30 App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2024

In the beginning there was an app idea. And a decent app idea is the key objective for a startup. If your app doesn’t have a market need, neither good development nor intrusive ads will save the product from failure. To come up with a feasible mobile app idea, check out market statistics. Let’s see how the mobile app industry has been developing recently and which products might be relevant in 2023.

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Key takeaways

    • People around the globe spend up to 4.8 hours a day on mobile apps.
    • The most popular app categories are messengers and social networks. Some other top categories are video streaming services, delivery services, and online shopping apps. For example, apps like Telegram, TikTok, Netflix.
    • When choosing a niche to enter, keep in mind your budget, resources, target audience, and market trends.

Some statistics to consider 

According to the analytical company App Annie, people around the globe spend a third of their waking hours in mobile apps, which is up to 4.8 hours. Another interesting thing  is that users spend decent money in mobile apps: let’s take a look at the numbers for 2021.

According to Statista, the most popular Google Play app categories in 2021 were Games, Education, and Business & Finance. And App Annie listed the most popular apps which are large social networks and messengers — TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Some of the most downloaded apps are also Spotify, Zoom, and Netflix. 

There are many predictions about the future of mobile app development in 2022. They include trends such as AR, blockchain, AI, cross-platform development, games, and super-apps — apps with a lot of features. 

But what about money? Let’s dig into the revenue predictions in different categories for 2025 from Statista:

App category Revenue in 2021 Projected revenue in 2025
Lifestyle $10 million $14 million
Education $6 million $10 million
Social media $39 million $60 billion
Photo and video $16 million $25 million
Music $9 million $13 million
Books $7 million $12 million

Based on the stats, here are some major mobile industry takeaways : 

    • The most profitable markets are Japan and the US since people spend more on apps in these countries.
    • The most popular apps are messengers and social networks. Some other popular apps are music and video streaming services, delivery services, and online shopping apps. 
    • Most notable app development trends are cross-platform development and AI.
    • Pay attention to super-apps, virtual cards, and shopping apps. 
    • Aside from games, some of the most profitable apps are social networks, photo and video apps, e-reading apps, music streaming, educational apps, and lifestyle apps.

30 mobile app ideas for 2024

Let’s dig into some trending mobile app ideas for startups according to statistics and predictions by large corporations. Get some inspiration from our list of app ideas!

1. A recipe app

Considering the increasing popularity of lifestyle apps, delivery apps, and messengers, feel free to develop a recipe app with dietary recommendations. You can also add a feed and a chat so people could exchange recipes and share food pictures. Cooking is a routine, so users would be happy to see an app with categorized well-tested recipes to ease their daily life. And home cooks will get an opportunity to become experts.

You can monetize a mobile app like this by promoting food companies or using the subscription model. 

Here’s our recipe app UI design concept from our Dribbble . Orange color associates with tasty food and we categorized recipes conveniently. 

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2. A language learning app 

According to Statista, the e-learning app market was at its prime by the first quarter of 2020 — with 470 million downloads in App Store alone. But even after the peak of lockdown, e-learning is still in demand. According to ReportLinker, the educational app market in the US is estimated at $90 billion in 2021. And Statista shows that “education” was the third most popular category in the App Store, making up 8.66% of search requests. All this data shows that educational apps have a market need and vibrant growth perspectives, including monetization. 

For example, people learn foreign languages around the world — so why not create a language learning mobile app? An app like this should have video lectures or text content with study materials and practice options; like self-check tests and video calls with people from different countries. 

It might be difficult for startups to compete with larger language apps because it will be hard to attract enough people for language exchange calls. But you can solve this by suggesting free bonuses for activity in your app. You can also add classes with professional teachers to monetize the app with in-app purchases or a subscription service.

This is our e-learning UI prototype: classes are categorized by skills, students’ competence, and topics. 

3. A reading app

Simple reading apps are pretty popular — for example, by December 2021 Ireader, the biggest reading app in China, had 87.5 million active users. But if you don’t want to compete with such big players, focus on more niche content. You can make an app with children’s books, non-fiction about art, the XXth century literature or obscure and rare works. Make a library, publish audiobooks or translations to different languages for reading and vocabulary practice. And if you want to monetize your reading app, set a limit for books available per month and add more paying options depending on how much of a bookworm a user is.

This is one more concept created by the Purrweb team — an app for reading quality journalism. You can use it as a reference to make your book reading app as well. 

