays in building and maintaining a strong connection. This means that you cannot just set the tasks once and receive a product that fits your expectations 100% — you should be in touch with your team on a regular basis.

You can meet at their or your office if possible, but this is not necessary. The majority of top-notch IT companies work remotely so you can share your goals and ideas through Slack, Skype, or Zoom.

5. Communicate problems in a constructive manner

How to manage app developers

React Native mobile development is a complex process that involves dozens of people. When there is a human factor involved, it is highly possible that you will face some challenges. 

If something goes wrong, for example, your MVP gets poor reviews from investors, let your vendor know. Analyze together what went wrong. The more you make an effort to work together, the more likely vendors will stick with you during challenging times and try to outperform themselves.

6. Respect your agreements

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Not only the vendor but you as well should fulfill the promises you have agreed on.

Respect the working hours of your developers and do not try to reach them during holidays asking about the next update. Pay the bills in time consistently and according to the amount stated in your agreement.

Nobody can oblige you to build a respectful and humane relationship. But people are more willing to go the extra mile for you when you treat them as fellow human beings.

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7. Provide lead time

The necessity to update or change some features can appear at any time and it is hard to predict. However, if possible, communicate the need for alterations in advance providing your team enough lead time. This will give your vendor some head start to approach the project thoughtfully. 

After you are done

Once you have finished fruitful collaboration, recommend your vendor.

If you are satisfied with the result of your contractor’s React Native mobile development, it is polite to recommend them to your partners or leave a positive review on Clutch. It is simple for you to do and will allow you to lay stone for possible cooperation in the future.


During the software development process, every party should invest in establishing ceaseless and effective communication. From your side, you can take care of clearly documenting the roles and expectations of both sides and set the KPIs that you will use in assessment. Your ability to stabilize better communication with your vendor will positively affect your bottom line and get the best result of React native mobile development.

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