4. A food delivery aggregator

Due to the pandemic, the food delivery app market has been growing. According to Business of Apps, the total revenue from these apps in the US alone reached $26.5 billion in 2020 brought by 111 million active users. And the projected revenue will be $42 billion by 2025, which means that this market niche is promising for startups. These apps work with different restaurants and shops and they vary in prices — that’s why users often have to download 10 different apps to satisfy all their needs. You can solve this problem by making a convenient aggregator — at least within one city. You can show the largest number of food vendors and allow users to compare prices and delivery wait times. Another good idea is adding several search filters so users could find the best option for their situation.

Projects such as these can be monetized by taking a fee from vendors where users buy food. Another option is a cheap subscription — if users frequently buy food in your app and make the best deals, this profit will be bigger than the subscription price. But you can’t use this model right away — users need to find the value in your product first.

We made a food delivery app concept. The dark theme is convenient to use at any time of day and big bright pictures make it easier to choose the most appetizing option. 

5. A friendship app

According to Global News Wire, the dating app market has been steadily growing and is expected to grow further. In 2020, the total dating app revenue reached $3.08 billion. The biggest players on the market in the US based on the MAU are Tinder and Badoo — 48% of dating app users have an account in one of these apps. So it will be hard for startups to compete with big app development companies like Tinder — that’s why we suggest focusing on niche markets. For example, according to the OnePulse survey for The Wall Street Journal conducted in 2021, 35% of people aged 16 to 24 used dating apps to find friends over the last 12 months. Big market players saw the need for friend-finding options — like Bumble who added their BFF mode long before the pandemic. But there’s still a need for “friending” apps in more niche markets — and here’s where startups can thrive.

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You can make friend-finding apps for people with specific hobbies like fishing, dancing, hiking, or art. Or a certain demographic like young moms. It will help people with common interests find each other. Such projects have great monetizing opportunities like paid profiles or freemium models. 

Take a look at our twist on “friending” apps.

This is our “friending” app design concept. The app has a hobby-based search filter and bright colors improve user experience.

6. A healthy lifestyle app

Lifestyle apps keep growing, according to the report made by Sensor Tower. Users from the US spent nearly $300 million on apps from this category — and the total of downloads reached 151 million. Considering the super-app trend in the industry and the increased health anxiety due to the pandemic, a healthy lifestyle super-app is a perspective startup concept which will have a market need in 2022. Your app can include a calorie intake tracker, a chatbot with workout advice depending on users’ lifestyle, and a feature that allows users to search swimming pools, fitness clubs, and jogging parks near them. Another great idea is posting content from experts in sports and healthy nutrition. 

This project can be monetized by promoting fitness clubs, sports equipment, and healthy food brands. You can also include paid content like private online classes. 

Need a reference? Purrweb made a concept like this:

A healthy lifestyle super-app and its possible UI design.

7. A video streaming app

Although many people still prefer full screens, most users can’t carry laptops all the time — on  public transport or just outside their homes. You can offer  a cross-platform video streaming service that would work great on all devices. To stand out, include different content: movies, shows, news, lectures, and product reviews. And monetize this service using the freemium model. 

We made a UI design concept for a movie streaming service. The dark theme makes an impression of a real movie theater. 

8. A music app

Music apps are popular around the globe. According to Business of Apps, Spotify, one of the first streaming apps, reached 160 million subscribers by the end of 2021 — this is almost 33% of the entire music streaming market share. And the revenue from music streaming mobile apps has been steadily rising since 2014, reaching $18.9 billion by 2020. Keep in mind that Spotify is popular not only because it’s convenient to use on the go or because of their huge music and podcast library — this app development company keeps adding new interesting features to their product. For example, Synthesis, the feature they added in 2021, allows users to generate playlists based on two people’s listening stats. 

It’s hard to create a music streaming app that can compete with Spotify but you still can be outstanding on the music app market. For example, you can create an app that only publishes the latest releases. You can also add reviews from music journalists and a taste-based search filter. Some monetization options are selling band merch and concert tickets or making your app content partially paid.

This is our concept for a music app where users can make playlists out of recently found tracks.

9. A microlearning mobile app

People are ready to pay for e-learning apps because the convenience of a smartphone allows you to learn on-the-go. Microlearning is an educational trend that goes in line with ‌learning via smartphone — it’s a short and intensive learning experience with bite-size classes and a delivery that emulates real-life problem solving. This approach allows employees to acquire both hard and soft skills quickly, on demand, and without feeling overwhelmed. That’s why eLearning Industry included microlearning in their list of workplace education must-have trends. 

There are already a lot of online courses in digital professions. But you can teach people anything: literature, philosophy, art, law. You can also help people prepare for exams or improve their general erudition or professional qualification. Just keep it brief: short videos, bite-size articles, quick quizzes. As for monetization, you can make your content fully paid or implement a subscription service with a short free trial period.

This is our microlearning app concept: all the courses are split into short classes and exercises.

10. A networking app

People actively use social media but Facebook or Instagram don’t have a lot of networking opportunities. Neither do dating apps — according to the survey conducted by LendEDU, 44% of young adults use Tinder not even for meeting new people but for boosting their confidence. Meanwhile, there is a market need for networking platforms — not for finding employees for certain position but long- or short-term business partners. Where can people find counsellors, experts for articles and lectures, collaborators? You can develop a networking mobile app for that. You can add a filter by field, expertise level, and location. In apps like this, people will be able to find a lawyer to help their business or a psychology expert to collaborate with on Instagram Live. 

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You can monetize your networking mobile app using a subscription model. For example, premium accounts can have more convenient advanced search filters.

We’ve come up with a networking app UI: user profiles, chats, and the donation feature.

11. A travel planner app

Consider launching an up-to-date travel planner app. The pandemic is over, so people aren’t deprived of freedom to explore the world anymore. In fact, they’re hungry for adventures and new impressions. 

Using AI algorithms in the app development process, you can offer users something more than just a list of pre-packaged tours. For example, provide them with personalized suggestions and flexibly planned journeys. It works like this: users input their interests, travel style, and even dietary preferences. The app recommends unique experiences and accommodations, based on the given parameters. You can stand out in the market by providing a real-time adaptable solution that accounts for unexpected conditions, such as weather changes or spontaneous events, enhancing the user’s travel flexibility.

A travel planner app, designed by Purrweb

A travel planner app, designed by Purrweb

12. A festivals and events app

Users are still waiting for a proper platform with all the upcoming events to hit the market. But you can develop this app idea further and give your customers a lot more than just a list of fun festivals. Your festivals and events app can become a digital hub where like-minded individuals find each other, creating a virtual community with shared interests. This app won’t be just about navigating festivals but about fostering friendships and creative collaborations. Make sure that users actively participate in the upcoming events by adding dynamic features such as live updates, interactive maps, and seamless integration with social media platforms.

A festivals and events app, designed by Purrweb

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13. An event management app

Speaking of festivals and events, someone has to manage their organization, which isn’t that easy without an event management app. With a user-friendly interface, it could help both professional managers and newbie planners to handle everything from invitations to online ticketing . This app idea is your chance to reduce the traditional complications associated with event logistics and create a profitable business.

Focus on collaboration, to set your app apart from the competitors. Teamwork does matter in successful event organization, as a lot of professionals take part in it, including decorators, kitchen staff, and entertainers. Sometimes they need to communicate with each other to coordinate their efforts. A good event management app will ensure that everyone involved is on the same page, contributing to a stress-free planning experience.

An event management app, designed by Purrweb

An event management app, designed by Purrweb

14. A gift randomizer app

Selecting the perfect gift can be very challenging, isn’t it? At some point you just want to have a magic button that shows you the right option and where to buy it. Instead, you have to flip through boring websites and articles with gift ideas that don’t suit you. In any case, no one knows your loved ones as well as you do. Sometimes all we need is a random clue to develop our own ideas.

You can launch a gift randomizer app with a simple and intuitive design. Incorporate seamless purchase links so that users can immediately buy the chosen gift, making the entire process enjoyable and hassle-free.

A gift randomizer app, designed by Purrweb

15. A meditation app

Fortunately, more and more people are taking care of their mental health. Addressing the increasing demand, a meditation app can offer guided mindfulness and relaxation exercises. Tailored for different skill levels and preferences, the app could include features like personalized meditation plans, ambient sounds, and progress tracking. With the increasing pace of life, this app сould provide a digital sanctuary, promoting mental wellness and balance.

By starting meditation app development, you contribute to other people’s life quality and your own success simultaneously. This platform can be easily monetized through premium subscriptions, in-app advertising, or one-time payments. If you can attract a mental-health conscious audience — you will find a very lucrative opportunity to make people’s lives better.

A meditation app, designed by Purrweb

A meditation app, designed by Purrweb

16. A newsfeed app

According to Pew Research Center, 86% of US adults get news from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Those people would be grateful for a convenient and reliable newsfeed app to stay updated with the latest happenings.

In the world where misinformation is abundant, a decent newsfeed app will gain popularity in a heartbeat. Recognizing the diverse perspectives that shape our world, it could encourage users to explore various angles to a story. Besides, you can implement customizable content filters for users to control their news experience. It would help some people to keep themselves from obsessive scrolling of negative news or get focused updates on innovations in their professional field.

A newsfeed app, designed by Purrweb

A newsfeed app, designed by Purrweb

17. A power bank rental app

How many times did you find yourself with a dead phone and without a power bank or charger in your bag? We hope, not that often. Still, many people have that problem and you could capitalize on it by launching a power bank rental service with an app.

This app helps users locate and rent power banks in locations around them. Beyond the convenience of availability, the app can offer a user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and the ability to scan a QR code to start charging the device as quickly as possible.

A power bank rental app, designed by Purrweb

A power bank rental app, designed by Purrweb

18. A holiday activities app

One of the top app ideas is a holiday activities app. If we’re talking about Halloween, it would be nice to find shops with costumes and house decorations, places for trick-or-treating, and night parties. Provide users with a convenient map with marked locations and the ability to make a route to the chosen destination. This way your app can become a one-stop-shop for people who don’t have much time for Halloween preparations.

Moreover, you can incorporate user-generated content, allowing users to upload photos, videos, and stories from events. With these social media elements, the app connects people globally through shared cultural celebrations and traditions.

A holiday activities app, designed by Purrweb

A holiday activities app, designed by Purrweb

19. A real estate app

Revolutionize the real estate market with a user-centric app that streamlines property operations. Although the industry seems to be pretty crowded with digital solutions, there’s always room for improvement. Build a platform that works smoothly on different devices, keeps the user data safe, and offers a better user experience than the competitors. 

Powered by AI, the app will become a trusted advisor, offering recommendations aligned with users’ unique needs and aspirations. Beyond the property itself, the app will offer valuable insights into neighborhoods, market trends, and investment efficiency. The key app idea is to help users to make informed decisions, saving their time and money.

A real estate app, designed by Purrweb

A real estate app, designed by Purrweb

20. A photographers’ app

Another worthwhile app idea is a platform where photographers can find clients, share their expertise, and engage in collaborative projects. It would be convenient for both professional photographers and their customers to have an app with all the necessary information about the services. Also, you can add an opportunity to check the photographer’s portfolio, or book a a photo shoot, and then discuss the details right there in the in-app messenger. 

If you want to go above and beyond, introduce features like seamless event coordination, or try making organizing and participating in various projects easier for photographers. In addition, you can offer equipment rental functionality to ensure that photographers have the tools they need to bring their vision to life.

A photographers’ app, designed by Purrweb

A photographers’ app, designed by Purrweb

21. A marketplace for content creators

As content marketing evolves, a lot of shops, restaurants, and even travel agencies buy content to promote their services. So why not try building a marketplace to connect content creators with brands? Add project management tools to streamline workflow and ensure efficient collaboration between users. Another huge step would be to find a way to guarantee a fair compensation system with secure payments. This way you can promote your app as a platform for content monetization and streamline the whole process for everyone involved.

Moreover, you can introduce content licensing options, providing creators with flexible ways to share and profit from their work. This way, the app can help to protect intellectual property and make more money off of content. Take your chance to build a profitable business, using one of the top app ideas.

A content creators marketplace, designed by Purrweb

A content creators marketplace, designed by Purrweb

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22. A wish list app

One more top app idea connected with gifts is a wish list app. Let users make their wish lists and share them with their family and friends. Integrate your app with catalogs of popular shops for users to make purchases and order exactly what their friends would want as a present. 

You can go further and connect users’ wish lists with their life goals. Some people dream of traveling around the globe, while others prefer to invest in their professional growth. Give users an opportunity to contribute directly to these goals through fundraising with a secure payment option.

A wish list app, designed by Purrweb

A wish list app, designed by Purrweb

23. An investment app

Create an investment app to break down barriers and make wealth-building more accessible. One of the key features can be the integration of virtual advisors or automating investment strategies based on individual risks and goals. In-app robo-advisor simplifies the investment process and optimizes users’ portfolios. 

Goal-based investing, allows users to align their financial activities with specific objectives, contributing into a disciplined and strategic approach. Real-time market insights keep users informed, empowering them to navigate the world of investments.

An investment app, designed by Purrweb

An investment app, designed by Purrweb

24. An expense tracker app

Launch an expense tracker app that seamlessly integrates with users’ banking accounts and speeds up the expense categorization and budget management. The app should also provide users with insightful analytics and offer a comprehensive overview of their spending patterns. 

It’s not just about tracking expenses, it’s about encouraging a conscious and informed approach to financial management by means of app development. If the MVP version becomes popular, you can add advanced features like a blog with educational articles or lectures on how to spend money more efficiently.

An expense tracking app, designed by Purrweb

An expense tracking app, designed by Purrweb

25. A personal trainer app

With a personal trainer app, users can discover and connect with certified specialists based on their preferences, goals, and availability. The app idea is focused on providing online training sessions, personalized workout plans, and progress tracking. All within a simple app. 

Let users browse trainers profiles with all the necessary info, including their experience, completed workouts, and the number of active clients. Show users available training options with the level of complexity and a short description. This way, you help people to live a healthy life and monetize your app by charging fees from trainers who get more clients thanks to your application.

A personal trainer profile, designed by Purrweb

A personal trainer profile, designed by Purrweb

26. An article search and publication app

The scientific sector still doesn’t have user-friendly platforms with extensive article catalogs. Maybe it’s time for you to make life easier for everyone , from researchers, to students and knowledge enthusiasts. Give them an opportunity to access and interact with scientific content within an intuitive and good-looking app

Implement advanced search algorithms that guarantee precise and relevant results. Whether users want to delve into in-depth academic research or stay updated on the latest insights in a particular field — this app should become an irreplaceable resource. If you add some social network elements, you can make a breakthrough and form a large online community of intellectual minds.

A scientific articles app, designed by Purrweb

A scientific articles app, designed by Purrweb

27. An entertainment ticket aggregator app

One more top app idea is an entertainment ticket aggregator app. It simplifies the ticket booking process, allowing users to purchase tickets for different events in one place. Also, if the app can send users push-notifications about the upcoming events — they will incorporate it into their everyday lives, and so be more likely to use it. If users don’t want to know about all the concerts or sports matches, they just turn on filters and see only the relevant announcements.

With this app, users save a lot of time and effort, while still visiting the hottest events of their city. Besides, you can offer them special discounts, early bird offers, and exclusive deals on tickets, keeping the target audience engaged.

An entertainment ticket aggregator app, designed by Purrweb

An entertainment ticket aggregator app, designed by Purrweb

28. A questions and answers app

Think about developing a Q&A platform for collective learning. Add gamification elements to a reputation system, recognizing and rewarding users who provide valuable answers. This way, the platform encourages participation and gives active users a sense of pride and achievement.

There are lots of ways to monetize a questions and answers app. For example, you can implement targeted advertising and sell premium ad-free subscriptions. Another option is to continue app development and expand your service. For example, introduce a marketplace where users can hire experts or consultants for personalized advice or in-depth answers. You can charge a commission on transactions between users and experts.

A questions and answers app, designed by Purrweb

A questions and answers app, designed by Purrweb

29. A houseplant e-commerce app

The trend of cultivating green spaces within homes continues, so developing a houseplant e-commerce app seems like a solid idea. Let users explore a carefully curated collection of indoor plants, ranging from small succulents to large monsteras. 

If you want to stand out in the market, help users find the perfect plants for their space with the app’s virtual placement feature. Simulate how different plants would complement users’ home before they make a purchase, using augmented reality technologies. Consider this top app idea to tap into this “flourishing” market.

A houseplant e-commerce app, designed by Purrweb

A houseplant e-commerce app, designed by Purrweb

30. A trading app 

Develop a trading app for users to effortlessly list, discover, and purchase different items from each other. In the process of app development, prioritize user safety. A robust payment system can ensure secure transactions for both buyers and sellers. Integrate buyer and seller reviews, contributing into trustworthy and transparent deals. 

A trading app should feature a real-time chat for buyers and sellers to negotiate, ask questions, and finalize details. Also, you’d be better to incorporate geolocation features, allowing users to discover and sell items within their local area. It really simplifies the logistics of item exchange, improves user-experience and your customers loyalty.

A trading app, designed by Purrweb

A trading app, designed by Purrweb

But what should I choose?

This list is only a bunch of examples for your inspiration. Ideas are infinite — use your imagination and experience, and don’t forget about your budget. Ask yourself these questions before getting started:

    • Do you want to go global or only work within your hometown? 
    • How do you want to monetize your product?
    • Which field are you good enough at to make a cool app?
    • Which resources for content do you have? 

We hope that this checklist will help you come up with a fascinating mobile app idea.

Keep your eyes on trends and analytics but don’t follow it blindly. There are niche markets that are still very profitable — but these apps will never be on top lists in app stores. 

Have a mobile app idea? Contact us! Our team builds apps from idea to app store — and we’ll help you with market research and maintain the finished app. To start working with us, please fill in the feedback form below.

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